What YOU Need To Know BEFORE The Solstice!


You have not heard much from me lately, I know– but then, you may not have even noticed, since it’s likely that you are either coming out of or still in some sort of a whirlwind just like me.  Everybody’s whirlwind is as different as everybody’s life, of course, so I have no idea where the vortex of your whirlwind  began. Could have been anywhere, really… relationship(s), career, health, physical location… although each of these tends to effect all of them.

What I am pretty sure of is that you are worlds away from where you were a few short months ago in some life-altering way. Even if you haven’t budged an inch. Physically, I mean.

Actually, I’m totally sure of that. Even if you haven’t real-ized it yet for some reason.

I’d also say that right NOW would be a good time to get up to speed with yourself. You won’t want to be confused about where you are when the solstice comes exact in a few hours, on June 21st at 4:24 UTC! Even if you didn’t yet know that you won’t want to be confused… you won’t. Just trust me.

I’d love to tell you all about my whirlwind, btw! What an amazing journey, what a lot to tell about, what an amazing place to land. Lake Hallstatt in Austria, a lake I’d never even heard of until six weeks ago. With NO planning and NO expectation whatsoever.  And I WILL tell you more about it. But not NOW. Except to assure you that it is totally, completely “unrealistic” that I am here.
Yet here I am.

What I want to do NOW is focus on what will be of the greatest assistance for YOU to know right NOW. Short, sweet, and to the point. CLEAR, in other words.  Here we go–

I. We are in the very important Pre-Solstice Shadow Phase.
NOW is when old programs of enslavement to self-limiting beliefs stand out in stark contrast to what we are newly experiencing– that we are manifesting our own “reality,” and we can do it really FAST! 

II. Our projections are finally OBVIOUS.
Projections? Sure. You know, all that stuff we don’t like about other people. Or as Carl Jung put it, “Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.” You know. All that stuff that keeps showing up in our lives “out THERE!”

III. Guess who?
Man… this is the part that’ll really get you. “Projections” are aspects of YOU. Aspects that you don’t want to deal with. From this life and other ones. Pieces of you stuffed in the shadows of your psyche. Traumatized, hurting, demoralized, desperate. Abandoned. MAN!

IV. You do NOT want to leave parts of yourself cast out as you go into this solstice!
Because you can’t, for one thing. “Wherever you go, there you are.”  Did you ever see that on a greeting card or a refrigerator magnet? Well, it’s profoundly true (like many clichés are). You aren’t going anywhere without all of you. And you can only get so far with the shadowy frequencies of apathy and rejection for the downtrodden  (those poor aspects!).  

V. SEE? I knew you’d want to get up to speed with yourself!
All you have to do is…
1.) release judgement because you never had the story straight to begin with, either about you or anybody else. And…
2.) bask in how good it feels to LOVE— with NO need for a “reason!” Then…
open like the flower you are to the solstice energies, and feel yourself BLOOM.


morning from my window

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First of all, I’d better tell you how enormously excited I am to finally be making this announcement, because I’m sure it’s going to effect the way I make it… as in I may seem a bit giddy or spacey, say, or maybe even like I’m high on something, ha! Well, it’s true, I am high, HA!

My own frequencies are higher than ever, plus what I’m excited about has such high frequencies that my excitement is exponentially heightened. So it is true that compared to what the majority of people still consider “normal,” my state would seem quite altered, even shockingly so (even more than usual, ha). But not for long… we’re in a PARADIGM SHIFT, everybody! Everything including YOU is altering. That’s exactly why what I’m announcing has finally COALESCED.


Yikes. I just realized that I can’t tell you how excited I am before you read any further. There still isn’t a word that’s enormous enough or light enough to express excitement this high. Hmmmm… NOW what? Got it. Who needs words?  We’ve got FREQUENCIES!

Yes WE do, because I’M tapping my high frequency excitement into every single letter of this announcement post, and YOU will feel it as you read… trust me, it would be pretty hard not to.  I think there’ll be a few other delicious frequencies in here too, so by all means, feel into it! Have a FREQUENCY FEAST! Or at least a surprisingly enjoyable read, lol. Maybe even a blissful moment or two (if you get high enough, ha).

Perfect! I’m not at all worried about wording everything “just right” in this very special announcement, anymore. Once you feel the excitement frequencies (and love and amazement and you discover the rest), you’ll know way more about what this announcement is seeding than words could ever tell you, anyway. 

NOW, my only concern is that I’m so excited-beyond-words about the delicious process of growing the enormous fruits that are seeded in this announcement that I can hardly even stay in my chair let alone tap my excitement into words on a keyboard, lol!  (Not kidding, I feel like a helium balloon. Here I go…)


YOWZA!  As some of you know, I was inspired to create this several months ago. Took quite awhile to coalesce, huh? I sure thought so, until right around when we entered our second month of the wild ride we’ve been on since June solstice. That’s when my vision began to change… which is also when I knew that I’d sure called it right when I translated the frequencies of 2016 as “Our Year of Transformation.” See, I’m not talking  about my clairgnostic vision, I’m talking about my vision through my PHYSICAL EYES.

What I discovered is that I can switch my perceptual lens, just by deciding to, and see beyond the construct of linear time. Huh? I know, that’s another one of those accurately worded descriptions that don’t describe anything. Okay, what I call it to myself is “big picture meta-vision.” I don’t know if that does anything for you, but the only reason I even mentioned it is because that’s when I stopped thinking that the very NEW kind of Energy Sensitive Group/Community I’d seen clairgnostically to birth into form was taking a long time to coalesce.

The reason why I changed my mind is because I started to watch it happening. Through my physical eyes.

 I’m going to give you a synopsis of what I saw. First I want to tell you why I’m sharing it with you, because it’s for even BIGGER reasons than mine. In other words, I’m “getting” to share my reason with you for reasons that I know nothing about that are even bigger.
Whew, this stuff is not easy to explain in words… especially since even my reason expands a few times!

The first part of MY reason for sharing it with you is because it shows how real and alive this group already is.
The expanding part is that while I was watching the coalescence, I kept “getting” that I was also seeing how an embryo becomes a baby. The baby is not only real while it’s becoming a baby, the baby is already real in order to begin to become one, long before anyone actually sees the baby, or even knows there is a baby.
And that expanded into knowing that this is true about ALL of our creations! The moment we feel them enough to desire them, they are already real in vibrational form. As long as WE  don’t give up on them, they will manifest into form. It’s universal law. That’s what I saw.
WHOA… right?

NOW, my synopsis–
“Watching the First Energy Sensitive Group Coalesce.”
First I saw threads beginning to come together (those would be ours). Each thread also had threads, a lot of them, beyond even countable. These countless “sub-threads” were also busy, untangling from other less smooth ones, rearranging themselves, eventually interweaving themselves into one shimmery thread– which still pulsates and changes every nanosecond, but it doesn’t fragment anymore. The same sort of thing then happened as all of our whole, NEW shimmery threads began aligning, interweaving… COALESCING.
And so elegantly, beautifully, and intentionally… so consciously  AWARE of what they were doing that it was beyond-words, fall-on-your-knees, love-in-action glorious and beyond-amazing to watch.

(Do you SEE why I’m a bit giddy, btw? Do you feel how much I LOVE this group so much already? And all the siblings and offshoots that are also waiting to coalesce…an entire COMMUNITY of ENERGY SENSITIVES, the very first one on our planet, already forming vibrationally! I’ll never be the same again, that’s all I know, and hallelujah for that…what I wonder is why I can’t just get this announcement written and published  like a grown-up? I’ve been playing in it for three whole days! By the “time” I pull myself out, it’s going to read like a playground, I bet, not the GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT I wanted to make… but it feels so good this way that I’m going to send it to you anyway! ❤ )

Around the 8th of this month, I began to see and feel a very alive stillness in the pulsing Coalescence. Three days ago,  I got the “hit”… the very first Energy Sensitive Group was ready to be announced. What takes my breathe away is how FAST it happened.

bubble_203185 (2)

Call it coalescense (which it is). Call it zero point (that works, too). Call it anything you want that resonates with NOW IS YOUR TIME!

You know who you are. Feel the resonance…  it’s “time” to trust your sensitivity to energy.
Feel into the energy… how NEW it feels. Many can’t even feel it yet, but YOU can, you are an Energy Sensitive, a master at reading frequencies!
Feel how absolute the newness of this energy feels is… yes, you made it! Zero point in YOUR kind of paradigm. “Time” to rely on your mastery, again.
Feel the coalescence… WE
made it! Zero point in OUR kind of paradigm begins with the leap of perception that “me” has coalesced into “WE.” Doesn’t it feel wonder-full? Doesn’t it feel like home, somehow, already? YES!

NOW it begins. “Time” to claim ownership of that finely-tuned internal technology you were  born with.
NOW you shall see what WE can do. “Time” to re-member why you were born with the sensitivity of a master reality-creator. Hallelujah…
NOW the FUN begins! “Time” to use that laser focus of yours that is so exquisitely precise that worlds are created with it.

Yes, but…
I know. Certain essential conditions must be needed for an Energy Sensitive to make this Paradigm Shift and thrive, right? And the way you know that is because you haven’t had them, right? NONE of us have. When I tell my energy sensitive clients that they are NOW safe to be who they are, their fears come up! And so have mine, as well.

Yes but… our fears kept us SAFE for a very long time!
YES, you are quite right about that. Fear worked to keep us safe in a paradigm of enslavement as long as our fear kept us obedient.
BUT fear will not work that way
anymore! We’re in a Paradigm of Sovereignty, NOW. You can create whatever you want to (as long as you know how you’re doing it, of course).
If you want to create fearful things, then pulse out fear and get ready, because higher frequencies vibrate faster than lower ones, remember? You’ll be able to create a whole lot of fearful things very, very fast. But don’t worry, you probably won’t!
ear is one of the lowest frequencies, and it feels so much worse in higher ones that you’ll probably figure that out pretty fast, too.

Yes but… fear already does feel worse, and some things I was afraid would happen have already happened. I tried to not be afraid but it didn’t work, so NOW I’m afraid because I don’t know how to make myself not be afraid when I’m afraid. 
YES,  you are quite right about all of that. Paradigm shifts can only be integrated experientially, and as is true of all alchemical processes, a firm foundation is required, as well as ideal conditions through every stage of the process. We cannot provide all of that for ourselves all alone, and especially not for a shift into a radically NEW Paradigm…
BUT there is nothing to be afraid of, anymore! 

That is exactly WHY we began to  COALESCE!
That is exactly WHY the essential purpose of our Energy Sensitive Group/Community is to provide not only the essential foundation of safety for all, but the ideal conditions for each unique member for the good of the all— which also creates the ideal condition for learning and practicing what I’ll be teaching experientially about using your inner technology as a reality-creator— a safe, free, and fun environment to PLAY IN. (No wonder writing this post started to feel like I was in a playground!)

As you see, your uniqueness is important. Please do feel free to be exactly who and how you are with us. Remember those shimmering threads? They could not have come together to form one whole unless each one was integral. Each was a necessary part of the coalescence because each was unique and whole unto itself. And so it is with our physically present coalescence, that’s all.
Lol… obviously, this is an example of the delicious, 
complexly interwoven energy dynamics that have to be experienced. They never are in frequencies of separation. You’ll experience them in OUR coalescence, though…
Drumroll, please?



2:00 pm PSTD  to 4:00 pm PSTD

The Orientation will be held in an online global venue with video so that we can see one another. Because  a sense of SAFETY is one of the most essential conditions that Energy Sensitives need in order to thrive, the Orientation Meeting (as well as the Group Meetings) will have no more than 10 participants. 

I know, I hear you… What if the group is already full when I register?
That’s the first question I asked, too. Here’s the answer–

If 5 or more register after the Orientation Meeting is full, they will be placed in one that will be held the following day–

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28th, 2016
2:00 pm PSTD to 4:00 pm PSTD

If 5 or more register after both Orientation Meetings are full, a third one will be held shortly after, date TBA.
And of course you can always have your reciprocal energy exchange back if the follow-up dates aren’t an option for you!  It’ll all work out just fine, though. Everything.

❤ ❤ ❤

Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $30.00 via paypal
by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar.
Note it as “Orientation.”

That’s it! Confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours.

❤ ❤ ❤

Brief rundown of the format, details, etc.–
A commitment to join the Energy Sensitive Group is not required to attend the Orientation Meeting. Only YOU can feel the state of your own coalescence.
The first meeting of the Energy Sensitive Group meeting will follow about two weeks later. The date and “time” will be chosen at the end of the Orientation Meeting by general consensus from those who are already sure of their coalescence.

❤ ❤ ❤

 I just thought of one more thing to share with you. In October, 2013,  I got the ” hit” that there were a lot of Energy Sensitives suffering with depression, pathologizing diagnoses, addictions (with or with out prescriptions), anxiety, isolation and/or repetitively painful relationship dynamics…  basically, all because they did not know they were Energy Sensitives living  in a society that was NOT (yet). So I made a self-disclosing  video about being an Energy Sensitive and put it out there… for lots of reasons you probably already know. Here it is again (or for the first time if you missed it way back then)

❤ ❤ ❤

And that’s a WRAP! Lol. The seed is wrapped in this post and it’s about to fly through cyberspace to you. If you have a question that wasn’t answered in the wrapping, please ASK it! You can either ask me in the comment section below, or email your question to me at thecelestialteam@gmail.com. I’ll ANSWER!
You know who you are.
Love you. See you SOON.
White Heart in pink sky

❤ ❤ ❤

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Every Relationship is ONE Relationship


At the beginning of 2015, I intuited that it would be our “Year of Relationship.” As we head into the final 3rd of this potentially tranformative year, I can see/feel how TRUE that is.

After six weeks of amplifyiing our review of what we love and how we value what we love, Venus, our feminine planet of inspiration, is preparing to turn direct again. What awes me is that Mars, our masculine planet of external action, is walking BESIDE her!

How obviously divine is that timing? The metaphor (which is no metaphor!)–
All that we have reviewed in the womb of feminine inspiration within ourselves, we are now giving birth to through our masculine energy, manifesting inspiration into form!

As above, so below. As within so without.
As Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “Everthing is about ONE thing.”

Are you getting what those three quotes mean, when taken as ONE?
Every relationship expresses ONE relationship… the ONE within us… the ONE made of our feminine and masculine energies working together as ONE.
These energies are not our gender, nor are they “opposites!”
One plus one equals MORE than the sum of two parts, remember?

How do YOU love the ONE SELF that you are?
Do a reality check. Look around. See how you love others. There will be your answer.
What you do NOT love around you are mirrors that the ONE you are is holding up to you, crying “SEE me! LOVE me… for I am YOU!”

❤ ❤ ❤

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More ANSWER to GOOD QUESTION # 2– Getting OUT of Enslavement Programming!


Finally feels like “right timing” to continue answering  GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

“Right timing” is one of the first concepts I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship. It basically means “in alignment on an energetic level with readiness to be received and used in the most expedient and impactful way.”

Shamans know the importance of focusing– which is something we ALL need to learn ASAP, as you will see. They also know the importance of review– to assist those who may not yet know the importance of focusing.

To review what was begun in the post on 8.7.2015–

The 1st and foundational step of getting out of your own enslavement progamming is to know that whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. The reason this is foundational is because each belief is interconnected with many others, so when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter others as well.

The 2nd step is actually part of the 1st– in order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, you need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other. It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed. It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. (See my last youtube video “Your SOVEREIGNTY, POWER, and MAGIC!” Better yet , see “The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes” first.)

The 3rd step is the beginning of alchemy. It happens when the first two steps are integrated (1+1= more than the sum of its parts, remember?). Your belief is powerful beyond measure + no longer agreeing to believe that you are fragmented = reclaiming your SOVEREIGNTY.

And now onto the 4th step. Practice. Remember that what you believe is what you generate into form. Not what you want or wish, but what you BELIEVE.

Recognize every belief you agree to invest your energy into as your magic.
See every thought, emotion, and action that is generated by a particular belief as a magic wand that will eventually create more of what you choose to believe.
Pay attention, track the process… FOCUS! This is important.
YOU have to see how your own magic works, and the more you doubt it, the more important that is– because you are Sovereign.

And exactly because you are Sovereign, it would not be “right timing” for me to even go on until you test that for yourself. Without your BELIEF, nothing I say from this point on would be of much use to you… which would then frustrate you and reinforce whatever you’ve agreed to believe is “wrong with you,” or “doesn’t work,” blah, blah, blah.

So test it. Start with a single belief, one that you wish was not true but that just seems to keep proving itself.
Track how it infuses your thoughts, your emotions, and how they then control your actions.
Notice the obvious. If you agreed to a different belief, it would generate different thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Get very logical. The same action generated by two different beliefs willl manifest two outcomes. This is a good one to test because it is so EASY to test.

Then pick a belief you still hold onto that keeps generating outcomes you do not want. Track its origin. I assure you that it is not yours. Who gave it to you? WHY? Was that a good source to create a belief to live your life by? I assure you the answer is NO.

And the moment YOU see that… the belief looses power. Your agreement to believe it or to revoke that agreement is NOW in your own Sovereign hands.

I also assure you that any belief that does not serve you will continue to feel like a poisonous thorn in the rose of your life. That is by design.
How ELSE would you know that it is not yours?

Practice!!! You’ll be deconstructing patterns that have kept you locked in them for so long that they felt “normal.” Once you see through only ONE of them, however, the jig is up for all the others… because OH, you will have so much fun seeing through them ALL!

It only takes one to start the process snowballing… why not SEE for yourSELF?

❤ ❤ ❤


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The Master’s Class. Good Question #2, Lion’s Gate #888


GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

 How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

My answer to that one will stretch through several posts, undoubtedly, and will require laser focus on my part to distill into only several, at that. And that is because our internal technology is SO incredibly powerful, SO exquisitely finely tuned in its complexity that it is hard to describe. An analogy will do it, however… Just as a tree draws water  through every branch and into every leaf, so we run our core beliefs through every aspect of their expressions in our lives.

In this particular moment, the best, most useful thing I can do is address the core of the enslavement program, itself. I’ll begin by quoting a segment of my post of yesterday on my other website, http://www.thecelestialteam.com.

“We are rushing towards Lion’s Gate 888, propelled by the velocity of our own desire.
Triple 8… Power and Balance x 3, and exponentially so.
Three is the sacred geometry of Unity Consciousness encoded into numerical form.
One + 1 is more than the sum of its parts.

This transmission is also encoded, by the way.
Yes, even though it is coming from very human me, it is a transmssion– and that is all I know or need to know.
Lke a broadcast from a radio station, each one who reads it will receive it differently in accordance with their own frequency bandwidth.
Once again, we have the example of something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Which brings me to the 3rd example.
When united, the frequencies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine become far, far, more than the some of It’s parts. When they work as ONE, NEW LIFE is created!

When not working as ONE, the essence of the powers of creation within each and all of us are split. Neither is powerful, and so havoc is wreaked. One who’s power is split into opposing force cannot be Sovereign, obviously. One will always feel powerless, and so align with one side or the other…. domination or enslavement. We all know the truth of that, already.

So of course it is no accident that all contracts of enslavement were rendered null and void during our most recent solstice. It is no accident that all transmissions coming through me, from me, or in a collaboration of the 2 (which equals 3, please note!) have been about stepping into Sovereignty. And they will continue, have no doubt… but also have no doubt that you will perceive them differently on the other side of Lion’s Gate 888.
You may, for example, resonate with them as you never have before.
Or, they may suddenly sound like nonsense to you.

There are no half measures encoded into the sacred geometry of 8. It is a number made of 2 circles in perfect balance within itself. Whether aligned with personal limitation or spiritual freedom, so it will become more than the sum of its parts. Knowing that, it is good to re-member that 8 is also the symbol of infinity. And so it is. As above so below. As within so without.”


You are most welcome to read the rest of that post on your own if you like. The point I am using it to make here is two-fold. Since 1+1=3, the point will be far more than the sum of its parts (IF you take each in thoroughly, of course).

The 1st– Whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. Because each belief is interconnected with the others, when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter the others as well.

The 2nd– In order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, YOU need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other.
It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed.

It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. And drumroll, please… because therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the key to Sovereignty!

I am NOT talking about whether your physical body is masculine or feminine, nor am I talking about your sexual orientation, I hope you know. (At least not directly, although becoming whole within is certainly likely to enhance the well-being of your sexuality, but that’s another blog post altogether.)

I am talking about your INTERNAL TECHNOLOGY.
To keep it simple, see/feel it in all or one of these ways for NOW–
The feminine aspect is magnetic. The negative charge. The darkness from which all life is born, including inspiration.
The masculine aspect is electric. The positive charge. The light into which inspiration is manifested into form.

That is how your power circuit is aligned as a Sovereign Being!
Action follows inspiration.
Without action, inspiration is not empowered.
Without inspiration, action becomes a quest for empowerment.

Enough for NOW. Sit with this. Feel the truth of it on 8.8.15 as we move through our Lion’s Gate. Do nothing but this–

If you have been feeling lost, as if none of your actions bear fruit,
welcome the inspration of your feminine circuitry to come online in you again.

If you have been feeling at a loss as to how to bring your creative indeas into fruition,
welcome the action-oriented masculine circuitry within you to come online again.

Celebrate quietly within yourself. You are becoming Sovereign again.

And I will come online with much MORE about Good Question #2 very soon… just on the other side of Lion’s Gate!

❤ ❤ ❤

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Namaste, my brothers and sisters!


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Opening The Gifts Of Mercury Retrograde!


Yowza. This Mercury Retrograde, our first of 2015, sure felt different, didn’t it? Well, that’s because it was (obviously). Oh yes, it did its typical job of highlighting what needs to be refined, redefined, or weeded out of our lives entirely…  the process I’ve called “separating the dross from the gold.” I strongly believe that’s more than a metaphor, btw, and especially for the one we’re still moving out of!

This Mercury retrograde’s focus on our most painful, repetitively exhausting, relationship patterns felt as sharp and unwavering as a laser. For many of us, the intensity of this laser focus felt very sharp, indeed– as in “OUCH!”

But as we move out of the laser, the focus spreads out as it becomes more diffuse, and so does our experience of it. We begin to SEE what has been illuminated… see how it was our own laser-focus of experiencing ourselves in a certain way that was magnified…  and see how that limited focus is exactly what had caused our most painful, repetitively exhausting relationship patterns in the first place.

We can see that those painful relationship patterns were repetitively woven from one thread of a core woundedness, continually spinning out more and more experiences of being victimized.  We can also expand beyond the common dread of Mercury’s periodic retrogrades phases– as if even Mercury is victimizing us!

And that will be something to celebrate, indeed. Not only because “woundedness” is not a viable template from which to create healthy, thriving, loving relationships, but because how we choose to experience them over the next two months will become the template for all of our relationships through the rest of this year– which will also be what we bring into 2016 (which will be a total game-changer, just as a heads up).

So NOW is the time to review, explore your options, imagine NEW ones– and above all, FIND THE WOUNDS WITHIN YOU that have only continued to create rewoundings. Which brings me to an amazing synchronistic example of the gifts brought by Mercury retrograde. Below is a link to a video I meant to include in my last post,  “Relationships Are Created From Wholeness, Not Woundedness.”

I talked about it in the post, encouaged everyone to watch it…but somehow, I skipped the stage of actually putting the link in. HA. (Sure, go on, blame it on  Mercury retrograde…)  I just added it, however, thanks to finding a reader’s comment, “Where’s the link?” What would I do without you guys?

Since I’m sure most of you who wanted to read that post have read it already, here’s the “missing link!”  If you’ve seen the video before, fine. If not, I suggest that you do see it. At least give it a look and decide for yourself whether you want to see it all or not… what have you got to lose?

And if you DO decide to really watch it, I’d suggest you do even more than that. I suggest you USE it. As you watch, pay close attention to your own resonance. FEEL what comes up in you. Then pause the video, and track that feeling… RECOGNIZE it, HONOR it, and have COMPASSION. “It” is an aspect of YOU that still hurts. “It” is you needing YOU. “It” is “IT– the need from which all others stem.

Discover that, and you discover your WHOLENESS. Then, that is what you will create your NEW experiences from, and they will be important ones… so PREPARE! Do not rush through this process. It is all yours, all for YOU.

Blessings, Love and Hallelujahs to you! ❤


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Loving Relationships Are Created From Wholeness, Not Woundedness!


Its a whole NEW new year. Its already brought a whole NEW focus to this website, which is RELATIONSHIPS. I’m very excited about this! That’s because life, itself, is as an intricately interwoven relational process (even if we haven’t lived it that way… yet.)

If you’ve noticed that starting off by empasizing the importance of creating relationships from the perspective of “being whole” rather than “being part of,” good for you! And keep on looking for paradoxes, because that’s where the whole illusion of separation–that anything is “either this or that”– begins to fall apart.

Paradoxically (lol), one cannot be part of a healthy, thriving relationship unless one enters it from a sense of wholeness. We ARE whole, everyone of us. Just as we are ALSO parts of many interconnected webs that would NOT be whole without us. The human body is a fine example of this. Lots of parts! Yet if each didn’t know its own integrity as whole within itself… yowza.

What if your stomach didn’t know it was a stomach? What if it thought “being part of” meant it it had no identity of its own, and so just sort of forgot its own unique critical function in the wholeness that it is part of, which is your physical body? Yikes!

You get the picture, right? So its the same with our human relationships with one another. If we enter them from a sense of need (ie, not feeling whole), then we’re entering them from a sense of brokenness… woundedness, in other words.

We need the “loved one” to fill the need within us.
We experience his/her wounded needs as deficits because they get in the way of filling our wounded sense of need.
Because they aren’t making US feel “whole” in whatever way WE need them to, they become “bad partners.”
We never really know the other.
Instead, we need him/her to be what WE want them to be.
And what might genuinely have begun as LOVE gets hijacked into an escalating cycle of blame, pain, and separation.

As a psychotherapist, I’ll tell you straight out that this cycle of repetitive wounding-and-rewounding between “loved ones” has made quite a good living for mental health professionals who work with couples for quite a long time.
Well the buck stops here. Time for a paradigm shift.

Here’s a video that will show you just how whole you really are– as well as the origin of the woundings that we keep perpetuating onto one another. Even if you’ve seen it before, I strongly recommend that you watch it again. And forget labeling it as “too metaphysical,” or “too any other thing.” Forget labeling period. Enter your relationship with the video without defenses, pre-judgments, or resistance (just as with any other relationship, right?) Because in our NEW Year of Relationship, everything is about you… everything is about all of us.

So I’ll be back soon with a whole lot of NEW tools and info about living and thriving IN RELATIONSHIP this year. It truly is a paradigm shift. The video sets the foundation for that shift. I felt that when I made it, and have heard confirmation of that from others  every since. Watch it soon, but make sure you can give it (and yourself) 28 uninterrupted minutes. Have plenty of water to sip as you take it in, keep sipping for the next 24 hours as you integrate it, and after about 3 days, let me know what happened! ❤


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Pandora’s Box


“What we have been going through in this unsettling phase of personal transformation is the ‘reconciling of opposites’ on a very grand transpersonal scale. Opposites exist not separately, but at once. Each defines the other, and each is part of the other. Look at a coin. One side is heads, the other is tails, yet both are the coin. YOU are the coin. All that You see around You is reflected from within You.
The inner and outer battles will never cease until You claim them.
– 2014 November Energy Tele-Gathering

The tele-gathering was powerful because it brought “all the pieces together” about what has been happening this year. More specifically, the “pieces” of illusionary separation that all of us have co-created together have come flying up in our faces. Far more than I ever knew were in me sure came rushing up into my face (which is why I also called myself a drama queen, lol), and I have been hearing the same thing from every one of you who has contacted me.

What Jung calls the shadow has, indeed, come whirling out into the light. It has been, and still is, an unprecedented experience. I’ve recently said that it felt like being in a vortex, with electrically charged energy flowing so fast that I had no choice but to flow with it.

Many find it to be discouraging… the meaning they attach to it is that things are getting worse. I’ve never resonated with that assumption, although I understand that on the surface, it might look to be the case. The tele-gathering expanded my awareness of why that assumption feels so dissonant to me.

Transformation never occurs “on the surface.” Nor does the surface ever look very good while transformation is occuring. One only needs to look at the puddle that was a caterpillar as it is transforming into a butterfly to see that.

HOW CAN WE CHANGE ANYTHING UNTIL WE CLAIM IT AS A PART OF US? Until we recognize that everything we experience around us is not only “part of us, ” but also our own co-creations, how can we possibly change any of it?

Well, all of that (including our co-creations) was exposed and explained with such succinct clarity in the tele-gathering that to continue to disown any “parts” at all seem— to me, personally– like sheer and dangerous folly.

In the midst of delivering these jaw-dropping revelations in the tele-gathering, I suddenly heard a voice within me whisper two words that were not “part of” my conscious inner dialogue –until suddenly, they were.  “Pandora’s Box,” said the whisper.

I felt the impact of the frequencies of those words rattle through every cell of my being, and so knew they were a match for the words I was simultaneously saying out loud. They underscored what a BIG DEAL our current vortex is.

 Yet those words kept coming back to me for days… “Pandora’s Box.” Finally, I realized that they were more than a frequency match for what had been revealed in the tele-gathering. They were guiding me to read the myth again, for there were even more pieces in it for me to put together.

And so I did. There are many revelations in the myth of “Pandora’s Box” regarding our NOW. I encourage you to read it and find the ones that resonate for you. In this post, however, I’m going to mention the one that resonates with what “came out” in the tele-gathering–

To cut to the chase, Pandora did not like being told what she could and could not do. She was also ever curious. So, in spite of being told not to open the forbidden box by Zeus, she opened it just a crack, anyway… just to peek at what could possibly be so dangerous, if it was locked in such a small box.

Immediately, ghostly figures came gushing out through the crack. The myth describes them as all the evils known to man, unleashed upon the earth. That of course, is how exposure of the “shadow” would be (and is) perceived by a consciousness still in the throes of fear-based separation as a means of survival.

And so, all were released into the Light by Pandora, who (being a god-crafted woman) refused to be enslaved into obedience, and so refused to keep a lid on them. How fabulous.

And so, we have agreed to finally open our version of “Pandora’s Box.” Everything about us and within us is coming out into the light. How fabulous.

Oh, much of it is far from pretty, of course! How could it be, after being disowned and reviled for so long? But how else could we integrate it back into our light?

How else could we develop the greatest gift we have, which is the ability to generate compassion? How else could we love ourselves (and so others, who ARE a part of us, after all) into wholeness… unless we realize that WE CANNOT HEAL ANYTHING THAT WE DO NOT OWN AS PART OF US?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention the one thing that remains in the box. It is HOPE.

How absolutely fabulous.

(Btw, if you missed the 2014 Energy Tele-Gathering and would like to hear the recording, you most certainly can.  Just let me know.)


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New Libra Moon– ONE LOVE.


Our New Libra Moon became exact a little after 11:00 p.m. PSTD last night– less than one degree from the Galactic Center! It will flood us with its transformative  alchemical light for about 14 more hours, which is definitely a rare and powerful event. However, it is only one element of the BIGGER event we’re part of NOW.

Here are just a couple of the others–
We entered into a more concentrated area of the photon belt, an atmosphere of higher frequencies than ever before.
We were innundated by Light (photons) from our sun via X class solar flares just before our equinox.
This new moon is occurring even before the equinox energies have faded.

You see? ONE event, perceived by us through “linear time” as sequential– only because we choose to perceive it that way. I’d say its time to “see bigger.” Why?

Because life will get a lot easier that way for ONE.


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What to “DO” NOW, to BE and LIVE Who You ARE With Ease… Can You Handle That?


Do not miss these last days of summer 2014! They are like magical ripe fruit, each one to be savored slowly and digested thoroughly. Yesterday afternoon, I was doing just that as I sat a few feet above a creekbed in Topanga Canyon. A friend was with me, and we chatted intermittently, but mostly I was intent on experiencing the woods, for every detail was richly alive and remarkably expressive. It was at a moment when my attention was on listening to my friend that I suddenly looked out, and there she was.

sika-deer-femaleA doe, right there beneath me in the creekbed, calmly munching on the plants that grow beside it. I softly said hello to her, and her ears pricked up sharply, acknowledging that she knew I was talking to her. Then she peacefully continued her munching, letting me know I was accepted in her company. As she grazed her way up the creekbed, I followed beside her, talking to her, revelling in her company… loving her. Perhaps ten minutes passed, or half an hour… I have no idea. It was a time “beyond linear time” (which is exactly where we are NOW, if we pay attention).

Being no stranger to either animal communication or “animal medicine,” ours was by no means a one-sided conversation. DOE shared much with me. By way of introduction, she affirmed my own “way of being” through her reflection–
She appears delicate, but she is very strong. Her strength comes from her deep connection to all that surrounds her.
How grateful I am to her for sharing that affirmation of mySelf with me!

Next, she offered guidance for NOW. Let me briefly review the unfolding of the context of NOW, so that you may receive DOE’s guidance in alignment with your current process:
As I shared in my July Energy Tele-Gathering, we were experiencing very rapid shifts in our daily lives during that space/time window, much as a pendulum swings from one end of its reach to the opposite end. The design was precisely that– to reach both ends in such rapid succession that we would begin to experience each as part of one gestalt. This, in our Year of Integration, was the alchemy of “balancing the opposites” that I have spoken about– in action.

Then, in the August Energy Tele-Gathering, I addressed the “blurring” that we began to experience (those of us who are awake and willing, anyway). It is critical to understand that this hazy blurring of what used to appear as separate and distinct is in no way a sign that something is “wrong” with you! The “blurring” is the process of integration/ transformation, itself.

Nor should it be labeled a “symptom!” It is important to be very clear about this: To the extent that one labels experiences, be they physical, mental, or spritual/energetic, as a cause of concern “because they are not what one is used to” is, in essence, to resist one’s own transformation beyond “what one is used to.”  

Such resistance perpetuates the very lack of movement that many are “pushing against” and so crying out that they are tired because it feels so “hard.” You see the paradox, I assume? If so, it is something to rejoice in, because transformation does not accomodate resistance. Fortunately. And so, the process will shift again soon (expand, actually), whether you resist it or not–  although the measure of your resistance will create your experience.

This “change,” let’s call it, will become noticable during the latter part of the first week in September, and peak with the fall/spring equinox, depending where you are physically located on the globe. Lol… I do have to laugh when I realize that it is precisely at the beginning of the peak of equinox, on 8/21, that the September Energy Tele-Gathering “just happens” to occur. (Synchronicity rules, that’s all I can say!)

But NOW is where the focus is, because it is in our NOWs that we create what expands from them. And that brings me finally to DOE’s guidance for NOW–
DOE will teach you to stand within the moment, quiet and observant, sensing all that is, feeling each leaf of the forest as a deep part of your being.

In these last days of summer, pause and be like DOE.
Unplug from the old grid. Go into nature.  Be it the desert, the mountains, the woods, the ocean– wherever you feel called, and in whatever combination– listen and GO!
It will be your OWN NATURE that is calling you.
Go into it. Learn yourSelf anew through your interconnected resonance with all that is ALIVE around you.
Nature will sing the song of who you are back to you.
Be sure to listen, and sing BACK.
Do not let your brain run you NOW, interpreting everything according to “what you think you know!” If you do, you will miss hearing yourSelf entirely.

If you do follow DOE’s guidance NOW, you will be ready to embrace your next wave of integration/tranformation… recognition, of the NEW Paradigm you have actually already entered. Here is her promise:
As DOE, you will learn to be fearless, to trust your intuition completely and know that a deep awareness and connection with the world, combined with a belief in yourself, is the best possible protection there is.

And, if by any chance you are still so caught on a treadmill of “shoulds” that have little to do with who you ARE, and so don’t feel inclined to honor DOE’s guidance… let me remind you that you’re receiving it just before the holiday we call Labor Day. I suggest you do a little research on the origins and meaning of this particular “holiday.” It may just do the trick of snapping you awake… into honoring yourSELF.

I, for one, am delighted to follow DOE’s guidance, and so I will be divinely “off the grid” for the next week or so! This of course, means off the cyberspace aspect as well, (which I’m “getting” is particualarly important, btw).  Perhaps I will see/hear/feel/connect with you somewhere in that deep, free, natural earthly/celestial space I’ll be “vacationing” in…wouldn’t that be nice? Otherwise, I’ll be back in the grid withinin the first week of September, I suspect. Not back, actually… but ANEW.

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