Every Relationship is ONE Relationship


At the beginning of 2015, I intuited that it would be our “Year of Relationship.” As we head into the final 3rd of this potentially tranformative year, I can see/feel how TRUE that is.

After six weeks of amplifyiing our review of what we love and how we value what we love, Venus, our feminine planet of inspiration, is preparing to turn direct again. What awes me is that Mars, our masculine planet of external action, is walking BESIDE her!

How obviously divine is that timing? The metaphor (which is no metaphor!)–
All that we have reviewed in the womb of feminine inspiration within ourselves, we are now giving birth to through our masculine energy, manifesting inspiration into form!

As above, so below. As within so without.
As Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “Everthing is about ONE thing.”

Are you getting what those three quotes mean, when taken as ONE?
Every relationship expresses ONE relationship… the ONE within us… the ONE made of our feminine and masculine energies working together as ONE.
These energies are not our gender, nor are they “opposites!”
One plus one equals MORE than the sum of two parts, remember?

How do YOU love the ONE SELF that you are?
Do a reality check. Look around. See how you love others. There will be your answer.
What you do NOT love around you are mirrors that the ONE you are is holding up to you, crying “SEE me! LOVE me… for I am YOU!”

❤ ❤ ❤

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WE Are IN It NOW! Up Close and Personal #1


I know I often focus on speaking beyond my personal experience. I have very determinedly  done so, because my purpose in writing these posts is not “all about me,” but about what is relevant to ALL of us. This week, however, I’ve discovered that the only way I can express what feels true about ALL of us IS “all about ME!” Very paradoxical, it seems… or did seem, until I decided to stop trying to figure it out and just do it, anyway.

The very minute I made that choice, there was nothing more to figure out. I got it. 
From NOW on (at least as far as the topics I cover here are concerned), expressing what is true for ALL of us is going to have to be an “INSIDE JOB.” That is because we truly are in a NEW Paradigm, and getting up to speed with it requires not only the mastery of our own energetic technology as creator beings, but acquiring a radically NEW shift of perspective.

And considering what I’ve been going through, feeling, and experiencing internally in order to describe how to use this technology– I can tell you that there is a LOT to the process of aquiring that NEW perspective! Hmmm… what I also just got is that it’s the PROCESS I go through as I intuit and test this NEW information before offering it to you that creates the shift of perspective required to USE the end results.”

Those “end results” would be the energetic tools I’ve intentionally attempted to present with as little “extra verbiage,” as possible, of course… Okay, okay, I GET IT! Since this process of discovery is a human one (and a radically NEW human one, at that), sharing my human process is just as important as sharing the discoveries– maybe even more valuable.

And (not “but,” please notice– no more “buts” in this New Paradigm!), there is so much to all that I have been going through, feeling, experiencing in the process of presenting the first two NEW ENERGY Tele- Gatherings already that I cannot imagine sharing ALL of it. I’d be at the computer day and night for weeks! AND, I’m sure that I what I do share will be exactly “right”… because we are all connected. I will not be deciding what to share alone, after all. 

So first thing I gotta share (after all that, lol!)–  is that the last two NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS will be on May 17th and May 21st at 4:00 p.m. pstd. To find out more about them and/or register, click on “NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS!” at the top of the site. Recordings of the first two are also available there, btw.

I know, I “should” be putting all that info here again… according to the old paradigm perspective, I need to keep “marketing them.” Yeah, I know….I’m not in that perspective, though (never really have been actually). So that’s that. If you want to attend, you’ll find the info.
I, myself, am going to talk about me right NOW, thank you very much.

Which I’ve already done quite a lot of, I’ve also just noticed. So for NOW, I’ll just say that what makes the awarenesses that have been coming to me so dazzlingly thrilling is how 220px-Escher_Circle_Limit_IIIexquisitely simple they are in their intricately interwoven expansiveness. That’s quite a mouthful, sorry– but just wait till you SEE! Within a single awareness, several others will open like flowers, and even more will shoot out from it like sparks that connect with many others, and then they ignite and grow flowers and shoot sparks… It is a totally NEW Paradigm way of experiencing consciousness altogether, and so elegantly beautiful  that it fills me with wonder. You are going to love it!!!

In the meantime, consider this “Up Close and Personal #1,” and my introduction to the the ones that will follow, and my description of the process that lead me to begin to share them. Feels like a complete gestalt to me… to say more would be to begin a whole NEW one, entirely. So, I’ll sign off for NOW. Stay attuned!

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RELATIONSHIP MAGIC Begins Within… Does Your Inner Magician Need a Tune-up?


Everything we experience, we experience IN RELATIONSHIP. No exceptions. We are in continual, fluid, ever-shifting relationships no matter WHAT we are doing or not doing, no matter WHO we are with or not with.

In fact, we are in many relationships simultaneously all the “time.” Each one affects the others. Each one affects relationships we aren’t even currently engaging in physically. ALL are affected– including the future ones we are creating with every choice we make in every current moment.

This awareness has become an astounding revelation to me of late. Of course, I learned that “NOW is all there is” in my shamanic studies, but never before have I seen, felt, really known the truth of that in my being… before NOW.  In my experience, external reflections of my inner processes are happening so fast NOW that they no longer even seem separate. Instead, they blur and merge together, an infinite number of expressions of how I am relating to my relationship with my own life.

So this awareness that NOW is the only moment of power– that how we “do” relationships in every NOW not only is informed by our past relationships, but informs all of our future ones– seems cucial as we enter 2015. I sense that the more we hold that awareness and live in it, the less we will recreate painful experiences of heartbreak, for one thing. For another, the more we will begin to create relationships that sing in loving harmony.

If you haven’t yet experienced that astounding awareness of “interconnection,” I have no doubt that you will very soon. It is a very NEW experience, after all. But we are ready for it NOW, so simply watch for the signs, listen to the guidance of your heart, and trust it.

Depending on the circumstance you need to create in order to discover this awareness, it may seem radically counter to what you “think you already know,” however. And just as a heads up… if you are still relying on old lenses of perception, you might just “think” you are going crazy. Rest assured. You are not. Far from it, lol.

Still, it won’t be all that funny to experience. (Trust me, I tried it out already.) Since everything (including us) is evolving and changing so rapidly, and everything is manifesting faster and faster, it will get less and less funny pretty fast, too. So, one thing that seems important to focus on in this post, in this particular moment, is that we cannot create what we WANT by using the methods that have created what we DON’T want.

I know, that isn’t a NEW awareness. Einstein made the same observation a century ago. But what IS new is that NOW, we have begun to LIVE it. I talk to clients every day who can’t figure out why they aren’t experiencing the NEW fruits of their desires– even though they are using the same old habits, beliefs, and perspectives.

It takes conscious focus, and sticking to it, to create something NEW. One might call that a shift in consciousness. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Needless to say, I’m focusing on that shift in consciousness constantly myself, both in my own process as well as in my service to others.

So, because I know that the best (meaning easiest and fastest) way to set a strong foundation for an inner shift is through IMMERSION, I found myself re-listening to the Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings I presented in the last six months of 2015. When I say “found myself” listening to them, I mean that pretty literally, btw. I just opened up to my desire to immerse myself in living in each present relationship as if it was ALL relationships, and the next thing you know, I was suddenly interested in listening to the tele-gatherings!

That is the way inspiration comes these days. Not through planning and “trying,” but by allowing… and allowing yourself to be curious and follow it. And listening to the tele-gatherings was a whole other revelation in itself. A radical one, too (since I’m the one who presented them, remember?)… I heard them NEW. Fuller, richer. like an ocean of immersion into awareness.

Although they were offered during the last part of 2014 as preparation, I see that it was not their only purpose. NOW that we are beginning to experience exactly what they were all about, their purpose has shifted to IMMERSION in what already IS… which requires exactly the shift in consciousness that the tele-gatherings are innundated with.

So, I’m NOW offering recordings of the Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings that were held for the last six months of 2014 to YOU. They are, indeed, an experience of IMMERSION– mentally, physically, emotionally, along with meditations and plenty of energetic assistance– that very personally attune to each individual.

So without further ado (I’ll leave that to your own discernment) here is the offer–

 2014 Energy Tele-Gatherings
*July, August, and October Recordings– $12.00 each
(September’s recording vanished. What more can I say?)
*All 3 recordings– $30.00

*Unlimited playback of Nov. and Dec. Energy Tele-Gatherings– $12.00 each
*Access to Unlimited Playback for Both– $24.00

*All 5 Tele-Gatherings (3 recordings, 2 unlimited playback–  $50.00

To order:
*Offer your reciprocal energy exchange (aka “payment”)  via paypal to thecelestialteam@gmail.com
*Note what you are ordering (ex. July Recording)
*Your recording and/or playback access codes will be sent to you
within 48 hours.

Questions? Ask them here, or email them to me at thecelestialteam@gmail.com.

Namaste ❤


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January 4th, First Full Moon of 2015- This is a VERY BIG Full Moon!

Full moon in Cancer today, rising her level gaze to our mighty sun as it sets in Capricorn. Cancer and Cap are like yin and yang. Feminine nurturance and intuitive wisdom rising in our skies. Masculine authority, the enforcer of rules, bowing and conceding to her.


As above, so below.
We are changing direction, and not only that, but changing the way we perceive movement entirely. I can already feel the changes. My orientation of purpose is shifting… but more about that soon. For NOW, I’ll simply say that we are entering a year in which RELATIONSHIP is everything.

Look to your relationships in the light of our full moon. Begin with your relationship to every aspect of yourSELF. Then look to see how they are reflected in your relationships with others in your life. And if you DON’T see the reflections, you aren’t looking clearly or honestly enough.They ARE there.

Look again, KNOWING that… because If you SEE them, you will have the epiphany you need– even if it doesn’t “seem like one”– to begin to live RELATIONALLY in a conscious way. And that will be your key to all the doors that have been locked to you… until you SAW them.

This is a BIG full moon! This is a BIG year we are entering! YOU are bigger and more powerful than you know, and you are about to find that out… so celebrate! Dance in the moonight, dance the way you always wanted to but never dared. Dare to be outrageous… dare to SHINE.


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