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Jude 5_3_15Judith is an intuitive claircognizant, channel, shamanic practitioner, and a licernsed psychotherapist under the name Judith Dagley Flaherty in the state of California.  She was also a professional actor for twenty years. She began that career at Chicago’s Second City, along with another  newcomer named John Belushi. The two developed a close friendship that continues today, in spite of his early death some three decades ago.

Judith  became a television screenwriter and co-producer  when she was asked to write the biography of John Candy for the Art’s and Entertainment Series, which she personally oversaw through production from start to finish.  Aired numerous times and called “To John, With Love,” it was, indeed, a powerful tribute, for it was created with a very determined mission on Judith’s behalf.   John Candy waa and remains another beloved friend who left the “earthly game” before she did, and although his family-oriented lifestyle would certainly not have attracted the “media sharks” as hungrily as Belushi’s had, she wanted them nowhere near another loved one ever again.  Thus, “To John, With Love” was aired fast, and the love shared within it by so many celebrities formed a light around her friend that no lower frquencies could penetrate.  This remains one of Judith’s proudest achievements.

She later went on to study shamanism, which lead to much time spent living among the Pueblo Indians while in apprenticeship in New Mexico. Much to the astonisnment of all concerned,  the elder shaman, who at first assumed she was simply a “persistant dabbler,”  soon recognized that “this Anglo lady from L.A.” somehow already had inner knowing of the craft!  Demonstrating true integrity in alignment with his mastery, all labels and  external illusions of  difference between them were abruptly dropped with this recognition.   Thus, the Master Dreamweaver embraced the “incipient dreamweaver in disguise” who had persisted, beyond all logical reason, in finding her way to him.  With that began many wonderful journeys within her journey, and Judith will be forever grateful.  Her “mult-dimensional nature” had found a mirror at last.

However. back in L.A. as a divorced mother raising two young children under circumstances that our culture would describe as extremely stressful, Judith was isolated from the nourishing environment that all budding masters need.   Although the mastery was within her, it would flash and flare only in circumstances of dire need, and then die out again, unclaimed.  The old programming of powerlessness she had been entrained to for so long  had kicked in again.  Rather than remembering that reality is always dreamed by the dreamer, her memories of shamanic mastery in New Mexico began to seem like a dream from another lifetime, remembered but no longer her own.  Consequently, her energy began to be drained by the illusion of powerlessness.  She poured and poured, and at last, ran dry.  A catastrophe was required!

In early 2007, Judith became gravely ill with an unknown and mysterious illness that physicalized the draining of her energy in a most alarming way. No treatment could be found.  All that could be done to keep her alive was to administer continuous intravenous replenishment. She was in and out of hospitals over the next year for such emergency IV replenishment, and for “enough pictures of her insides to fill a gallery,” as she puts it. When at home, a nurse came daily to hook her up to an  IV for twelve hours a day in order to stay alive.  Meanwhile, it was becoming clear that such artificial replenishment was not enough.  Like a tire with a hole in it, her life was leaking away. What a divine set-up to open one to claim mastery– either do it or die! A perfect storm, indeed. And. of course, it was at the perfect moment of this storm that  the “lightening” came.

An energy healer she’d never met learned of her condition and contacted her He wasn’t quite sure how he did what he did, though, which was perfect. He and Judith would therefore spend hours a day “playing around with energy” by phone, which turned out to be exactly what was needed. It was FUN, for one thing! It also engaged Judith’s gift  of clairgnosis.  The only thing she was adamant about was that she wanted nothing to do with “channeling.”

Famous last words. One evening a voice came through her new playmate was not his, but brought tears to her eyes and felt like HOME.  Judith was reminded that she knew how to heal herself. When she asked to speak with them again they refused to communicate any further unless she asked for them herself and spoke with them directly. What divine trickery!  Reluctantly, Judith made the attempt, and she did so only because she  knew her life depended on it. Take that as an example of how entrained we can be to deny our mastery, and the truth about ourselves! Understand that, if we are to stay in the illusion of powerlessness, such constant and concentrated entrainment is necessary. Why? Because we are very, very powerful!

Within the same nanosecond that she opened herself to connect, The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective responded. Instantly, she was thrust again into the paradigm of mastery, only this time more powerfully than ever before. With the encouragement of these light beings, she became symptom-free  of her year long, debilitating, illness within two weeks.  Within two weeks!  Such an amazing recovery, and one that can be accomplished through the intention and energy of the afflicted alone!  Surely that would be of great interest to those in the “healing professions,” would it not!  Surely that would include the medical profession, would it not?

You feel the answer to that question in your body immediately, well before you can  formulate a response through your brain.  The answer is “no.”  The medical profession is entrained to uphold the medical profession, which is entrained to uphold a whole assortment of other interests, all of which we know would fall apart if each and all of us remembered that we have within us the power to heal ourselves!  Our healing, then, is not the underlying motive that supports the medical profession at all.  Upholding the false belief that we have to look to “experts,” to look outside of ourselves to “authorities” for the power we need to heal, or solve, or create anything at all, is the underlying motive that supports the medical profession. And do not blame your doctors for this! We have all been entrained to maintaining the human collective in a state of powerless.   We have all colluded in this mass disempowerment.

Judith’s work and joy now is too assist in dismantling that collusion.  Since healing herself, she has opened up to receiving information from many other celestial beings, from all life forms on our planet, and from our internal guidance as well.  All are connected, and all speak in harmony.  They tell us:

“You are powerful!  Each one of you has gifts that are unique unto you, and are needed by the all.  Your human collective has the power to integrate all dissonance into harmony.  Do not be afraid to break “out of the mold” and remember who you are–  that is what you are here at this time to do! Love yourself and accept all within you, for there are gems in what you hide and throw away!  

If you are paying attention, you know that your world is changing.  You may well also know that your solar sytem is changing.  Well, even your universe is changing!   If you have sensed that all of these changes form a pattern of monumental and radical transformation, you are correct.  However, they are nothing new, it is just that they are unprecendented for you.  The “you” that you are in your current lifetime hasn’t been around for hundreds of thousands of years, that’s all, but such changes are just part of “normal” in the big picture of flow! 

What IS new is that your planet, and so you, are moving into another dimension, and that means that your choices now can change everything forever!  You can now create all that you desire for your planet, which then of course will include YOU.  You can make your planet the home of your dreams, and your life, the dreamhouse.  How?  To any of your questions about how to do this, no matter how varied the questions seem,  there is one answer only: LOVE.  Apply it to every concern, and you’ll be home in no time.”

To reach Judith with questions or to schedule appointments, email thecelestialteam@gmail.com

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  1. Your Story is Beautiful Judith. I have a lot of love for you! X

  2. Wonder-full! Yes, indeed.

  3. Judith.. your story helps us all to see… we are human, we are divine, what a paradigm! Thanks for being you. Blessings

    • Thank you for your comment as well as your vision. What a paradigm to live in, indeed!
      Much Love/Light to you.


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