March 2016: Unprecedented Turning Point!


You may already be very aware that we are in the midst of THE turning point month of 2016, our Year of Transformation. I hope you are! This particular equinox, balanced between its potent collaborative eclipses, provides an energetic fulcrum powered by electromagnetic forces that are so great and so complexly engineered that they are beyond our current comprehension. Paradoxically, they create a kind of void… a coccoon of dissolution and transformation. Right NOW,  we have the capability to dissolve all ancient fears and false beliefs in guilt, shame, abandonment, betrayal, and unworthiness that led us into enslavement over “time,” for ALL “time,” past, present, and future!

That is such a BIG DEAL that I also know why I was inspired to offer The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty for private sessions on March 2nd (if you missed it, click the link in the right sidebar)– it can feel pretty scary in the void! Okay, terrifying… especially if most people around you are not in there.
Do not let that dis-courage you!

Because it CAN. We are part of a human collective, after all. Feeling “out of synch” with our milieu activates primal survival fears in the ancient limbic part of the human brain. That’s also a big reason why we doubt ourselves when we expand beyond the “norm”… or we  used to.
Do not let those fear-based doubts discourage you NOW!

Expanding beyond the “norm” of survival mentality is expanding into the THRIVING mentality  of our New Paradigm, and that means SOVEREIGNTY (ruled by no one). This is not a “time” to be looking around you to see what others are doing. This is an inside job, that’s what the void is for. That many are not yet in it simply confirms what you always knew (even if you did doubt yourself). YOU are a front-runner,  which means you CHOSE to be before you even got here. And if you’ve reclaimed any of your intuitive knowing of how energy works by NOW, you know that as YOU turn, the entire wheel of humanity is influenced by your movement… and as your momentum builds and spreads, the WHOLE WHEEL begins to turn.
Quite a BIG DEAL, you are!

Quite a BIG DEAL this void phenomenon is, too. Unprecedented, and it will never happen again, either. Many of the beliefs you are/will be dissolving (I hope!) are unconscious, and rooted in deep, ancient, core beliefs that, if penetrated, will unravel them all. Staying in the void long enough to find them and allow this unraveling is not without it’s challenges, however, especially if you fear loosing control… because you will. And if you can’t let go, you won’t. In other words, you’ll hold on to whatever core beliefs keep you repeating whatever your old paradigm patterns of enslavement are. Yikes.

In THIS void, SOVEREIGNTY is the key to emerging as the Sovereign Creator Being you came to be, and it is the bridge as well.

So don’t forget about The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty while you’re in there!

I’ve discovered that laser focus on your own unique entanglement of beliefs is what works to dissolve them, because I’ve already used it in a whole lot of private sessions since March 2nd. In fact, it works so well that it’s quite a BIG DEAL, so for the rest of my stay in the void, I’ll only be devoting my energy into using my newly discovered “magic laser focus” on an individual basis in private sessions.

If you haven’t scheduled a private session yet,  you can still  have one. No one and no thing can stop you from doing so but YOU. Not even the old paradigm program of lack can stop you, since The Magic Sliding Scale dissolves the “I can’t afford it” entrainment very nicely– you get to set your own reciprocal energy exchange! (That’s what used to be “payment” in the old paradigm of enslavement, btw.) You don’t even have to budge an inch. Nor do I… I make void calls! Wherever in the world you are, all you need is a phone or a computer.

So if you want a private session, let me know via email–, and we’ll get you all set. I only suggest that you decide soon, because sessions are filling fast.

Then, sometime around March 25th, you can emerge to try out your wings! ❤


*** ❤ ***

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Get Comfortable With YOUR SHIFT!


You have just SHIFTED in some fundamental way that will alter the course of your life. You would not be reading these words if you hadn’t. Oh yes, I know, they may have just happened to appear under your nose, or maybe someone happened to send them to you for some reason. Nonetheless, YOU would not be reading them unless it was for a reason from within your own soul. It simply cannot be otherwise. THAT is how Sovereign you are.

And so, YOU have just SHIFTED in a fundamental way. Congratulations! Of course, you can call it a “radical course correction” to ease the initial shock if you like, although it is more than that. “Fundamental” is the key word. It means “basic,” “central,” even “key,” actually… and “generative.”

You did not just happen to SHIFT all of a sudden, in other words. Your genetic makeup has been doing the shifting for you, very gradually over several years. WHY? Because you directed it to. HOW? By sifting through all the contrast your life has presented you with thus far and finding out what you do want through experiencing what you don’t want.

Your DNA pays meticulous attention to every thought, emotion and desire you send it to process, because YOU are the God of the universe you call your physical body. Therefore, you have been preparing well in advance for the unique SHIFT that you, yourself, created in order to LIVE your heart’s desire.

I just wanted to point out that fundamental, basic, key, generative, HUGE, detail.
It’s important to know that YOU are the Sovereign Authority over YOUR  own SHIFT!

There is much more running through me that I want to share with you, and probably for my own sake… as we experience this sort of unprecedented SHIFT, we need witnesses. We  need cheerleaders. Yet we are still surrounded by those who are not even aware that their own SHIFT has occurred… loved ones, even, and that is a whole other “can of worms,” or so it seems but isn’t really.

For NOW, what is important is to claim your SHIFT as your own creation, to know that everything is in perfect order… and to know that you are not alone. WE are here together.
Namaste for NOW, my fellow travelers.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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More ANSWER to GOOD QUESTION # 2– Getting OUT of Enslavement Programming!


Finally feels like “right timing” to continue answering  GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

“Right timing” is one of the first concepts I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship. It basically means “in alignment on an energetic level with readiness to be received and used in the most expedient and impactful way.”

Shamans know the importance of focusing– which is something we ALL need to learn ASAP, as you will see. They also know the importance of review– to assist those who may not yet know the importance of focusing.

To review what was begun in the post on 8.7.2015–

The 1st and foundational step of getting out of your own enslavement progamming is to know that whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. The reason this is foundational is because each belief is interconnected with many others, so when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter others as well.

The 2nd step is actually part of the 1st– in order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, you need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other. It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed. It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. (See my last youtube video “Your SOVEREIGNTY, POWER, and MAGIC!” Better yet , see “The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes” first.)

The 3rd step is the beginning of alchemy. It happens when the first two steps are integrated (1+1= more than the sum of its parts, remember?). Your belief is powerful beyond measure + no longer agreeing to believe that you are fragmented = reclaiming your SOVEREIGNTY.

And now onto the 4th step. Practice. Remember that what you believe is what you generate into form. Not what you want or wish, but what you BELIEVE.

Recognize every belief you agree to invest your energy into as your magic.
See every thought, emotion, and action that is generated by a particular belief as a magic wand that will eventually create more of what you choose to believe.
Pay attention, track the process… FOCUS! This is important.
YOU have to see how your own magic works, and the more you doubt it, the more important that is– because you are Sovereign.

And exactly because you are Sovereign, it would not be “right timing” for me to even go on until you test that for yourself. Without your BELIEF, nothing I say from this point on would be of much use to you… which would then frustrate you and reinforce whatever you’ve agreed to believe is “wrong with you,” or “doesn’t work,” blah, blah, blah.

So test it. Start with a single belief, one that you wish was not true but that just seems to keep proving itself.
Track how it infuses your thoughts, your emotions, and how they then control your actions.
Notice the obvious. If you agreed to a different belief, it would generate different thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Get very logical. The same action generated by two different beliefs willl manifest two outcomes. This is a good one to test because it is so EASY to test.

Then pick a belief you still hold onto that keeps generating outcomes you do not want. Track its origin. I assure you that it is not yours. Who gave it to you? WHY? Was that a good source to create a belief to live your life by? I assure you the answer is NO.

And the moment YOU see that… the belief looses power. Your agreement to believe it or to revoke that agreement is NOW in your own Sovereign hands.

I also assure you that any belief that does not serve you will continue to feel like a poisonous thorn in the rose of your life. That is by design.
How ELSE would you know that it is not yours?

Practice!!! You’ll be deconstructing patterns that have kept you locked in them for so long that they felt “normal.” Once you see through only ONE of them, however, the jig is up for all the others… because OH, you will have so much fun seeing through them ALL!

It only takes one to start the process snowballing… why not SEE for yourSELF?

❤ ❤ ❤


To schedule a private session, send me an email at!
To support me in continuing to offer so much powerful stuff for free, press the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. THANK YOU! And thank yourSelf, too, because whatever you offer comes back to you multiplied by the frequencies of your intent. (That’s physics, btw!)


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The Master’s Class. Good Question #2, Lion’s Gate #888


GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

 How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

My answer to that one will stretch through several posts, undoubtedly, and will require laser focus on my part to distill into only several, at that. And that is because our internal technology is SO incredibly powerful, SO exquisitely finely tuned in its complexity that it is hard to describe. An analogy will do it, however… Just as a tree draws water  through every branch and into every leaf, so we run our core beliefs through every aspect of their expressions in our lives.

In this particular moment, the best, most useful thing I can do is address the core of the enslavement program, itself. I’ll begin by quoting a segment of my post of yesterday on my other website,

“We are rushing towards Lion’s Gate 888, propelled by the velocity of our own desire.
Triple 8… Power and Balance x 3, and exponentially so.
Three is the sacred geometry of Unity Consciousness encoded into numerical form.
One + 1 is more than the sum of its parts.

This transmission is also encoded, by the way.
Yes, even though it is coming from very human me, it is a transmssion– and that is all I know or need to know.
Lke a broadcast from a radio station, each one who reads it will receive it differently in accordance with their own frequency bandwidth.
Once again, we have the example of something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Which brings me to the 3rd example.
When united, the frequencies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine become far, far, more than the some of It’s parts. When they work as ONE, NEW LIFE is created!

When not working as ONE, the essence of the powers of creation within each and all of us are split. Neither is powerful, and so havoc is wreaked. One who’s power is split into opposing force cannot be Sovereign, obviously. One will always feel powerless, and so align with one side or the other…. domination or enslavement. We all know the truth of that, already.

So of course it is no accident that all contracts of enslavement were rendered null and void during our most recent solstice. It is no accident that all transmissions coming through me, from me, or in a collaboration of the 2 (which equals 3, please note!) have been about stepping into Sovereignty. And they will continue, have no doubt… but also have no doubt that you will perceive them differently on the other side of Lion’s Gate 888.
You may, for example, resonate with them as you never have before.
Or, they may suddenly sound like nonsense to you.

There are no half measures encoded into the sacred geometry of 8. It is a number made of 2 circles in perfect balance within itself. Whether aligned with personal limitation or spiritual freedom, so it will become more than the sum of its parts. Knowing that, it is good to re-member that 8 is also the symbol of infinity. And so it is. As above so below. As within so without.”


You are most welcome to read the rest of that post on your own if you like. The point I am using it to make here is two-fold. Since 1+1=3, the point will be far more than the sum of its parts (IF you take each in thoroughly, of course).

The 1st– Whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. Because each belief is interconnected with the others, when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter the others as well.

The 2nd– In order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, YOU need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other.
It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed.

It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. And drumroll, please… because therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the key to Sovereignty!

I am NOT talking about whether your physical body is masculine or feminine, nor am I talking about your sexual orientation, I hope you know. (At least not directly, although becoming whole within is certainly likely to enhance the well-being of your sexuality, but that’s another blog post altogether.)

I am talking about your INTERNAL TECHNOLOGY.
To keep it simple, see/feel it in all or one of these ways for NOW–
The feminine aspect is magnetic. The negative charge. The darkness from which all life is born, including inspiration.
The masculine aspect is electric. The positive charge. The light into which inspiration is manifested into form.

That is how your power circuit is aligned as a Sovereign Being!
Action follows inspiration.
Without action, inspiration is not empowered.
Without inspiration, action becomes a quest for empowerment.

Enough for NOW. Sit with this. Feel the truth of it on 8.8.15 as we move through our Lion’s Gate. Do nothing but this–

If you have been feeling lost, as if none of your actions bear fruit,
welcome the inspration of your feminine circuitry to come online in you again.

If you have been feeling at a loss as to how to bring your creative indeas into fruition,
welcome the action-oriented masculine circuitry within you to come online again.

Celebrate quietly within yourself. You are becoming Sovereign again.

And I will come online with much MORE about Good Question #2 very soon… just on the other side of Lion’s Gate!

❤ ❤ ❤

My whole-hearted gratitude to each one of you who receives inspiration from this message and responds with the action of offering a reciprocal exchange of any amount via the “donate” tab. Truly we work as one, for without that action I could not continue to devote my days to the joy of bringing inspiration online.
Namaste, my brothers and sisters!


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WE Are IN It NOW! Up Close and Personal #1


I know I often focus on speaking beyond my personal experience. I have very determinedly  done so, because my purpose in writing these posts is not “all about me,” but about what is relevant to ALL of us. This week, however, I’ve discovered that the only way I can express what feels true about ALL of us IS “all about ME!” Very paradoxical, it seems… or did seem, until I decided to stop trying to figure it out and just do it, anyway.

The very minute I made that choice, there was nothing more to figure out. I got it. 
From NOW on (at least as far as the topics I cover here are concerned), expressing what is true for ALL of us is going to have to be an “INSIDE JOB.” That is because we truly are in a NEW Paradigm, and getting up to speed with it requires not only the mastery of our own energetic technology as creator beings, but acquiring a radically NEW shift of perspective.

And considering what I’ve been going through, feeling, and experiencing internally in order to describe how to use this technology– I can tell you that there is a LOT to the process of aquiring that NEW perspective! Hmmm… what I also just got is that it’s the PROCESS I go through as I intuit and test this NEW information before offering it to you that creates the shift of perspective required to USE the end results.”

Those “end results” would be the energetic tools I’ve intentionally attempted to present with as little “extra verbiage,” as possible, of course… Okay, okay, I GET IT! Since this process of discovery is a human one (and a radically NEW human one, at that), sharing my human process is just as important as sharing the discoveries– maybe even more valuable.

And (not “but,” please notice– no more “buts” in this New Paradigm!), there is so much to all that I have been going through, feeling, experiencing in the process of presenting the first two NEW ENERGY Tele- Gatherings already that I cannot imagine sharing ALL of it. I’d be at the computer day and night for weeks! AND, I’m sure that I what I do share will be exactly “right”… because we are all connected. I will not be deciding what to share alone, after all. 

So first thing I gotta share (after all that, lol!)–  is that the last two NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS will be on May 17th and May 21st at 4:00 p.m. pstd. To find out more about them and/or register, click on “NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS!” at the top of the site. Recordings of the first two are also available there, btw.

I know, I “should” be putting all that info here again… according to the old paradigm perspective, I need to keep “marketing them.” Yeah, I know….I’m not in that perspective, though (never really have been actually). So that’s that. If you want to attend, you’ll find the info.
I, myself, am going to talk about me right NOW, thank you very much.

Which I’ve already done quite a lot of, I’ve also just noticed. So for NOW, I’ll just say that what makes the awarenesses that have been coming to me so dazzlingly thrilling is how 220px-Escher_Circle_Limit_IIIexquisitely simple they are in their intricately interwoven expansiveness. That’s quite a mouthful, sorry– but just wait till you SEE! Within a single awareness, several others will open like flowers, and even more will shoot out from it like sparks that connect with many others, and then they ignite and grow flowers and shoot sparks… It is a totally NEW Paradigm way of experiencing consciousness altogether, and so elegantly beautiful  that it fills me with wonder. You are going to love it!!!

In the meantime, consider this “Up Close and Personal #1,” and my introduction to the the ones that will follow, and my description of the process that lead me to begin to share them. Feels like a complete gestalt to me… to say more would be to begin a whole NEW one, entirely. So, I’ll sign off for NOW. Stay attuned!

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What LOVE is… and is not.


My current human experience is showing me that we humans have much to learn about what LOVE is… and what it is NOT.

LOVE is not dissension. Bickering, arguing, accusing, blaming…

Nor is it “avoiding” any of those, in order to “be loving.”

heart-and-soulLOVE cuts like a sword through all of that nonsense.

LOVE brings it all to Light.

And humans balk.

STILL, they/we do not want to see their/our nonsense exposed, reflected back to them/us!

Yet the nonsense is what keeps us living in nonsense, and it is the nonsense that cuts us to the quick.

Eventually it will destroy us–IF we continue to allow it.

The time to choose is NOW.


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3.11.13 Use the Energies of NOW to Re-callibrate and Create!

3/11/13 A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Hi, All–

How’re you doing these days?  Starting to notice that, even though “reality” might look the same, it doesn’t “feel” quite the same as it did just a few months ago? Say, last November, early December? Disconcerting, isn’t it, to hang onto the belief that “seeing is believing,” when we’re moving out of the very “reality” that held us to it for so long? And to the extent that any of us hang onto it, it even begins to betray us altogether by making us “think we’re going crazy,” as we used to say…

That’s just perfect. Because how else are any of us who “think we know” that “reality” must be seen to be believed ever going to open up enough to question that “knowledge?” (Lot’s of quotation marks, I know. Even our words are losing the meaning that we “thought they had!”)

The “reality” is that everything is in a rapid process of change. We are energetive beings. “Reality”  is a reflection of our beliefs. In other words, beliefs come first, not the other way around. And we have NOW moved into a NEW energy–a higher octave of frequency, if you will– that will no longer support our belief that “things happen to us,” anymore. For those who wish to flow with this unprecedented shift, rather than fight against it (and perhaps come to question their own sanity), there is lots of information and many tools archived on my website to assist you in doing just that. This change has been coming for quite awhile, you know!

In the meantime, I just want to point out that we are in the midst of a monumental “re-callibration” of our own energies, in order to get in sync with the NEW octave of energy that is our NEW Home.  To the extent we welcome the process, we will find magic in it. To the extent we recognize the support that constantly offers itself to us energetically, receive it gratefully, and use it–we will discover that we are the magicians.

There are two such supports being offered in this very moment. One is our powerful Pisces new moon, transmitting energy to us that is like fertile NIW soil in which to plant our intentions. The other is the link below. It will take you to a video that will help you re-callibrate your energies as the Sovereign, Energetic, Creator Being you truly are, and ground them into your own energy grid. If you’re open to stepping into that again, and recognizing your NEW Home as one that you have been waiting for, and for a very, very, long time, they are at your disposal.

Watch the video first in order to ground the re-callibration pro0cess. Then, set your intentions with the Sovereign Authority you opened yourSelf to reclaim through the watching. And hold them!  Do not abandon these new seedlings of your dreams, no matter how things “look” around You! Instead, hold them close to your heart with the certainty of a mother with new life growng in her womb. Simply feel them…and then watch them…as they grow…

POWER  TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3


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