How Much Do You Want To Know?

September 16th, 2018

How much DO you want to know?  That’s a genuine question.
 asking because I’m going to begin to share the big “what happened to Judith” pretty soon. 

“Finally!” you might be thinking.  Well, that’s okay with me– and most especially if you are one of the many who have been contacting me with concern about my well-being over the last year.

All I can say about the long wait (for now) is that you have my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for waiting so patiently for me to recover enough to be able to begin telling you all about it.

Which I’m about to begin to do.

Which  brings me back to my question–
How much do you want to know?”

You don’t have to tell me.  Just check in with yourSelf and ask.  Because it’s just between you and You, really.   

Believe it or not, there are as many variations of “wanting to know” as there are people on the planet. 

 On one end of the “wanting to know” spectrum are people who don’t want to know anything beyond what fits within the parameters of what they already know (or think they do). 

On the other end are those who want to fly right out of those parameters– out of the “box,” or the “matrix,” or however they perceive the limitations of what they know so far (or think they do). 

Most fall somewhere in between. 

See what I mean? 

As a licensed psychotherapist who also happens to be clairgnostic (which the dictionary defines as “knowing without knowing how” but I DO know how and it has to do with decoding frequencies), I have tried to respect that wide “wanting to know” spectrum as best I could by wearing two hats and having two websites.

 On this one, I wear my licensed psychotherapist hat.  Psychotherapy is something most people already “know” about (or have at least heard of through the mainstream, anyway).

On the other site (, I wear my clairgnostic hat.  Also my channeling hat.  (I have a bunch of hats there, actually.)

Of course, there are really NO hats– there’s just ME– but the “hat” metaphor describes the way I focus my energy. 

However, things are changing.

By “things,” I mean whatever we know as part of our “reality.”

And no matter where anyone is on the “wanting to know” spectrum, everyone has begun to experience this change in at least some way that is “real” to them.  (Which is a very big change in itself.)

I, myself, have been experiencing this change in a whole lot of ways.

One of the most exciting is that those boundaries between perceptual “realities” are becoming less and less distinct. 

Which means that people are finding themselves either knowing more or wanting to know more– often very suddenly and in spite of themselves (or who they “thought” they were).

Which therefore also means that my “hats” metaphor is becoming a bit unwieldy.  Limiting, even.  What if you want to know more today than you did yesterday, for example? 

And since it is now YOU who is in charge of your own knowing process (and it is a process, even mainstream sources will tell you that knowledge accumulates)– well, the last thing I’d want to do is interfere with your own sacred pace of knowing!

Which brings me to the whole point of this post about the sharing of  “what happened to Judith”– it CAN’T be shared in the usual linear way we all know how to do so well.

Furthermore, to be foolish enough to even try to do that would distort it so much it would be best not done at all. 

Even furthermore, “what happened” to me is about you in the big picture– about the all of us, I mean– and I am CALLED to share it with you.  All of it. 

So here is what I’m going to do:
Everything I post on, I’m going to also reblog here.  And vice versa.  Of course, you can always press the “f
ollow” tab on that site and get all of those posts directly by email, too.  But in case you’re on the fence about how much you want to know, this way you can also decide for YOURSELF more gradually at your OWN pace.  Because it will require stretching. 

Okay?  See, it’s always best to make such choices on your own (ie. sovereignly), because they don’t stick otherwise.  Oh, there are methods of coercion that seemed to work, but they didn’t really because they were actually enslavement tactics.  And besides, such tactics are obsolete, anyway (… no matter how it may “seem,” hallelujah!)

So the last thing I’ll do before sending this off to you is reiterate what needs to be remembered most of all. The story of “what happened to Judith” is meant to be shared with YOU. 

Okay, so maybe I’ll also disclose that doing this will not be easy for me, either, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually– or IS not easy for me, I should say, for I’ve already been processing it (and me) into readiness and working on figuring out HOW to share it intact every single day for months (because linearly won’t work, as I said). 

Wonder-full, YES.  But easy, no.

Remember what I said about stretching.

YES.  It’s that big. 

As is the importance of sharing it with YOU.  (At your own sovereign speed, of course.)

Because YOU are that big.

So watch for the reblogs, and namaste for now, my sovereign friends!
And do stay in touch with questions and comments as we go!

And do keep stretching! 

An Atom

❤ ❤ ❤



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This MOON!

July 27th, 2018


Briefly, I am compelled to emerge from my cocoon of transformation to speak of this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that is forming as I peck out these words. Actually, I am on the cusp of coming out fully, myself, but not quite yet. However, this moon– the longest and likely the most super-charged eclipse of the century– is compelling, indeed.

You are feeling it. If you don’t know that yet, be aware, because you WILL. The charge of this moon is overwhelming. Logic and reason are no match for it. Resistance will only lead to exhaustion and/or unfortunate outcomes.

If ever there was a “time” to learn the practicality of going with the flow, it is within the next 24 hours, for there is nothing you can do to stop this river!

If ever there was a “time” to learn how to ride white water, it is today!

The trick is to do it WITHIN you.

And THAT, I realize, is what I am being compelled to tell you– the current is WITHIN you. External circumstances are merely the effects; whatever is creating white water around you is also WITHIN you. You wouldn’t even be IN your particular version of white water, otherwise.

That’s a hard thing for human’s to “get,” I know. Nonetheless, it is true, believe it or not, so just GO with that flow for once!

Ride the white water– don’t waste your energy resisting and/or fighting it. Instead, pay attention to the current running WITHIN you and tend to THAT– WITHIN you, not out in the white water!

Let the feelings that churn within you be information– about YOU. LEARN from them, in other words! There will be “time” to take action later. You will know when you are ready, because the action you will feel compelled to take will be NEW to you.

Most importantly, there will be no retaliation in it, nor any sense of “fighting against” anything or anyone. And– if you learn really, really well from the current with you– you may even feel the blessed peace of COMPASSION compelling your new actions!

Godspeed. ♥


Copyright(c)Judith Dagley, 2018-All rights reserved.

Red Alert!


Red alert! There’s been a sharp increase in people who want off this planet in the last couple of days! Would you be one of them? If so, HANG ON! We are seriously RECALIBRATING to catch up with the spike in the Schumann Resonance. Which means any and all of the following (plus a few hundred other things, but these are the ones you need to know about right NOW)–

Nothing is going to turn out the way you thought it would.
Your nervous system is on overdrive.
Your emotions either flare up like a forest fire or carry you off into them like  tidal waves, so you are either making messes or completely shut down (or both from one minute to the next).
Your daily schedule has gone hopelessly awry.
People you love got really mean all of a sudden.
YOU got really mean all of a sudden.
You have a headache. Or a tummy ache. Or your joints ache. And your heart aches. Really BAD. You cry a lot.

YES to any of those? Look… it’s all right. Call this an “aberration in space/time.” You are betwixt and between 2 different frequency octaves. You DO need to get up to speed pretty soon, though…

 … which is why my “What Is UP? The Schumann Resonance Web-In-Are!” is happening on March 26th. Register for that right NOW. It will help you feel better.

In the meantime, SLOW DOWN. Your bio/neuro/psycho/energy systems are working overtime and stressed to the max. So slow down, breathe, reassure them that they are doing just GREAT, and their/your relief will be palpable.

Hang on!  ❤ ❤ ❤


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The Most Useful Awareness Ever


Here is the most important thing I can share with you right NOW.

NOTHING is permanent.
EVERYTHING is changing.

Do you see the ALIVENESS in that… the FREEDOM?

Life is not a static, definable experience. Yet clients come to see me because they believe theirs are… as if we are not here to LIVE our lives, but to simply inhabit them.

Where do we humans GET such crazy ideas?
Well, actually, I know a few places… but the point is that they really ARE crazy ideas.

We create our own reality constantly.

We are dancers in the midst of a dance…
We are painters in the midst of creating a work of art…
We are poets midstream in a metaphor…
We are sculptors finding the life within a slab of marble and setting it free.

We are CREATORS. “Time” is our medium.
Every moment is but single movement in a dance…
a brush stroke on a vast canvas…
an inspiration to follow…
an action to make it REAL.

That is the most useful, most important thing I know to share with you right NOW.

NEVER stop creating!

human heart, NEW GPS!

❤ ❤ ❤

Bless your heart for receiving the love in this post. Thanks to each and every one who supports the flow by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar.


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Every Relationship is ONE Relationship


At the beginning of 2015, I intuited that it would be our “Year of Relationship.” As we head into the final 3rd of this potentially tranformative year, I can see/feel how TRUE that is.

After six weeks of amplifyiing our review of what we love and how we value what we love, Venus, our feminine planet of inspiration, is preparing to turn direct again. What awes me is that Mars, our masculine planet of external action, is walking BESIDE her!

How obviously divine is that timing? The metaphor (which is no metaphor!)–
All that we have reviewed in the womb of feminine inspiration within ourselves, we are now giving birth to through our masculine energy, manifesting inspiration into form!

As above, so below. As within so without.
As Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “Everthing is about ONE thing.”

Are you getting what those three quotes mean, when taken as ONE?
Every relationship expresses ONE relationship… the ONE within us… the ONE made of our feminine and masculine energies working together as ONE.
These energies are not our gender, nor are they “opposites!”
One plus one equals MORE than the sum of two parts, remember?

How do YOU love the ONE SELF that you are?
Do a reality check. Look around. See how you love others. There will be your answer.
What you do NOT love around you are mirrors that the ONE you are is holding up to you, crying “SEE me! LOVE me… for I am YOU!”

❤ ❤ ❤

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More ANSWER to GOOD QUESTION # 2– Getting OUT of Enslavement Programming!


Finally feels like “right timing” to continue answering  GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

“Right timing” is one of the first concepts I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship. It basically means “in alignment on an energetic level with readiness to be received and used in the most expedient and impactful way.”

Shamans know the importance of focusing– which is something we ALL need to learn ASAP, as you will see. They also know the importance of review– to assist those who may not yet know the importance of focusing.

To review what was begun in the post on 8.7.2015–

The 1st and foundational step of getting out of your own enslavement progamming is to know that whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. The reason this is foundational is because each belief is interconnected with many others, so when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter others as well.

The 2nd step is actually part of the 1st– in order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, you need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other. It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed. It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. (See my last youtube video “Your SOVEREIGNTY, POWER, and MAGIC!” Better yet , see “The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes” first.)

The 3rd step is the beginning of alchemy. It happens when the first two steps are integrated (1+1= more than the sum of its parts, remember?). Your belief is powerful beyond measure + no longer agreeing to believe that you are fragmented = reclaiming your SOVEREIGNTY.

And now onto the 4th step. Practice. Remember that what you believe is what you generate into form. Not what you want or wish, but what you BELIEVE.

Recognize every belief you agree to invest your energy into as your magic.
See every thought, emotion, and action that is generated by a particular belief as a magic wand that will eventually create more of what you choose to believe.
Pay attention, track the process… FOCUS! This is important.
YOU have to see how your own magic works, and the more you doubt it, the more important that is– because you are Sovereign.

And exactly because you are Sovereign, it would not be “right timing” for me to even go on until you test that for yourself. Without your BELIEF, nothing I say from this point on would be of much use to you… which would then frustrate you and reinforce whatever you’ve agreed to believe is “wrong with you,” or “doesn’t work,” blah, blah, blah.

So test it. Start with a single belief, one that you wish was not true but that just seems to keep proving itself.
Track how it infuses your thoughts, your emotions, and how they then control your actions.
Notice the obvious. If you agreed to a different belief, it would generate different thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Get very logical. The same action generated by two different beliefs willl manifest two outcomes. This is a good one to test because it is so EASY to test.

Then pick a belief you still hold onto that keeps generating outcomes you do not want. Track its origin. I assure you that it is not yours. Who gave it to you? WHY? Was that a good source to create a belief to live your life by? I assure you the answer is NO.

And the moment YOU see that… the belief looses power. Your agreement to believe it or to revoke that agreement is NOW in your own Sovereign hands.

I also assure you that any belief that does not serve you will continue to feel like a poisonous thorn in the rose of your life. That is by design.
How ELSE would you know that it is not yours?

Practice!!! You’ll be deconstructing patterns that have kept you locked in them for so long that they felt “normal.” Once you see through only ONE of them, however, the jig is up for all the others… because OH, you will have so much fun seeing through them ALL!

It only takes one to start the process snowballing… why not SEE for yourSELF?

❤ ❤ ❤


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January 4th, First Full Moon of 2015- This is a VERY BIG Full Moon!

Full moon in Cancer today, rising her level gaze to our mighty sun as it sets in Capricorn. Cancer and Cap are like yin and yang. Feminine nurturance and intuitive wisdom rising in our skies. Masculine authority, the enforcer of rules, bowing and conceding to her.


As above, so below.
We are changing direction, and not only that, but changing the way we perceive movement entirely. I can already feel the changes. My orientation of purpose is shifting… but more about that soon. For NOW, I’ll simply say that we are entering a year in which RELATIONSHIP is everything.

Look to your relationships in the light of our full moon. Begin with your relationship to every aspect of yourSELF. Then look to see how they are reflected in your relationships with others in your life. And if you DON’T see the reflections, you aren’t looking clearly or honestly enough.They ARE there.

Look again, KNOWING that… because If you SEE them, you will have the epiphany you need– even if it doesn’t “seem like one”– to begin to live RELATIONALLY in a conscious way. And that will be your key to all the doors that have been locked to you… until you SAW them.

This is a BIG full moon! This is a BIG year we are entering! YOU are bigger and more powerful than you know, and you are about to find that out… so celebrate! Dance in the moonight, dance the way you always wanted to but never dared. Dare to be outrageous… dare to SHINE.


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7.18.14 PERSEVERE!

Frequency Lesson!

This one is about flowing with CHANGE. It is radical, and at the moment it is as much for ME as  for anyone who reads it.

In my case, its about knowing that “‘frequency lesson posts’ are useless until and unless they are useful to those who read them.” (Decode THAT one, and you’ll get way more out of it than you “thought” you would.)

In general, this lesson is about
1.) attuning in every moment to how RAPIDLY a complete shift in consciousness is occuring, and
2.) recognizing the many ways in which such a radical shift can play out.

Some will try to navigate it as if it is “same old, same old,” and so blame themselves for “failing,” and retreat… and so they WILL, bless their hearts.

Others will like the “concept,” but not really “buy it,” and so think they can “get by” with talking the talk without walking it… until they learn that the way they walk IS the path.

Still others– those who are so traumatized that they do not trust anything but “power over others” as a means of survival– well, they may resort to violence in their panic (and already ARE, in fact). And even that will serve to enlighten the collective, albeit in a painful way — but only in exact proportion to those who REQUIRE the shock of such drama in order to “see ANEW.”

The most challenging experience of all for those of us who DO see, however, are our daily interactions with the majority who as yet do not see– and to FEEL the pain of the gap.
To those of you, I say YES.
FEEL the isolation such “seeing” results in.
FEEL the fear and grief, the very fruits of separation, until you know it in your bones.
FEEL your heart aching as if it surely will break in two.

I say this because I have a FEELING, almost overwhelming in its power– that this perseverence in holding the frequency of whatever you believe in most– is about to manifest into forrm. Big Time.
So, be conscious of the frequency you choose, hold on, and PERSEVERE.
That’s MY two cents, anyway… YOU decide what its  worth.

By the way, if you want more than two cents from me every now and then, don’t forget about the monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings, held on the 3rd Sunday of every month throughout 2014.



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7/11/14 Capricorn Full Supermoon in Cancer– Say YES and RECEIVE!

Are you by any chance feeling as if the energy around you has been becoming increasingly “different” as this day has progressed? If so, excellent! You are discerning frequencies.

And if you are feeling this different, almost liquid-feeling energy begin to fill you as well– fabulous! You said “yes” to receiving and so USING it.

The “yes” is key. Energies are offering to serve you from every aspect of life NOW– from fellow humans, nature, and pure syncronicity out of the blue. But none CAN, of course, unless you allow yourself to RECEIVE them.

If you DID say “yes” to receiving the energy you are feeling right NOW, know that you have accessed some very potent energy at your service. It is being delivered to you by our extraordinary Capricorn full supermoon as it absorbs and reflects the energy of Cancer, its 180 degree opposite. It wil overflow in fullness at 4:25 AM pst. tomorrow morning  (7/12).

yin_and_yang__Oriental_MysticismThis is Father/Mother energy, joining as ONE.
It is structure integrating fluidity.
It is rigidity giving way to flexibility.
It is stern discipline weeping with compassion.
It is action honoring the guidance of inspiration.

It can be the male and female energies within YOU, making love together– if you say “yes.”

Make space for love within yourSELF, then. Release shame, self- judgments, and simply ALLOW yourSelf to integrate and reclaim your truth– which is that you are ONE, you are LOVE, you are WHOLE, you are LOVED.


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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