Opening The Gifts Of Mercury Retrograde!


Yowza. This Mercury Retrograde, our first of 2015, sure felt different, didn’t it? Well, that’s because it was (obviously). Oh yes, it did its typical job of highlighting what needs to be refined, redefined, or weeded out of our lives entirely…  the process I’ve called “separating the dross from the gold.” I strongly believe that’s more than a metaphor, btw, and especially for the one we’re still moving out of!

This Mercury retrograde’s focus on our most painful, repetitively exhausting, relationship patterns felt as sharp and unwavering as a laser. For many of us, the intensity of this laser focus felt very sharp, indeed– as in “OUCH!”

But as we move out of the laser, the focus spreads out as it becomes more diffuse, and so does our experience of it. We begin to SEE what has been illuminated… see how it was our own laser-focus of experiencing ourselves in a certain way that was magnified…  and see how that limited focus is exactly what had caused our most painful, repetitively exhausting relationship patterns in the first place.

We can see that those painful relationship patterns were repetitively woven from one thread of a core woundedness, continually spinning out more and more experiences of being victimized.  We can also expand beyond the common dread of Mercury’s periodic retrogrades phases– as if even Mercury is victimizing us!

And that will be something to celebrate, indeed. Not only because “woundedness” is not a viable template from which to create healthy, thriving, loving relationships, but because how we choose to experience them over the next two months will become the template for all of our relationships through the rest of this year– which will also be what we bring into 2016 (which will be a total game-changer, just as a heads up).

So NOW is the time to review, explore your options, imagine NEW ones– and above all, FIND THE WOUNDS WITHIN YOU that have only continued to create rewoundings. Which brings me to an amazing synchronistic example of the gifts brought by Mercury retrograde. Below is a link to a video I meant to include in my last post,  “Relationships Are Created From Wholeness, Not Woundedness.”

I talked about it in the post, encouaged everyone to watch it…but somehow, I skipped the stage of actually putting the link in. HA. (Sure, go on, blame it on  Mercury retrograde…)  I just added it, however, thanks to finding a reader’s comment, “Where’s the link?” What would I do without you guys?

Since I’m sure most of you who wanted to read that post have read it already, here’s the “missing link!”  If you’ve seen the video before, fine. If not, I suggest that you do see it. At least give it a look and decide for yourself whether you want to see it all or not… what have you got to lose?

And if you DO decide to really watch it, I’d suggest you do even more than that. I suggest you USE it. As you watch, pay close attention to your own resonance. FEEL what comes up in you. Then pause the video, and track that feeling… RECOGNIZE it, HONOR it, and have COMPASSION. “It” is an aspect of YOU that still hurts. “It” is you needing YOU. “It” is “IT– the need from which all others stem.

Discover that, and you discover your WHOLENESS. Then, that is what you will create your NEW experiences from, and they will be important ones… so PREPARE! Do not rush through this process. It is all yours, all for YOU.

Blessings, Love and Hallelujahs to you! ❤


Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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