The Master’s Class. Good Question #2, Lion’s Gate #888


GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

 How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

My answer to that one will stretch through several posts, undoubtedly, and will require laser focus on my part to distill into only several, at that. And that is because our internal technology is SO incredibly powerful, SO exquisitely finely tuned in its complexity that it is hard to describe. An analogy will do it, however… Just as a tree draws water  through every branch and into every leaf, so we run our core beliefs through every aspect of their expressions in our lives.

In this particular moment, the best, most useful thing I can do is address the core of the enslavement program, itself. I’ll begin by quoting a segment of my post of yesterday on my other website,

“We are rushing towards Lion’s Gate 888, propelled by the velocity of our own desire.
Triple 8… Power and Balance x 3, and exponentially so.
Three is the sacred geometry of Unity Consciousness encoded into numerical form.
One + 1 is more than the sum of its parts.

This transmission is also encoded, by the way.
Yes, even though it is coming from very human me, it is a transmssion– and that is all I know or need to know.
Lke a broadcast from a radio station, each one who reads it will receive it differently in accordance with their own frequency bandwidth.
Once again, we have the example of something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Which brings me to the 3rd example.
When united, the frequencies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine become far, far, more than the some of It’s parts. When they work as ONE, NEW LIFE is created!

When not working as ONE, the essence of the powers of creation within each and all of us are split. Neither is powerful, and so havoc is wreaked. One who’s power is split into opposing force cannot be Sovereign, obviously. One will always feel powerless, and so align with one side or the other…. domination or enslavement. We all know the truth of that, already.

So of course it is no accident that all contracts of enslavement were rendered null and void during our most recent solstice. It is no accident that all transmissions coming through me, from me, or in a collaboration of the 2 (which equals 3, please note!) have been about stepping into Sovereignty. And they will continue, have no doubt… but also have no doubt that you will perceive them differently on the other side of Lion’s Gate 888.
You may, for example, resonate with them as you never have before.
Or, they may suddenly sound like nonsense to you.

There are no half measures encoded into the sacred geometry of 8. It is a number made of 2 circles in perfect balance within itself. Whether aligned with personal limitation or spiritual freedom, so it will become more than the sum of its parts. Knowing that, it is good to re-member that 8 is also the symbol of infinity. And so it is. As above so below. As within so without.”


You are most welcome to read the rest of that post on your own if you like. The point I am using it to make here is two-fold. Since 1+1=3, the point will be far more than the sum of its parts (IF you take each in thoroughly, of course).

The 1st– Whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. Because each belief is interconnected with the others, when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter the others as well.

The 2nd– In order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, YOU need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other.
It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed.

It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. And drumroll, please… because therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the key to Sovereignty!

I am NOT talking about whether your physical body is masculine or feminine, nor am I talking about your sexual orientation, I hope you know. (At least not directly, although becoming whole within is certainly likely to enhance the well-being of your sexuality, but that’s another blog post altogether.)

I am talking about your INTERNAL TECHNOLOGY.
To keep it simple, see/feel it in all or one of these ways for NOW–
The feminine aspect is magnetic. The negative charge. The darkness from which all life is born, including inspiration.
The masculine aspect is electric. The positive charge. The light into which inspiration is manifested into form.

That is how your power circuit is aligned as a Sovereign Being!
Action follows inspiration.
Without action, inspiration is not empowered.
Without inspiration, action becomes a quest for empowerment.

Enough for NOW. Sit with this. Feel the truth of it on 8.8.15 as we move through our Lion’s Gate. Do nothing but this–

If you have been feeling lost, as if none of your actions bear fruit,
welcome the inspration of your feminine circuitry to come online in you again.

If you have been feeling at a loss as to how to bring your creative indeas into fruition,
welcome the action-oriented masculine circuitry within you to come online again.

Celebrate quietly within yourself. You are becoming Sovereign again.

And I will come online with much MORE about Good Question #2 very soon… just on the other side of Lion’s Gate!

❤ ❤ ❤

My whole-hearted gratitude to each one of you who receives inspiration from this message and responds with the action of offering a reciprocal exchange of any amount via the “donate” tab. Truly we work as one, for without that action I could not continue to devote my days to the joy of bringing inspiration online.
Namaste, my brothers and sisters!


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