COALESCENCE is the Very First Global
and Intimate Group for Energy Sensitives.
And more.

The seed group of COALESCENCE coalesced vibrationally within my own vision for quite awhile before manifesting into form late last summer, 2016. I call it a seed group because “it is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and put in his own garden. It grew, and became a large tree, and the birds of the sky lodged in its branches.” ( Luke 13:18–19, World English Bible )
Like Luke, I know one when I experience one.

And so, from the moment COALESCENCE became seven living, human energy sensitive beings, it/they/we began to bloom together, and has/have been thriving and bearing fruit ever since. Within the next weeks, COALESCENCE will be bearing it’s first offspring. Perhaps you are part of it. Or the next, or the next. Only you will know when you feel the resonance with COALESCENCE within you. Of course, you need to be exposed to the frequencies of COALESCENCE in order to feel your own resonance with them!

If you read the initial announcement, you will know them from the beginning–

Next read what those who are IN COALESCENCE wish to share with you–

RITA in Alabama Coalescence is a warm blanket of acceptance. When the current members all connect their energetic signatures, it feels like coming home. We merge together and we are separate individuals but also one complete whole. On a practical level, if you join a Coalescence group, you will meet people like yourself. Surprise! There are others out there who feel, see, or hear energy around them of which most other people are completely unaware. It feels good to know you are the normal person in the room for once in your life. On the actual calls with Judith, we also get to share the puzzling experiences of our everyday lives and learn to decipher what is really going on with us energetically.

NEIL in England— Coalescence is HUGE! Personally it is make or break for my Soul and Personality in this lifetime. It is about taking complete ownership in all that is me. Coalescence keeps me on track, something I have found difficult to achieve consistently until now. It is where I am supposed to be. What I am supposed to be doing for myself and on a larger scale. It is being on the cutting edge of what is happening and figuring all that there is to figure out and in the most productive and creative ways. It’s not easy being on the cutting edge of reality. Growing, expanding, experiencing intensities like never before with an awareness unknown to me while choosing to remain awake, conscious throughout. Instead of ignorance or being asleep. At large it is setting a new and better template for Human consciousness than the one which has been running. One which is fruitful and beneficial for the Whole. It is all inclusive and all encompassing. I literally saw this forming in the early days of Coalescence. This is more important than any personal endeavour. Yet all my personal endeavours are instantly nourished, transformed and empowered from being a part of this. In time it will help others and all forms of life align to it’s highest versions of Self through resonance. To be a part of it consciously is where I need to be. It is home within myself and in this Universe.

LAURA in Australia– “I love our Coalescence and all the wonderful souls who partake in it! During these times of monumental shifts both on a personal and collective level, I have found comfort, support, a sense of belonging, great insights, expansion and love during our sessions. It feels like coming home each time.”

PHIL in California– The coalescence meetings are a great way to communicate with like minds about the changes we are all going through. It ranges from subjects of emotions, high and low frequencies, Universal Laws, old and new ways of Being, and much more. I would recommend it for energy sensitives that would like to be on the leading edge and also want to know that you’re not alone.

PAOLA in Switzerland– Coalescing is helping me sensing the bigger picture!

CHARLES in New York– Hi Judith, from out of the blue, you messaged me about joining the group and from that point, everything fell into place and here I am. I love everything about the group as it feels like home. I can’t thank you enough for contacting me to be a part of this group. I love each and every one of you so much.

If you feel the resonance, WELCOME!
Send me an email to let me know, and I will be in touch–

Oh yes… if you have trouble claiming your own gift of being a master of frequency, this video may help–
“Are You An Energy Sensitive?”

Namaste for NOW.

❤ ❤ ❤

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