Pandora’s Box


“What we have been going through in this unsettling phase of personal transformation is the ‘reconciling of opposites’ on a very grand transpersonal scale. Opposites exist not separately, but at once. Each defines the other, and each is part of the other. Look at a coin. One side is heads, the other is tails, yet both are the coin. YOU are the coin. All that You see around You is reflected from within You.
The inner and outer battles will never cease until You claim them.
– 2014 November Energy Tele-Gathering

The tele-gathering was powerful because it brought “all the pieces together” about what has been happening this year. More specifically, the “pieces” of illusionary separation that all of us have co-created together have come flying up in our faces. Far more than I ever knew were in me sure came rushing up into my face (which is why I also called myself a drama queen, lol), and I have been hearing the same thing from every one of you who has contacted me.

What Jung calls the shadow has, indeed, come whirling out into the light. It has been, and still is, an unprecedented experience. I’ve recently said that it felt like being in a vortex, with electrically charged energy flowing so fast that I had no choice but to flow with it.

Many find it to be discouraging… the meaning they attach to it is that things are getting worse. I’ve never resonated with that assumption, although I understand that on the surface, it might look to be the case. The tele-gathering expanded my awareness of why that assumption feels so dissonant to me.

Transformation never occurs “on the surface.” Nor does the surface ever look very good while transformation is occuring. One only needs to look at the puddle that was a caterpillar as it is transforming into a butterfly to see that.

HOW CAN WE CHANGE ANYTHING UNTIL WE CLAIM IT AS A PART OF US? Until we recognize that everything we experience around us is not only “part of us, ” but also our own co-creations, how can we possibly change any of it?

Well, all of that (including our co-creations) was exposed and explained with such succinct clarity in the tele-gathering that to continue to disown any “parts” at all seem— to me, personally– like sheer and dangerous folly.

In the midst of delivering these jaw-dropping revelations in the tele-gathering, I suddenly heard a voice within me whisper two words that were not “part of” my conscious inner dialogue –until suddenly, they were.  “Pandora’s Box,” said the whisper.

I felt the impact of the frequencies of those words rattle through every cell of my being, and so knew they were a match for the words I was simultaneously saying out loud. They underscored what a BIG DEAL our current vortex is.

 Yet those words kept coming back to me for days… “Pandora’s Box.” Finally, I realized that they were more than a frequency match for what had been revealed in the tele-gathering. They were guiding me to read the myth again, for there were even more pieces in it for me to put together.

And so I did. There are many revelations in the myth of “Pandora’s Box” regarding our NOW. I encourage you to read it and find the ones that resonate for you. In this post, however, I’m going to mention the one that resonates with what “came out” in the tele-gathering–

To cut to the chase, Pandora did not like being told what she could and could not do. She was also ever curious. So, in spite of being told not to open the forbidden box by Zeus, she opened it just a crack, anyway… just to peek at what could possibly be so dangerous, if it was locked in such a small box.

Immediately, ghostly figures came gushing out through the crack. The myth describes them as all the evils known to man, unleashed upon the earth. That of course, is how exposure of the “shadow” would be (and is) perceived by a consciousness still in the throes of fear-based separation as a means of survival.

And so, all were released into the Light by Pandora, who (being a god-crafted woman) refused to be enslaved into obedience, and so refused to keep a lid on them. How fabulous.

And so, we have agreed to finally open our version of “Pandora’s Box.” Everything about us and within us is coming out into the light. How fabulous.

Oh, much of it is far from pretty, of course! How could it be, after being disowned and reviled for so long? But how else could we integrate it back into our light?

How else could we develop the greatest gift we have, which is the ability to generate compassion? How else could we love ourselves (and so others, who ARE a part of us, after all) into wholeness… unless we realize that WE CANNOT HEAL ANYTHING THAT WE DO NOT OWN AS PART OF US?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention the one thing that remains in the box. It is HOPE.

How absolutely fabulous.

(Btw, if you missed the 2014 Energy Tele-Gathering and would like to hear the recording, you most certainly can.  Just let me know.)


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Hear, hear, Beloved!
    NOTHING you perceive is not a part of You.
    Not even US.
    You SEE why we love You?
    Always and in ALL Ways– the celestial team

  1. Judith Dagley – Pandora’s Box – 2 December 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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