Yep. I truly believe that it is possible to make things better instantaneously. I mean IMMEDIATELY. Like, PRESTO. IN A FLASH. Does that sound far-fetched to you?

Well, that’s what I’ve been experimenting with lately. Guess what? There is one way I found that’s so simple it’s ridiculous.

How an experience is DESCRIBED becomes the way it FEELS.

So watch your words! Choose them wisely, because YOU are listening-– body, mind, emotions, soul, and spirit. And so is your DNA. And the universe. Long story short–

Your experience will align with your DESCRIPTION!

I’ll give you an example from my own life. Having lived it personally, I therefore have no doubt of it’s veracity–

Everything seems to be breaking or falling apart these days. It’s crazy– my car’s hybrid battery, my phone, my garage clicker, my computer, some appliances, screen doors– on and on and on. The kind of things I rely on in everyday LIFE!

It’s been pretty overwhelming, to tell you the truth. There is no way can I afford to fix all this stuff at once.

That’s it,” methinks. “My life is falling apart. Yikes.

But then I remembered my experiment!

I know why all this stuff is breaking down,” says I. It’s because I’ve let go of the past. This is confirmation that I really did it! This is PROOF! I can’t patch together anything that’s not up to date with who I AM NOW anymore– not even it I want to.

And sitting in the rubble of all this broken stuff, EVERYTHING changed. I became the phoenix.



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Something About February; Slippery Timelines!

Hello, all!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written in my own voice, I know, but there is something going on this month that is a very human phenomenon, and I’d like to shed some light on it from my perspective. First of all–

Are you feeling indecisive lately? Or continually changing your mind? Or kind of stewing in a muddle, not knowing which road to take?

If so, it’s because time is speeding up, so fast that you sometimes lose any sense of time at all. You may have just decided what you want to bring into your life, for example, when doors of opportunity open for you to receive it– before you’re even ready! Then, time can feel like quicksand, as if you’re falling into something you are not sure you want, after all– and that can feel paralyzing. So you sit in a foggy muddle afraid to move.

Voila. A good way to describe this phenomenon on the experiential level is– TIMELINES ARE SLIPPERY THIS MONTH.

All of the indecisiveness, wavering, and lack of clarity are part of our process of adjusting to– MOVEMENT, really. Your thoughts are manifesting into “realities” faster than they ever have before. You simply need to catch up with yourself!

And you WILL.

You’ll start to go with the flow of your own energy. You’ll make mistakes, or “change your mind,” and then you’ll make course corrections.

It’s rather like surfing. You’ll get the hang of it, and then you’ll love it!



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Autumn Equinox: What Happened?

September 23rd, 2019

There are nuances to energy shifts.  Not everybody feels them in the same way  Every major shift (such as solstices and equinoxes) resonates with one’s own particular state in one’s own particular journey.  There is a purpose in each of them, however, that flows from one to the next, presenting in each a major theme of movement that is universal, regardless of how it is used. 

This autumn equinox brought an especially strong “hit” of powerful energy in no uncertain terms.  Even those who don’t pay any attention to equinoxes felt it, I’m sure– even if they didn’t recognize it.  If not, that is unfortunate, because it is becoming more and more important to recognize “what hits you,” so to speak.  If it is a surge of energy, it would be a very bad idea to try to hit it back, for example.  (Nonetheless, we are seeing a lot of  people doing that who subsequently appear to be deranged.)

In a nutshell, here is how the equinox “hit” me:
Whatever we desired/began/ were moving toward at the end of last year is
/will be gelling over the coming months into a more solid manifestation. 

How it gells may surprise you, because we have spent most of the year clearing trauma– in all of our lifetimes– and it’s been ROUGH.  We’ve been going through loss, defeat, depression, even hopelessness. But the keywords are GOING THROUGH. Because we had to. In order to get to where we want to be. Comprendo?  

It will be good to hang onto that awareness over the coming months because the way you choose to see the future will unfold exactly as you see it in the NOW.  To that end, there is a very powerful energetic tool in your power toolkit called OPTIMISM.

USE it!  Continuously!  OPTIMISM. Let it guide your actions and then… SURPRISE!!

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. If you assume there is no hope, you guarantee there will be no hope.”

 Noam Chomsky


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Now that the bombs have subsided, you’ve probably noticed that you feel a little lighter and freer. This is true for everyone, not only those living in the U.S., by the way. A whole lot of explosives going off simultaneously are felt by everyone in our human collective. If you tune into your physical body, you’ll learn a little more about why you feel lighter… RELIEF. Your entire physiological system is relaxing.

Many of you have also noticed that fireworks weren’t that much fun this year. Well, how could celebrating “rockets red gare, bombs bursting in air” feel like fun in a New Paradigm of Sovereignty? Besides, your frequencies are higher, so what used to feel tolerably uncomfortable feels almost unbearable NOW.

That’s what this post is all about, actually. I felt a very strong urge to point out the evidence that you have CHANGED. And are continuing to change! The more you tune into your OWN energy and your OWN emotional GPS, the more fun you’ll have. The more you look outside yourself for guidance or “reality,” the more old patterns you’ll repeat and the more resistance you’ll feel, of course, because they just aren’t YOURS anymore!

Nor is “external reality” anything but old news, already manifested scenery flying by… while YOU are engaged in what is BECOMING, and is already newly “real” vibrationally. You can FEEL it. That is how you know it. Knowing is experiential NOW, so TRUST what you know!

The “time” is NOW to tune into your extra-senses, your skill at navigating frequencies, “time” to embace your Sovereignty as a finely-tuned being of frequency who creates your OWN “reality!” No more creating by default… even if you’ve spent a lifetime letting others run your show, you will not like it, anymore. If  bombs bursting in air on this particular collective 4th of July holiday didn’t feel so hot, imagine how running your personal life according to the dictates of others will feel?  

Yep, this is a wake-up call… your very own experiential confirmation that you are Sovereign NOW, and you know it.  Yowza. You just celebrated your first Independence Day!



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Every morning, I process/decode/integrate the energies within and around me, and RESISTANCE keeps coming up like rising waves in the ocean.  Just caught THIS one loud and clear–
During these final days in May through early June,  RESISTANCE to CHANGE is what to watch for.
Watch for it as apathy, anger, trepidation, exhaustion, overwhelm, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, even despair.
Then face any and all of those for what they are, which is a whole lot of very old FEAR.
Don’t bother going INTO all that fear, though!
You don’t WANT to, obviously, and you don’t HAVE to, anymore.
Instead, cut to the chase and deal with what it is NOW– RESISTANCE to CHANGE.
Then, take one small action that you’ve either been avoiding, or one that is NEW.
Don’t start with a big one, because then you’d take it with RESISTANCE, which would only make it UNproductive. Just take one small action that is a little beyond your comfort zone… and keep on going.
Go at your own pace, but keep the momentum GO-ing!
What you’ll find is that the FEAR of whatever you are RESISTING no longer applies at all.
Little by little, faster than you “think,” you’ll free yourself from your OWN BONDAGE to FEAR… which is what RESISTANCE really is. 
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So thank yourselves, as well, because without your RECIPROCAL ENERGY EXCHANGE,  I would not be able to devote MY energy to offering all that I share with you!

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Entering MAY, 2016– Five Planets Stop To Ask, “Are You SURE?”


Segment 2.
It really is dramatic, the way five planets are literally stoppng in their tracks, the last of which is Mercury who is stationing as I write. This does not happen very often! Not since a decade ago have we experienced such a collaborative phenomenon, and that was also by design. If you remember your state-of-being ten years ago, you may know why they did. 

FEEL why,  I should say,  just to be clear. FEELING what you are experiencing will give you a lot more information than “thinking about” what you are experiencing ever will. That has always been true. NOW, however, it has become exponentially true. Fortunately, if  there ever was a “time” when the resistance that some still have to FEELING their own experience will finally be recognized as a useless and exhausting endeavor, it is NOW.

The synchronistic sequencing of our five planetary allies as they pause will see to that… or do their very best to, anyway. YOU, of course, as does each and all of us, will have the final word. I could proceed in explaining the details (as I glean them)  of what the purpose/result of the stationing of each planet is, and how when orchestrated together they are so perfectly sequenced on our behalf… but I won’t (even though I do love to talk about it!).

I don’t have “time,’ for one thing–  because so many of you are feeling the unprecedented window of opportunity to choose any timeline you want begin to close, The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty has become very crowded suddenly! And that is a very GOOD thing. Hurray for each one of you, and there is NO way I would rather spend my time than on that bridge with you

Other than on my ongoing integration of  how presenting THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING changed me forever, and so is changing my entire life, which requires quite a lot of focus, considering the momentum that entrainment into the old paradigm of enslavement has gathered for aeons, that is… but I’m doing that, too, no worries! Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Mercury are seeing to that.

Besides, why talk “about” what the planets are doing? At least, not until we FEEL what WE are doing, which is why they are doing what they’re doing? I know that may still seems “esoteric” to the many, yet I do not know of any way to explain our very REAL interconnection to those who still do not feel it!  What is coming to me as the most focused way to “cut to the chase” is to say the following things (which are far more than separate and far more than the sum of their parts, as well, hint, hint)–

The planets have stopped to give US pause. Are we sure we have chosen  the timeline we want to create as our own?  Are we aligned with the way we choose to feel our experience of life from NOW on?  Remember, FORM FOLLOWS FREQUENCY. External manifestations are only by-products.  Do we KNOW that yet? Or are we still wallowing in what seemingly “is,” and how much  we do NOT want it? That is the biggest, most critical question to ask oneself NOW.  Yet it is a question that cannot even be fathomed while still entrained to “what IS!”

That is why five planets have STOPPED to give us “time” to fathom a little more…  because we asked for it.That is why THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING suddenly “happened,” as well… because those of you who participated asked for it. And one thing you heard loud and strong is to watch the WORDS you choose to to express YOURSELF!

What is coalescing from all of this is– ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

Words are powerful. They carry frequencies and encoded meaning. I have found “scientific evidence” that they effect the cosmos, itself (for those who still need such “evidence”). They certainly vibrate into external manifestations if used  often enough, and that is “evidence” you can personally experience, because “enough” is not that often!

Our very DNA listens to every word we say.
“Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.”  –Vita Bergman

As we enter MAY, watch out how you use words!  The universe within you listens. As does the universe you are in. For both, your word is their command. As I’ve said often before, “What you say GOES.” NOW is the “time” to be sure YOU choose what GOES, rather than choosing where you do not want to go out of habit.  

And NOW is giving you “time!” Although you may have already chosen the timeline you wish to experience as your future, there are many variations of that, as well. No matter what the context, you can create it any way you choose. As long as YOU choose!

You are  a Sovereign “reality” creator, and your medium is FREQUENCY.  It may seem like a leap, I know. But it isn’t. You have been creating your own “reality” every nanosecond all of your life… you can SEE that, if you want to! And “wanting to” changes everything.  ASK and you shall RECEIVE.  

AND… The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty is up and running  for three more days, through April 30th. Just reminding you, in case you want to use it…  you still  have plenty of “time!” ❤ 


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The Most Useful Awareness Ever


Here is the most important thing I can share with you right NOW.

NOTHING is permanent.
EVERYTHING is changing.

Do you see the ALIVENESS in that… the FREEDOM?

Life is not a static, definable experience. Yet clients come to see me because they believe theirs are… as if we are not here to LIVE our lives, but to simply inhabit them.

Where do we humans GET such crazy ideas?
Well, actually, I know a few places… but the point is that they really ARE crazy ideas.

We create our own reality constantly.

We are dancers in the midst of a dance…
We are painters in the midst of creating a work of art…
We are poets midstream in a metaphor…
We are sculptors finding the life within a slab of marble and setting it free.

We are CREATORS. “Time” is our medium.
Every moment is but single movement in a dance…
a brush stroke on a vast canvas…
an inspiration to follow…
an action to make it REAL.

That is the most useful, most important thing I know to share with you right NOW.

NEVER stop creating!

human heart, NEW GPS!

❤ ❤ ❤

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