Transformational Recordings

Each of these recordings WILL change you.
The words and the energy within them will activate the expansion
that you are longing for.

Peruse the titles, order the one that ilicits a subtle stirring of response within you.
Drink in your recording several times.
Then come back and see which one calls you (or answers your call) next.


Most Recent Must Have–


Lesson One of the NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed Series
and the most FUNDAMENTAL One Of All
Reciprocal Energy Exchange: $15.00


The BIG One!


 Everything you need to know about the Laws of Energy
in order to CREATE your “reality” as YOU desire.

Reciprocal Energy Exchange– $30.00 


BEing An ENERGY SENSITIVE Part One (1 hr., 37 min.)
The Experience, the Big Picture Context;
Difference between Brain and Heart Processing;
Multidimensional Snynthesis and Synchronicity;
Meditation that will set Your NEW TEMPLATE of  Sovereign Empowerment;
Introduction to Your NEW BLUEPRINT;
And more… much more! 

BEing An Energy Sensitive Part Two (1 hr., 4 min)
The INSECTS (false beliefs) and the SEQUOIA (the Energy Sensitive);
Using your emotions as Power Tools rather than handicaps;
BEing in your NEW BLUEPRINT;
Life-changing Tools, Tips, and Transformational Energy Technology;
And still much more! 

Reciprocal Energy Exchange
Both Parts– $28.00
Part One only– $18.00
Part Two only– $14.00


How to Order Your Recordings!

Press the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar of
Submit your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal
Note your order (example– Energy Sensitive Recording, pt.1)
The link to download your recording will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.


About the reciprocal energy exchange–
it is not a “payment!” It is an energy exchange, and will activate your own personal connection to the content of the recordings. As always, I set the exchange as low as  possible without diminishing its ability to activate full energetic reciprocity (in other words, your ability to receive all that is in the recordings for YOU).   As you will discover, there is far more in it them than meets the ear.


❤ ❤ ❤

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