You Are Not Helpless!!

That was the crux of a powerful message I recently published on my other website (  “YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!!”  It continues to rumble through my psyche, my life, and my practice.  Everywhere, I am seeing evidence of how IMPORTANT that message is.  Therefore, I feel compelled to share it here, as well. 

“YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!!”  To fully embrace the truth of that, and integrate it into your baseline state of being, would be a game-changer.  A complete paradigm-shifter.  

Right out of the “helplessness” program of enslavement that has been so deeply, relentlessly, embedded into our collective psyche– and right into Sovereignty.


There would be no more need for war, or scrambling for power— or “empowerment,” as if someone outside of ourselves can GIVE it to us!

Instead, we’ve become very easy to herd, right into into all of those things… helplessly.



And each and every one of us has the responsibility to step into SELF-leadership– immediately.

No more blaming anyone or anything for the current state of our world or our lives. Not Big Pharma, or Corporate Control, or Crazy Presidents, or Mean Boyfriends, or your Mother… NOTHING.

Reason being a purely practical one–if you continue to hold others responsible for your current state of being, all you do is re-enforce HELPLESSNESS.  And blame.  And victimization. And war. (YES, war!)

I have a lot more to say about this.  And I will.

In the meantime, what about you?  What do YOU have to say about it?
(There’s a comment section below for a reason, you know! 💞)


human heart, NEW GPS!



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About the TENSION In The Air!

September 5th, 2019

In case you’ve been feeling TENSION IN THE AIR around you lately, and/or FREAKY, UNEXPECTED THINGS are happening in your life, heads up– it’s because the old patriarchal era of enslavement as a way of life (which is the only one we’ve known) is coming apart.

I know, I know, I’ve been saying that for quite awhile, but it’s been hard to see. If you are an Energy Sensitive, however, you’ve been feeling it. Soon everybody will.


Remember the game of “Pick-up Sticks?” (If not, ask your parents!) It’s a good metaphor for this. At first, lots of sticks can be whisked away without disturbing any of the others. Finally, the only sticks left are the ones that can’t be picked up without impacting ALL of the others— and the whole game falls apart. 

pickup sticks


REMEMBER this metaphor over the coming months.

And remember it’s a GOOD thing!!!💓⚡️🌪🎉💞☯️





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Watch For Them…

Easter Sunday, 2019


Phoenix rising from the ashes
Persephone (who came to love Hades!)


On Easter, I remember that miracles happen all the time.
That comforts me. 
Mostly we don’t even notice them.  Some call them “coincidence,” or “luck.” 
How does “coincidence” happen, and where does “luck” come from, I wonder?  Whatever.
On Easter, I also remember how the miracles that human beings really NEED to experience present themselves– sudden, dramatic, far, far beyond the scope of the human brain to fathom! 
(How ELSE would our eyes be opened, after all?))  
That comforts me, too.

Watch for them. Sparkling heart

Universe, vibes, miracles.

**************************<3 ******************************

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The Flotsam of August

August 19, 2018

Although I’m not yet quite recovered/rehabilitated/regrouped enough to begin to share the big “what happened” that took me out of commission last September, I’m getting there.  Every day I write about it a little, just for myself, as much as I can tolerate without falling back into any of the traumas.  It’s a slippery ledge, but I’m gaining traction.  I’ve been helped in that by the river of cosmic forces at play with us throughout our trio of eclipses this month.  Pretty rough play it’s been sometimes, too.  I’ve learned quite a lot about white-water rafting, for example.  I’ve learned some other pretty valuable things to know about, too– so valuable that I’m even compelled to pop out of my cocoon for just long enough to offer something about them for your consideration, as well–


In the midst of all the white-water rafting we’ve been doing, you may have noticed that a lot of flotsam was stirred up. (In case you don’t know, flotsam is debris that was not deliberately thrown in the water, but resulted from a prior shipwreck or accident– something traumatic from the past, in other words.) 


If all this haphazard old debris that’s been flying around in you and/or around you (probably both) has been making you feel a little crazy, it might help to know this— since a whole lot of planets have also been retrograde, it actually makes perfect sense that flotsam from old traumas have been churned up! 

Not only that, but there’s a GOOD part— with TWO good parts:

1.) Flotsam, being left-over debris, brings up the old energy pattern of a really big trauma, but in a watered-down version so that you can release the big one without having to go through it all over again. 
(Just FYI– these watered-down versions are the ones that FEEL earth-shattering even though you know they aren’t.  Or they don’t HAVE to be, anyway!) 

2.) The most empowering part about this recent batch of flotsam is that you (we) can actually see OUR part in setting up our run-ins with it.  And oh yes, is that important, oh yes, is that a gift!
Why?  Because it frees us from feeling VICTIMIZED.

And freedom from the bondage of victimhood IS freedom.

people dancing in sunflower!



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This MOON!

July 27th, 2018


Briefly, I am compelled to emerge from my cocoon of transformation to speak of this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that is forming as I peck out these words. Actually, I am on the cusp of coming out fully, myself, but not quite yet. However, this moon– the longest and likely the most super-charged eclipse of the century– is compelling, indeed.

You are feeling it. If you don’t know that yet, be aware, because you WILL. The charge of this moon is overwhelming. Logic and reason are no match for it. Resistance will only lead to exhaustion and/or unfortunate outcomes.

If ever there was a “time” to learn the practicality of going with the flow, it is within the next 24 hours, for there is nothing you can do to stop this river!

If ever there was a “time” to learn how to ride white water, it is today!

The trick is to do it WITHIN you.

And THAT, I realize, is what I am being compelled to tell you– the current is WITHIN you. External circumstances are merely the effects; whatever is creating white water around you is also WITHIN you. You wouldn’t even be IN your particular version of white water, otherwise.

That’s a hard thing for human’s to “get,” I know. Nonetheless, it is true, believe it or not, so just GO with that flow for once!

Ride the white water– don’t waste your energy resisting and/or fighting it. Instead, pay attention to the current running WITHIN you and tend to THAT– WITHIN you, not out in the white water!

Let the feelings that churn within you be information– about YOU. LEARN from them, in other words! There will be “time” to take action later. You will know when you are ready, because the action you will feel compelled to take will be NEW to you.

Most importantly, there will be no retaliation in it, nor any sense of “fighting against” anything or anyone. And– if you learn really, really well from the current with you– you may even feel the blessed peace of COMPASSION compelling your new actions!

Godspeed. ♥


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Whatever Happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty?

May 15, 2018

I’ve been hearing the question.  I’ve wanted very badly to answer. 

But I’ve also been hearing, “DON’T GO THERE!”  Very loud.  “Don’t go back into it, not for anyone, not for any reason.  You do not have the stamina, they won’t even hear you yet, anyway, and YOU need your energy now, so leave it behind you and save YOURSELF!”

lightning bolt

And all of those things are true.  Including my compelling desire to leave nothing behind me– which it isn’t, because telling YOU everything about it is a critical part of it.  So MY question is not which of those truths to honor.  It is how to honor all of them in the precisely “right timing” required. 

This is not a decision I can randomly make on my own, either.  “Just do it” doesn’t cut it, anymore (if it ever did)– being the sort of 3D ego-driven barreling through struggle that keeps one hooked on struggle (no disrespect  for Nike intended), all that would “do” is defeat my purpose via self-depletion.  Besides, “whatever happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty” is a multi-dimensional question, and the answer would not even be comprehended through such a limited 3D ego-driven “just do it” mentality, anyway!

So I’ve been pondering, and waiting, and feeling my way, all while focused on physical recovery and regaining stamina– paying close attention to every multidimensional detail within my current situation, you might say.  One thing that was not hard to notice is that my websites have been attracting increasingly more new followers every day for the past couple of months, even though I haven’t published a single word on either of them.

Obviously, the attraction is energetic, which greatly relieves my nagging distress at not  publishing a single word about “the happening” yet– because it not only lets me know that I am communicating energetically, but that my broadcasts into the collective airways are being received.

Welcome to all of you newcomers, by the way!  Perhaps the basic reasons for this post are to acknowledge your arrival, and to serve as a confirming introduction for all who follow this website to a whole lot more information that will be coming here in the near future. 

This morning, I woke up knowing that I had to post something today.  SOMETHING… even if I can only write so much (the stamina thing, plus my left hand can’t type yet [which you’ll hear more about later])… but SOMETHING, just to… to what?  I didn’t know. And why today?  I didn’t know that, either. 

I found out as soon as I opened my email, though.  I already knew it was a New Moon today in Taurus, bringing a new cycle of earthly beginnings as it does every year.  I just didn’t know exactly what KIND of Taurus New Moon this is.
From astrologer Andrew Ifandis– “It is the pre-seismic activity before the foundational shake.”
And– “This is the power of the Lord of lightning bolts, revelation and revolution.”
From Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slippers Astrology– “Whatever this New Moon introduces will be the first rumble of the Uranus in Taurus earthquake.” 

Interpretations from other astrologers are also pretty flashy.  Apparently, this is the first New Moon with this kind of energy in eighty four years.  Apparently, it is the beginning of a seven year cycle of radical change.  And apparently, most of us on the planet have never experienced anything like this before.

Perfect.  That is exactly what I needed to communicate to you today in preparation for the “what has happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty” story, but don’t have the stamina to do really well, yet!

HOW do you prepare?
Stop thinking so much. Start intuiting.
Remember (or real-ize) that NOTHING is ever what it seems to be on the surface; that is merely packaging.

Remember that your frequencies are a focusing mechanism.  Expand them!

Really, I cannot write anymore today.  I wish I could, though!  But likely, that is mostly because of my own human ego… I have SO MUCH to tell you, and the ego does not trust waiting very much!

MINE has been overpowered, nonetheless, and that is fortunate, because what I have to tell you would shock you without preparation.  Either your own triggers would lead you astray, or you would stop reading altogether… probably some combination of both.  And that would be a shame. 

Instead, I trust that you will find what you need encoded here.  For NOW.  And there is more than you might “think,” I trust.

Also trust that I will return.

Light beings

*** ❤ ***


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Heads UP! We’re Heading into NOVEMBER.


Heads UP, indeed.  Tomorrow is NOVEMBER 1ST. We’re heading into a maelstrom of transformation. Many ask, why NOW? Even some who’ve known all along that 2016 is our Year of Transformation are asking why the final stage would be a maelstrom of ending/beginning. Don’t ask me to explain why they are asking!  

At least not NOW. I understand that it is confusing. I understand that when others you’ve felt close to suddenly seem very far away that it can feel like loss. Don’t buy it.  At least not yet.

“Distance” is not spatial, it is a matter of frequency range. Dimensions that share the same space can be intrinsic unto themselves (and are). It does not take “time” to navigate from one to the other, therefore, only a shift in frequency. And there is plenty of frequency shifting going on NOW! And we are only at the beginning.

NOW, it is how you handle your own SELF through the maelstrom that will make all the difference. If you’ve been following this website for longer than a minute, you already know that everyone is in the driver’s seat of their own life trajectories. But are you aware that many still don’t know that?  That MOST still don’t, actually?

It was a bit of a shock to me, the “most” part… at least as MANY as “most” means! There are many who “love their talk,” as they say (whoever “they” are) but haven’t yet integrated the divide between “talk” and “WALK.” That is because of the illusionary divide between “spiritual” and “physical.” That divide will continue to seem “real” to all who do not see that nothing is more spiritual than physicality!

“Spirit” is energy.
WE vibrate it into form.

To the point. Imagine driving 500 miles an hour on a vast and complex-beyond-words freeway in the rush hour of a lifetime. Wait a minute. You probably don’t have to imagine it. You can already FEEL yourself whizzing up the onramp.You sure want to know how to handle your vehicle NOW, I’ll bet! GOOD FOR YOU.

But what if most of the other vehicles don’t even have DRIVERS? What if most are being ridden in by beings (human and otherwise) who don’t even know they’re supposed to be in the driver’s seat, let alone know how to drive?

That’s when you REALLY want to know how to drive.

Even the most basic knowledge can completely change a life right NOW.  Which means LIVES.  As you may know, I don’t like to keep offering something that comes from my heart over and over. To me, that smacks of “marketing” which is dissonant with my frequencies of intent. On the other hand, many of you have asked me to keep reminding you so that you don’t forget to register for something important!

I think you are RIGHT. And this webinar, NAVIGATING The MAELSTROM Of NOVEMBER 2016, is cutting edge important.

NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed., Lesson One:


        2:00 p.m – 3:30 p.m. PDT

Where: Wherever in the world you are,
by computer or smartphone

Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $30 via paypal noted Maelstrom to 

NOTE: Included in your registration is a RECORDING of the information shared in the webinar that will be sent to you afterward via email.

The class will be small in order to personally address each participants questions and concerns, so it would be a good idea to register soon.

Consider yourself reminded! See you there.


The purpose of this website is to make my heart sing by providing you with all the resources you need to assist you with your Transformation into Living Your Sovereign Heart’s Desires! (Don’t ask me why. It just DOES!)

  • Wherever in the world you are, you can have your own private Alchemy of Transformation session by phone or video meeting in cyberspace. (That will make both of our hearts sing. Btw. It just DOES!) Don’t worry that you “can’t afford it.” My MAGIC SLIDING SCALE will take care of that. To schedule your private session, contact me (Judith) by email to
  • It also makes my heart sing to provide you with lots of free assistance right here on this website. To receive posts directly by email, press the “Follow” button in the right sidebar. And don’t forget to check out the ARCHIVES! There are years of articles in them, yet all are current right NOW.

MORE heart-to-heart offerings ❤

  • COALESCENCE, the very first global and intimate Group for Energy Sensitives! The first one has already begun, but another will be forming just as soon as enough of you let me know you want to be part of it. Do that by email too—yep,
  • NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed! Join me and others like you to stay up to speed with your own expansion as a Reality-Creator. COMMUNITY IS CRITICAL FROM NOW ON. Watch the website for the announcements!

FROM MY HEART, THANK YOU to EACH of YOU who knows that GIVING/RECEIVING is ONE energy dynamic! When you receive something from me that feels as if it is just for you, thank you for knowing that it IS. When you act on that knowing by giving even a small energy exchange by pressing the “donate” tab, thank you for knowing that it supports me in giving freely from my heart, and supports what you receive exponentially. Bless your hearts.


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What Future Are YOU Choosing NOW?


Segment 3.
A little more (very important) “scientific proof” of what I have been learning clairgostically and testing experientially on my own, then sharing with you for the past few years… most recently “quantum style” from presenting THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING.

The quote below is particularly important as we enter May 2016. It is also why five planets are proving quite dramatically that it is important by stopping during our entry! Yet, I know that some still don’t believe in science as it happens… they wait for some authority figure to tell them whether or not to believe it. Hence, the quote below– 

“The function of mind is to create coherence between what you believe and the actual reality you experience.
Anytime you are not paying attention, the default program of the subconscious mind takes over.”

— Bruce Lipton PhD, Epigeneticist, author of Biology of Belief

Why is this an important quote right NOW? Because we are crossing into a NEW Paradigm of Sovereignty, of course. This does not mean that the NEW Paradigm will make us Sovereign– that would only be more enslavement! Sovereignty means “ruled by no one,” remember? We are so Sovereign that we can still choose enslavement. Because we have been very entrained into experiencing enslavement as “normal,” however, five planets stopped to give US  pause.

 Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury are giving us a few clarifying weeks to decide, because the old default programs can be felt more dissonantly than ever as we enter the expansive NEW energies of May, 2016. So, our plantary allies are giving us “time” to experience that dissonance in order to make course corrections whiile we still can. 

In other words, NOW is the “time” to PAY ATTENTION to what we are doing (which includes thinking, feeling and believing)!  NOW is the “time” to either create coherence with thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs we WANT to experience in “actual reality,” or continue to create our lives entrained to old progams of enslavement by default.

 That’s right, this is an EITHER/OR. We cannot choose both, because each is an entirely different paradigm. The only other thing we cannot do is NOT choose. To stay in the default mode of entrainment to the old paradigm of enslavement IS a choice, whether you choose to make it or not. Otherwise, you can USE the dissonance of  what “never having enough,” or “just doing the best you can” feels like– whatever your personal context of “lack, scarcity, and helplessness” is– and choose what feels free and delicious to you, instead. 

The choice is YOURS, because you are  SOVEREIGN. The universe can be guiding you 24/7 to what feels GOOD to you (and it IS), and five planets can stop in their tracks to assist you (and they HAVE)– but no one and no thing can tell YOU what to choose!   

So what are YOU choosing? I just HAD to ask!

Hint: How does LOVE feel to you?  

By the way, if  you’re wondering about that yourself, how does scheduling a private session in order to get clarity resonate with you? If it feels good… well then, you do know what to do. The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty may be behind you, but I still have a sliding scale!  In the words of Rumi–

“You must ASK for what you really want!
Don’t go back to sleep. “

❤ ❤ ❤

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THE PARADIGM SHIFT! A Tele-Gathering on 12.22.2015

THE PARADIGM SHIFT. That is indeed what we are all dealing with NOW, no matter how you are personally experiencing it. That is also what we are experiencing globally. A Paradigm Shift can be violently resisted, or entered with ease. It all depends on what one focuses on, and so chooses to experience.

On December 22nd from 3:00 p.m. pstd until 4:30 p.m. pstd,  I will be offering a Tele-Gathering that is focused on HOW to shift into the NEW PARADIGM of 2016 as a Sovereign Reality-Creator with the intention of living your heart’s desire.

To register for THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering–
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15.00 via Paypal to
There is a “donate” tab in the right sidebar that you can use to register if you wish or you can simply do so through your paypal account

To attend–
Wherever in the world you are, all you need is a phone.
You can also use Skype via your computer.

To prepare–
 Bring whatever you most desire to transform or begin with you into the tele-gathering as your focal point.
If you apply the information you receive to what you most desire, many other undesired patterns will transform along with it.

That’s it! Within 48 hours after you register, the phone number to use from your country will be sent to you, along with the access code to the tele-gathering.

This is a BIG one. This IS Paradigm Shift. I look forward to having YOU with us.

❤ ❤ ❤

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Every Relationship is ONE Relationship


At the beginning of 2015, I intuited that it would be our “Year of Relationship.” As we head into the final 3rd of this potentially tranformative year, I can see/feel how TRUE that is.

After six weeks of amplifyiing our review of what we love and how we value what we love, Venus, our feminine planet of inspiration, is preparing to turn direct again. What awes me is that Mars, our masculine planet of external action, is walking BESIDE her!

How obviously divine is that timing? The metaphor (which is no metaphor!)–
All that we have reviewed in the womb of feminine inspiration within ourselves, we are now giving birth to through our masculine energy, manifesting inspiration into form!

As above, so below. As within so without.
As Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “Everthing is about ONE thing.”

Are you getting what those three quotes mean, when taken as ONE?
Every relationship expresses ONE relationship… the ONE within us… the ONE made of our feminine and masculine energies working together as ONE.
These energies are not our gender, nor are they “opposites!”
One plus one equals MORE than the sum of two parts, remember?

How do YOU love the ONE SELF that you are?
Do a reality check. Look around. See how you love others. There will be your answer.
What you do NOT love around you are mirrors that the ONE you are is holding up to you, crying “SEE me! LOVE me… for I am YOU!”

❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you for offering your reciprocal energy exchange by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar. No amount freely given is too small. It is the act of giving that is generative!


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