Welcome to New Paradigm Psychotherapy!


You know who you are in your dreams.

Do you know that whatever you DREAM, you DESERVE?
Do you know that if you BELIEVE in your dreams,
you can LIVE them? 

D0 you know you are a MAGICIAN?

Your magic as a “reality” creator has been well-documented by quantum physicists for over a century. Check the research.
Then, learn to USE your magic and find out for yourSELF!


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Hi! Great BIG WELCOME to you! I’m Judith Dagley Flaherty, intuitive, clairgnostic, shamanic practitioner, energy alchemist, and licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 1994.

Now that you have found me, you will find out the three big reasons WHY you have–

#1) I practice very new, cutting-edge psychotherapy. No matter what you have been told or how big a mess your life seems to be… I KNOW there is nothing “wrong” with you.
#2) I also know that may seem very hard to believe. .. and, I know WHY.
#3) It was not by chance that YOU “just happened” to find me at this particular moment of your life.  Perhaps we will go into that together one day in a private session.

In the meantime, I will tell you WHY those reasons are such big, important ones– it’s because they are based on my entirely NEW paradigm of what psychotherapy IS. That it has always been a “helping profession” is not news.  What it was helpful FOR, however, was learning how to live within the limits of an externally imposed standardization of “normal” in order to be”mentally healthy,” which in turn was supposed to “make you happier.” And if it didn’t, you were given a “diagnosis”– pathologized, in other words, which by definition means branded as “psychologically abnormal or unhealthy.”

Well,  I am here to tell you that such methods of discounting your sovereign right to BE WHO YOU ARE originated in an old paradigm of enslavement that is finally obsolete (even though many don’t know it yet). 

I am also here to tell you that both your happiness AND your service to humanity lies in CREATING AND LIVING YOUR DREAMS. (And for now, you may just have to trust me on that.)

Therefore, my specialty is assisting human beings to remember that they are magicians
who create their own “reality” and are ready to BEGIN–

NEW PARADIGM Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy,
Couples Therapy, and/or Group Therapy.


Energy realignment and integration;
Physical/mental/ spiritual/soul/SELF-healing.

Receiving Intuitive Guidance;
Guidance in tapping into your own intuitive guidance.

Community harmonizing– whether it be
a small circle, a neighborhood, a not-for-profit organization,
a small business, a corporation, or any other form of coming together
with a common intent…
in short, whatever YOU need.

a “specialty” for those who need a truly UNcommon one.
For the intuitive, the psychic, the exquisitely sensitive, the highly creative– for all who are UNcommonly gifted and so UNcommonly handicapped in a world that cannot recognize the value of their highly UNcommon gifts– YES, you have finally found a therapist who personally knows what you’ve been up against, because I HAVE, TOO.

The only way to truly understand all that is possible for YOU
is to experience it in yourSELF.

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     /  September 12, 2011


  2. Wow I truly appreciate that you taking up the subject of judithdagleyflaherty,mft.
    It’s great to read something similar to this via the web finally. Reminds all of us of turnaround that i was reading about most recently for some reason. In any case, have a great day whilst keeping on posting!

  3. Carol Cassis

     /  July 5, 2013

    Hi Judith, long time since we spoke! Please email me asap re a mutual friend.
    I’m excited by your work!
    Love and Light, Carol

    • Hi, Carol! I just saw your comment– which is strangely fascinating since I check for comments and answer them regularly. Regarding your mutual friend, she/he or you can get in touch with me via email to thecelestialteam@gmail.com. I look forward! (And backwards, too,apparently, lol.) Much Love/Light to you– Judith

  4. JBP

     /  April 30, 2014

    Judith, this is such a beautiful expression of your experience, it resonates with total harmony. Thank you for being you.
    Your friend, Judy

    • Thank you, Judy…for reading. for taking in the resonance, and for taking the
      time” to resonate it back to me. You are a very good friend, indeed!
      With appreciation, griatitude, and lots and lots of Lovelight, Judith

  5. I think that is one of the such a lot important information for me.
    And i’m satisfied studying your article. But wanna commentary on some common issues, The
    site style is great, the articles is really great : D.
    Good task, cheers

  6. dan vavra

     /  August 9, 2014

    I just read your first lesson on vibration? I think? it was published auguest. 8. 2014. I felt compelled to tell u that your writing style is clicked in. its next step. I’ve been researching ways to make my writing extra dimensional and you’ve hit the jail right on the head. it seems this last energy push was a big one. 🙂

    • Thank you, Dan. Actually, I’ve been writing and teaching about tuning into energy (vibrations) for several years, but the lessons are, indeed, coming faster. That is because, as you point out, our energetic shifts and surges are becoming increasingly impossible to “sleep through!”

  7. marty

     /  February 15, 2017

    endearing smile! ~Marty

  8. Bonjour Chere Jude,
    You can cry in my arms anytime and laugh, love, express goodness, radiating your love outward and inward, transforming me and everyone from the pure essence of your being. Bliss, Michael

  9. Carol E Fyfe

     /  May 24, 2020

    Judith, I have missed your YouTubes. You had me at “beloved” and helped me heal years ago at a very low point in my life. I was just thinking I should check to see how you are doing. Sure would like to hear more from you. I’m in a much better place now.

  10. Bless your heart, Carol.

    I am grateful that the videos helped you heal, and I am grateful to you for telling me so, AND, I am grateful to you for reaching out to see how I am doing– wow, what a lot of high frequency gratitude you’ve just gifted me with! Thank you!!!

    All of the videos, as well as the messages archived on the celestial team’s website (www.thecelestialteam.com) were a vast and prolific outpouring that came through me within a particular time/space when they needed to be…”planted” here, you might say.

    Since then, I have had quite an adventurous journey– which I won’t go into in this message lest it become a book!– but I WILL say that it was the frequencies of the videos and messages that got me through it. They are powerful, indeed, and very alive.

    Okay… and it seems like some are coming through for YOU right now–

    “You don’t have to miss them, Beloved! As our Judith accurately put it, they were ‘planted’ here, and so they are alive and growing right along with You. To put it another way, no matter how many times You’ve seen a video, every time You watch it is the FIRST time.
    You will always get something from us through it in a NEW way. So enjoy, Beloved!
    We are ALWAYS with you!”

    How ’bout that?


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