Guidance Through The Storm; #19 Celestial Love Bath For You!

We are a traumatized species. Fear-based isolation has taken its toll. SELF-CARE is crucial now.

We all need to feel loved. We can survive without it, but we cannot thrive. When we feel loved, we relax. We feel safe. Currently, we are in need of all three of those!

Hence, I lovingly offer this post to you.
With genuine care and a hopeful heart, I invite you to be willing to RECEIVE it.

XOXO Judith

the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet You most expansively with love for All that You are!

We wish for You to know just how expansive our love for All that You are is most especially now, after You have taken in our video, “Navigating Into A New Paradigm Of Being.” (For those who have not seen it — We wish for You to truly and thoroughly FEEL the frequencies of our love; how total and UN-conditional they are. We do not even understand how to love You any other way, as it is not possible to love any other way! Further, we tell You that there is not the tiniest particle of You that is not lovable, and so does not bring forward the full rush of our love.

We ask if You will allow this love we have for You to be fully received in this…

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