What YOU Need To Know BEFORE The Solstice!


You have not heard much from me lately, I know– but then, you may not have even noticed, since it’s likely that you are either coming out of or still in some sort of a whirlwind just like me.  Everybody’s whirlwind is as different as everybody’s life, of course, so I have no idea where the vortex of your whirlwind  began. Could have been anywhere, really… relationship(s), career, health, physical location… although each of these tends to effect all of them.

What I am pretty sure of is that you are worlds away from where you were a few short months ago in some life-altering way. Even if you haven’t budged an inch. Physically, I mean.

Actually, I’m totally sure of that. Even if you haven’t real-ized it yet for some reason.

I’d also say that right NOW would be a good time to get up to speed with yourself. You won’t want to be confused about where you are when the solstice comes exact in a few hours, on June 21st at 4:24 UTC! Even if you didn’t yet know that you won’t want to be confused… you won’t. Just trust me.

I’d love to tell you all about my whirlwind, btw! What an amazing journey, what a lot to tell about, what an amazing place to land. Lake Hallstatt in Austria, a lake I’d never even heard of until six weeks ago. With NO planning and NO expectation whatsoever.  And I WILL tell you more about it. But not NOW. Except to assure you that it is totally, completely “unrealistic” that I am here.
Yet here I am.

What I want to do NOW is focus on what will be of the greatest assistance for YOU to know right NOW. Short, sweet, and to the point. CLEAR, in other words.  Here we go–

I. We are in the very important Pre-Solstice Shadow Phase.
NOW is when old programs of enslavement to self-limiting beliefs stand out in stark contrast to what we are newly experiencing– that we are manifesting our own “reality,” and we can do it really FAST! 

II. Our projections are finally OBVIOUS.
Projections? Sure. You know, all that stuff we don’t like about other people. Or as Carl Jung put it, “Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.” You know. All that stuff that keeps showing up in our lives “out THERE!”

III. Guess who?
Man… this is the part that’ll really get you. “Projections” are aspects of YOU. Aspects that you don’t want to deal with. From this life and other ones. Pieces of you stuffed in the shadows of your psyche. Traumatized, hurting, demoralized, desperate. Abandoned. MAN!

IV. You do NOT want to leave parts of yourself cast out as you go into this solstice!
Because you can’t, for one thing. “Wherever you go, there you are.”  Did you ever see that on a greeting card or a refrigerator magnet? Well, it’s profoundly true (like many clichés are). You aren’t going anywhere without all of you. And you can only get so far with the shadowy frequencies of apathy and rejection for the downtrodden  (those poor aspects!).  

V. SEE? I knew you’d want to get up to speed with yourself!
All you have to do is…
1.) release judgement because you never had the story straight to begin with, either about you or anybody else. And…
2.) bask in how good it feels to LOVE— with NO need for a “reason!” Then…
open like the flower you are to the solstice energies, and feel yourself BLOOM.


morning from my window

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