The POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists

 The POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists is a series of videos and interactive webinars that will guide you through the process of mastering the ancient craft of alchemy as a Sovereign Creator Being of Frequency.

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POWER TOOLKIT Segments  available NOW–

POWER TOOLKIT #1: Orientation video, “Coming Alive Again!”
Reciprocal Energy Exchange–$6.00

POWER TOOLKIT #1.5: Video, “An Energy Activation
and Frequency Lesson from Yeshuwa”
Reciprocal Energy Exchange–$4.00

POWER TOOLKIT #2: Video, “Final Preparation!”
Reciprocal Energy Exchange–$9.00

POWER TOOLKIT #3: Recording, “The Master’s Stance”
Reciprocal Energy Exchange–$7.00
* * *

About the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists: A User Handbook–

Through it, as aligned in proportion with your committed intention

* You will learn (re-member) the Laws of Energy, which change in accordance with octaves of frequency (most of which our quantum physicists are only beginning to “discover.”)

* You will integrate your 5th dimensional version of Self (sometimes called the “Higher Self”) into your 3rd dimensional embodiment—which is truly NEW, as it has never been done before!

* You will learn to manifest your dreams into external form through the alchemy of the Laws of Creation. (Nope, this is not the Law of Attraction. The Laws of Creation are not bound by the 3rd dimensional limitation of attracting energetic “matches” to your frequency. This is about creating “something out of thin air,” you might say, through frequency, alone!)

Get it? This is an entirely NEW paradigm that you will be stepping into–one with no limitations on your Sovereign Authority as a Creator Being. So, to those who have been stuck on the old treadmill of limiting possibilities through planning, scheduling, and “needing to know” outcomes before they happen—I say, fasten your seatbelts, and welcome to freedom!

“Freedom” means that there is no pre-set, linear plan for the POWER TOOLKIT’s unfolding. I am being especially guided to avoid predicting or striving for any particular outcomes at all. Those “old paradigm methods” did an excellent job of running us on the treadmills of linear thought, re-creating old experiences in various ways, over and over and over…

…but NOW, it is “time” to get off those old treadmills. To wake up and re-member that NOW is the moment of creative power. NOW is the “moment of energetic confluence,” where all possibilities converge. NOW, present and fully alive in the moment, is where magic happens—and YOU are the magician.

Consider the process of the POWER TOOLKIT’s unfolding to be a template for operating as a Sovereign Being of Frequency–for that is exactly what it IS. Through the process of receiving the Power Toolkit, you will ground this NEW template in your own energy grid. The more you integrate and practice using every sequential segment of the Power Toolkit, the more you will recognize the confluent energies of NOW as your very medium of creation.

The particular confluence of energies involved in the POWER TOOLKIT’s unfolding includes YOUR energy, and it is the confluence of them all that will inform how that process takes shape. TRUST, then, that each segment will arrive in “perfect timing,” and in the form that will be of the highest benefit in that NOW.

Please release all beliefs otherwise, because to practice energy alchemy, you have to believe that it is “REAL.” You also must believe in your own Sovereign Authority. In other words, “What YOU say, GOES. Period.” Otherwise, you will create  experiences of being “stuck” as you integrate the segments of the Power Toolkit. They can be frustrating, but if you do create one, rest assured that it is usually par for the course in the beginning, and for good reason–alchemy is an experiential process, not a cognitive one. It is through getting a feel for frequencies that one learns how to use them as a Creator Being.

We will be dealing with at least a few illustrations of this in our interactive webinars, I am sure! But for NOW, I will offer a way to minimize that possibility, or even avoid creating the experience of “stuckness,” altogether—

* Integrate each video and recording by practicing with it daily–until the practice, itself, has become a NEW HABIT– before moving onto the next. THIS is the way of the master. THIS is THE process of total commitment that true masters use to awaken their mastery. It is the commitment that makes it exciting, which leads to discoveries that fuel that excitement—until there is nothing they would rather do.

* To propel you smoothly into that process, remember that “sequencing” is critical in mastering energy alchemy. You might think of each segment of the Power Toolkit as being an energetic “building block” that is supported by the one before, and will support the next one. If any of these blocks are weak, eventually your building will collapse.

* If you do fall into “stuck”–RELAX. Probably, you just missed integrating some small but crucial piece in the last segment. Go back and review, taking each sentence in consciously and slowly through your heart-center—and Eureka! When you put that missing piece into its proper sequential place, the whole puzzle will come alive!

* If, at some point, you get into “stuck mode” and just can’t seem to find your way out, let me know— and RELAX. You most certainly will not be the only one, and an interactive webinar will manifest to get you up and flying again.

* If you get really, really, agonizingly stuck—RELAX!! Don’t fight against it, because the energy of resistance only reinforces “stuckness.” Remember that it is an energy pattern, that’s all! You either created it, or amplified it–with your OWN energy—and so you darn well can change it with your OWN energy, too! And let me know (I do NOT want you “stuck” in the frequency of agony!). Because I ”see” energy patterns,  I can usually spot the way out of them, and I’ll  direct you towards it.

* For ongoing support, (just to feel the wind beneath your wings!), you are welcome to join my Facebook Page, Judith Dagley Flaherty-Beyond Therapy. It is an interactive “virtual meeting place” where I post high frequency suggestions, inspirational guidance, and respond to questions and comments on an almost daily basis. You see? Ask, and you shall receive. You are NOT alone…not anymore! (Never were, but NOW you KNOW!)

Lastly, should you want them, I’ll offer these words from others who have studied energy alchemy with me (I’m not big on the whole idea of  displaying “testimonials,” but I know they can be re-assuring to read sometimes, so if you want a few more to read, let me know.)

“Judith changed my life. I know she would say that I’m the one who did it! But her teachings showed me I’m not powerless, and her loving care showed me I am lovable. That’s what changed my life. I will always be grateful.” –Mia S.

“The minute I met Judith, it was like I was in a whole new reality. It was weird, like even the light got brighter but also softer. I think I took her classes just to be in her presence, it just felt so good. I never would have been able to admit that a few years ago. I’m glad  I can now and I’m glad I stayed in her classes for whatever reason  because she taught me how to manifest the great lit-up life I have now.”  –Rob C.

“This stuff really works. I never would have believed it until I started really practicing her tools and saw for myself.”  –Jack S.


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved

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