More ANSWER to GOOD QUESTION # 2– Getting OUT of Enslavement Programming!


Finally feels like “right timing” to continue answering  GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

“Right timing” is one of the first concepts I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship. It basically means “in alignment on an energetic level with readiness to be received and used in the most expedient and impactful way.”

Shamans know the importance of focusing– which is something we ALL need to learn ASAP, as you will see. They also know the importance of review– to assist those who may not yet know the importance of focusing.

To review what was begun in the post on 8.7.2015–

The 1st and foundational step of getting out of your own enslavement progamming is to know that whatever you believe is powerful beyond measure. The reason this is foundational is because each belief is interconnected with many others, so when you tweak one in the slightest way, you alter others as well.

The 2nd step is actually part of the 1st– in order to use the power of your beliefs in a SOVEREIGN way, you need to establish yourself as a Sovereign Being. Which means WHOLE, which means INTACT… which means having BOTH aspects of your internal technology running as ONE.

When separate, we experience these aspects as opposites. We call them “masculine” and “feminine.” We identify with being one OR the other. It was through our agreement to believe in that split that the enslavement program was installed. It is through continuing to believe that we are fragmented that we continue to agree to be enslaved. (See my last youtube video “Your SOVEREIGNTY, POWER, and MAGIC!” Better yet , see “The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes” first.)

The 3rd step is the beginning of alchemy. It happens when the first two steps are integrated (1+1= more than the sum of its parts, remember?). Your belief is powerful beyond measure + no longer agreeing to believe that you are fragmented = reclaiming your SOVEREIGNTY.

And now onto the 4th step. Practice. Remember that what you believe is what you generate into form. Not what you want or wish, but what you BELIEVE.

Recognize every belief you agree to invest your energy into as your magic.
See every thought, emotion, and action that is generated by a particular belief as a magic wand that will eventually create more of what you choose to believe.
Pay attention, track the process… FOCUS! This is important.
YOU have to see how your own magic works, and the more you doubt it, the more important that is– because you are Sovereign.

And exactly because you are Sovereign, it would not be “right timing” for me to even go on until you test that for yourself. Without your BELIEF, nothing I say from this point on would be of much use to you… which would then frustrate you and reinforce whatever you’ve agreed to believe is “wrong with you,” or “doesn’t work,” blah, blah, blah.

So test it. Start with a single belief, one that you wish was not true but that just seems to keep proving itself.
Track how it infuses your thoughts, your emotions, and how they then control your actions.
Notice the obvious. If you agreed to a different belief, it would generate different thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Get very logical. The same action generated by two different beliefs willl manifest two outcomes. This is a good one to test because it is so EASY to test.

Then pick a belief you still hold onto that keeps generating outcomes you do not want. Track its origin. I assure you that it is not yours. Who gave it to you? WHY? Was that a good source to create a belief to live your life by? I assure you the answer is NO.

And the moment YOU see that… the belief looses power. Your agreement to believe it or to revoke that agreement is NOW in your own Sovereign hands.

I also assure you that any belief that does not serve you will continue to feel like a poisonous thorn in the rose of your life. That is by design.
How ELSE would you know that it is not yours?

Practice!!! You’ll be deconstructing patterns that have kept you locked in them for so long that they felt “normal.” Once you see through only ONE of them, however, the jig is up for all the others… because OH, you will have so much fun seeing through them ALL!

It only takes one to start the process snowballing… why not SEE for yourSELF?

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9.4.13 New Virgo Moon–the Energy of Alchemy!

WOW! This is Judith, and I am really struck by the expanded view – of US! – that this message offers. “Struck” is a good word for it, too, as if by lightning… lightening…enlightening…and precisely within the integrative energies of our Virgo New Moon. What a divine opportunity to check our own vision! Any lenses that distort our view of ourselves as powerless, struggling, confused, and/or waiting for enlightenment– well, they obviously need to be replaced–NOW that we have seen ourselves through the bird’s eye view of the higher perspectives! NOW that we know that our cosmic family sees us as divinely human alchemical masters who already have access to enlightenment– we’d better expand our own vision accordingly (and fast!), don’t you think? Wow, again. I am continually amazed by how instantly synchronicity reveals increasingly expanded visions of what we are manifesting. For example…no wonder the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists began to unfold when it did…no wonder our first live, interactive, segment of the POWER TOOLKIT is called “The Master’s Stance”…no wonder it is scheduled on 9–14… so soon after this Virgo New Moon provides us with alchemical energies to assist us in transmuting the “old into the NEW”…which is also right before our Fall Equinox… NOW is definitely where the action is, that’s all I can say! When we pay attention to the revelations that are continually presenting themselves in the NOW, they operate like a “magic compass” of sorts. Sure beats the old, linear way of planning ahead, and creating variations of what we already know, over and over again! Why not use this New Moon to get your vision up to speed about that too? Possibilities abound in every NOW–not even the sky’s the limit anymore!


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the celestial team

Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello again, Beloved!

My goodness! Everytime we tune into your energy field, it is fuller, busier, BIGGER…You are in the midst of the “Master’s work,” indeed! However You may experience that–be it as an athlete who is finally participating IN the Olympic event that h/she has been practicing for, or as a mother IN the midst of birthing the child she has been carrying within her, or as a god IN awakening to his/her own divine power—all of those perspectives apply.

You are BECOMING what you came to BE, actualizing the incipient potential You have been carrying within You, and creating the future in the NOW with the energies that are swirling about You. NOW is your “time.”

We watch, along with your entire universe, as You project the upheaval that is growing within You, out into your world, and we recognize your mastery at play in the doing. We see that You are creating a “master’s…

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Alchemy, the Law of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energies, a NEW Video–and More!

I don’t know how I can possibly put into words all that I wish to communicate in this one seemingly “ordinary” message. So, I don’t think I will even try–especially since I already know that the energy of “trying” only creates more “trying.” And that, I just realized, is a very important awareness to be sharing in this post! AND… there you have it. This is eactly what keeps happening to me all day long NOW.

I’ll get flooded with awarenesses that I don’t even know how to begin to put into words, mostly because there aren’t any words for them. So, I’ll sit down to “try,” anyway…sigh. The entrainment to the treadmill of “trying” dies hard for we humans, doesn’t it? Well, the good news I’m discovering is that we can all choose to break free of that particular pattern of enslavement to the illusion of powerlessness pretty soon–because that old treadmill doesn’t even exist anymore! I just understood that this minute, btw…as well as that THAT is why, everytime I try to put these floods of awarenesses I keep getting into words, I end up writing about something else, entirely. (Look ma, no treadmill, ha.)

And here comes more— I’m getting that these “awareness floods” literally are beyond words. In fact, they would more accurately be called “cosmic downloads.” I’m also disovering –and this post is an example– that the most effective way for me, so far, to  integrate them into my consciousness, is through expressing them to others– which expresses them to me at the  same time.

Are you still with me? Lordy, I hope so, because I’d prefer not to be experiencing our cosmic interconnection and earthly Unity Consciousness all by myself, you know? Ha, just kidding. Sorta. I mean, I KNOW what I am experiencing includes you! We ARE all in this together. Its just that where we are, we have never been before, and there’s a whole lot of the collective “us” out there who haven’t caught onto that yet.

Ah, we humans are so endearingly funny, aren’t we? We LOVE the idea of living our dreams…but to have to experience CHANGE in order to do so? Excuse me!

Nonetheless, CHANGE–and radical change, at that–is what we are in the midst of.  Our planet has moved into a sector of space that is innundating us with frequencies that are much, much, higher than humanity has ever experienced before. We are all NOW “plugged in” to interconection with our universe. (And you thought the internet was amazing!)  That is why I keep getting these “cosmic downloads” all day long. That is also why you/we all feel so discombobulated much of the “time.” That is why, as well, we see the old paradigm we used to live in deconstructing all around us. It isn’t “reality” where we are NOW!

So, forget “trying.” Its obsolete. In our NEW environment, we are very powerful energy alchemists, and the frequencies we pulse out are manifesting more rapidly into form every day. Just notice the evidence of that in your daily lives, if you haven’t already.

Also forget judgments, meanings–anything based on what you “think you know.” They are obsolete as well. Where we are is not where we were, remember? So, they will only keep you running on treadmills of fear, victimization, struggle, and  isolation that do not even EXIST anymore! “Stuck in the old illusion of separation,” in other words.

This means,  of course, to forget the segregation into “roles” that masculine and femininione energies have been oppressed by for SO long–within you, and so in our human collective. It is “time” to break the bondage. We have both masculine and feminine energy within us, regardless of which we have chosen to express as our physical embodiment, and we need them both. It is “time” to integrate them, and so ourselves, healthy and whole again–NOW.

Oh, I could go on and on, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll just give you  the link to the “multidimensionally collaborative” video I participated in recently. Anything I’d peck out on the keyboard from here on in is already delivered in the video, as well as more–and much better than the written word could convey, anyway! Except, maybe I should just say one last thing first—

The word “channeling” is also obsolete. Oh, yes, you’ll still hear others identifying themselves as “channels” –and I do NOT say this to discount what they do, please understand! We’re in a transitional period, after all. It is just that to even call oneself a “channel” implies that connecting with the cosmos is something “special,” which it is not. It is as common to us ALL as thinking, feeling, smelling, tasting–any of the perceptual faculties we use. YOU do it, yourself, all the “time,” and always have. Trust me on that one–and those of you who have had private sessions with me already KNOW that to be true! NOW, accept the gift. Use it, and en-JOY  how vast and interconnected you are!

Alchemy, The Law of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energy,
and More!


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