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To ask questions or to schedule a session, email Judith at 

The optimal reciprocal energy exchange for one 60 minute session is $225.00.

The optimal reciprocal energy exchange for one 30 minute session is $115.00.

SLIDING SCALES can and will be arranged if there is a need!

Please do not offer your reciprocal energy exchange  as a PAYMENT!
Words carry frequencies that manifest into outcomes that match them. To “pay” for a session” will limit your ability to freely receive the continuing benefits that are seeded in the session, and would otherwise continue to flow to you long after the session, itself…
in fact, the session is most often only the beginning!  

Offer your monetary reciprocal energy exchange as AN INVESTMENT.
It is an investment. In a  powerful session, certainly, but it also generates more flow of whatever desires you bring INTO the session. That is most important to understand.

Energy exchanges for sessions held in person may be offered at the end of the session by cash or check.
No credit cards, sorry!

Energy exchanges for online and phone sessions are offered prior to the session via Paypal to

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  1. Hi Judith, just wondering, do you know Stacey Hentschel in Laguna Niguel?? Christine

  2. Dear Judith:

    Could you tell me what you have learned from the Celestial Team about the Violet Flame and how it is to be used?

    Thank you sincerely,

    • Dear Kathyann–
      The Violet Flame is well-known to the celestial team, as is St. Germain, who’s energies infuse it, and so enable it to become an effective method of alchemical transmutation. They also point out that there are many websites on the internet that describe how to use it, and you would be best served to find them and see how the information resonates for YOU. That is because only YOU can, through your own resonance and commitment, allow a method of alchemical transmutation to become that–for YOU. You see, it is not “rituals” that activate alchemy, but the energy that the user infuses them with that allow them to bcome powerful. Thus, the service of rituals has always been to to amplify one’s belief in and commitment to the alchemical process. When the energies on our planet were much denser, such amplification was often necessary for the many. However, in our NEW lighter energy, they are less so–although for the beginner, they still serve as an important bridge into that commitment. It is the commitment that is important, you see, in the use of any method. In our first Power Toolkit video, for example, we presented a form of the alchemy of transmutation in the exercise we offered. The frequencies of the Violet Flame are in it, even though it is a NEW variation. IF used on a daily basis with the energy of commitment, it will serve very powerfully to integrate one’s earthly/celestial aspects into ONE- the divinely human. celestial/ energetic Light Being that each of us truly is.
      In summary, there are many methods. Finding the one that resonates with your own frequencies is your best guide, for feeling the resonance is confirmation that it is right for YOU, and so is also a powerful awakener of commitment.
      I (we) hope you find our answer satisfactory. It is the one the celestial team felt would be of best service to you in this moment.
      Much Love/Light to you–Judith and the celestial team

      • Dear Judith and the Celestial Team:

        Thank you for your response. I will begin working towards using the Violet Flame on a committed basis.

        With love, Kathyann

  3. brenda

     /  December 22, 2013

    noticing your website does not have individual links for donations for different services. Would you like assistance setting that up on your site. I have two computer geek kids and I think we could help. JoyLoveLight!

  4. brenda

     /  December 23, 2013

    OK then, my daughter’s name is Stephanie. Give us a call at 9394177957 and we will work on it.


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