About the TENSION In The Air!

September 5th, 2019

In case you’ve been feeling TENSION IN THE AIR around you lately, and/or FREAKY, UNEXPECTED THINGS are happening in your life, heads up– it’s because the old patriarchal era of enslavement as a way of life (which is the only one we’ve known) is coming apart.

I know, I know, I’ve been saying that for quite awhile, but it’s been hard to see. If you are an Energy Sensitive, however, you’ve been feeling it. Soon everybody will.


Remember the game of “Pick-up Sticks?” (If not, ask your parents!) It’s a good metaphor for this. At first, lots of sticks can be whisked away without disturbing any of the others. Finally, the only sticks left are the ones that can’t be picked up without impacting ALL of the others— and the whole game falls apart. 

pickup sticks


REMEMBER this metaphor over the coming months.

And remember it’s a GOOD thing!!!💓⚡️🌪🎉💞☯️





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First of all, I’d better tell you how enormously excited I am to finally be making this announcement, because I’m sure it’s going to effect the way I make it… as in I may seem a bit giddy or spacey, say, or maybe even like I’m high on something, ha! Well, it’s true, I am high, HA!

My own frequencies are higher than ever, plus what I’m excited about has such high frequencies that my excitement is exponentially heightened. So it is true that compared to what the majority of people still consider “normal,” my state would seem quite altered, even shockingly so (even more than usual, ha). But not for long… we’re in a PARADIGM SHIFT, everybody! Everything including YOU is altering. That’s exactly why what I’m announcing has finally COALESCED.


Yikes. I just realized that I can’t tell you how excited I am before you read any further. There still isn’t a word that’s enormous enough or light enough to express excitement this high. Hmmmm… NOW what? Got it. Who needs words?  We’ve got FREQUENCIES!

Yes WE do, because I’M tapping my high frequency excitement into every single letter of this announcement post, and YOU will feel it as you read… trust me, it would be pretty hard not to.  I think there’ll be a few other delicious frequencies in here too, so by all means, feel into it! Have a FREQUENCY FEAST! Or at least a surprisingly enjoyable read, lol. Maybe even a blissful moment or two (if you get high enough, ha).

Perfect! I’m not at all worried about wording everything “just right” in this very special announcement, anymore. Once you feel the excitement frequencies (and love and amazement and you discover the rest), you’ll know way more about what this announcement is seeding than words could ever tell you, anyway. 

NOW, my only concern is that I’m so excited-beyond-words about the delicious process of growing the enormous fruits that are seeded in this announcement that I can hardly even stay in my chair let alone tap my excitement into words on a keyboard, lol!  (Not kidding, I feel like a helium balloon. Here I go…)


YOWZA!  As some of you know, I was inspired to create this several months ago. Took quite awhile to coalesce, huh? I sure thought so, until right around when we entered our second month of the wild ride we’ve been on since June solstice. That’s when my vision began to change… which is also when I knew that I’d sure called it right when I translated the frequencies of 2016 as “Our Year of Transformation.” See, I’m not talking  about my clairgnostic vision, I’m talking about my vision through my PHYSICAL EYES.

What I discovered is that I can switch my perceptual lens, just by deciding to, and see beyond the construct of linear time. Huh? I know, that’s another one of those accurately worded descriptions that don’t describe anything. Okay, what I call it to myself is “big picture meta-vision.” I don’t know if that does anything for you, but the only reason I even mentioned it is because that’s when I stopped thinking that the very NEW kind of Energy Sensitive Group/Community I’d seen clairgnostically to birth into form was taking a long time to coalesce.

The reason why I changed my mind is because I started to watch it happening. Through my physical eyes.

 I’m going to give you a synopsis of what I saw. First I want to tell you why I’m sharing it with you, because it’s for even BIGGER reasons than mine. In other words, I’m “getting” to share my reason with you for reasons that I know nothing about that are even bigger.
Whew, this stuff is not easy to explain in words… especially since even my reason expands a few times!

The first part of MY reason for sharing it with you is because it shows how real and alive this group already is.
The expanding part is that while I was watching the coalescence, I kept “getting” that I was also seeing how an embryo becomes a baby. The baby is not only real while it’s becoming a baby, the baby is already real in order to begin to become one, long before anyone actually sees the baby, or even knows there is a baby.
And that expanded into knowing that this is true about ALL of our creations! The moment we feel them enough to desire them, they are already real in vibrational form. As long as WE  don’t give up on them, they will manifest into form. It’s universal law. That’s what I saw.
WHOA… right?

NOW, my synopsis–
“Watching the First Energy Sensitive Group Coalesce.”
First I saw threads beginning to come together (those would be ours). Each thread also had threads, a lot of them, beyond even countable. These countless “sub-threads” were also busy, untangling from other less smooth ones, rearranging themselves, eventually interweaving themselves into one shimmery thread– which still pulsates and changes every nanosecond, but it doesn’t fragment anymore. The same sort of thing then happened as all of our whole, NEW shimmery threads began aligning, interweaving… COALESCING.
And so elegantly, beautifully, and intentionally… so consciously  AWARE of what they were doing that it was beyond-words, fall-on-your-knees, love-in-action glorious and beyond-amazing to watch.

(Do you SEE why I’m a bit giddy, btw? Do you feel how much I LOVE this group so much already? And all the siblings and offshoots that are also waiting to coalesce…an entire COMMUNITY of ENERGY SENSITIVES, the very first one on our planet, already forming vibrationally! I’ll never be the same again, that’s all I know, and hallelujah for that…what I wonder is why I can’t just get this announcement written and published  like a grown-up? I’ve been playing in it for three whole days! By the “time” I pull myself out, it’s going to read like a playground, I bet, not the GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT I wanted to make… but it feels so good this way that I’m going to send it to you anyway! ❤ )

Around the 8th of this month, I began to see and feel a very alive stillness in the pulsing Coalescence. Three days ago,  I got the “hit”… the very first Energy Sensitive Group was ready to be announced. What takes my breathe away is how FAST it happened.

bubble_203185 (2)

Call it coalescense (which it is). Call it zero point (that works, too). Call it anything you want that resonates with NOW IS YOUR TIME!

You know who you are. Feel the resonance…  it’s “time” to trust your sensitivity to energy.
Feel into the energy… how NEW it feels. Many can’t even feel it yet, but YOU can, you are an Energy Sensitive, a master at reading frequencies!
Feel how absolute the newness of this energy feels is… yes, you made it! Zero point in YOUR kind of paradigm. “Time” to rely on your mastery, again.
Feel the coalescence… WE
made it! Zero point in OUR kind of paradigm begins with the leap of perception that “me” has coalesced into “WE.” Doesn’t it feel wonder-full? Doesn’t it feel like home, somehow, already? YES!

NOW it begins. “Time” to claim ownership of that finely-tuned internal technology you were  born with.
NOW you shall see what WE can do. “Time” to re-member why you were born with the sensitivity of a master reality-creator. Hallelujah…
NOW the FUN begins! “Time” to use that laser focus of yours that is so exquisitely precise that worlds are created with it.

Yes, but…
I know. Certain essential conditions must be needed for an Energy Sensitive to make this Paradigm Shift and thrive, right? And the way you know that is because you haven’t had them, right? NONE of us have. When I tell my energy sensitive clients that they are NOW safe to be who they are, their fears come up! And so have mine, as well.

Yes but… our fears kept us SAFE for a very long time!
YES, you are quite right about that. Fear worked to keep us safe in a paradigm of enslavement as long as our fear kept us obedient.
BUT fear will not work that way
anymore! We’re in a Paradigm of Sovereignty, NOW. You can create whatever you want to (as long as you know how you’re doing it, of course).
If you want to create fearful things, then pulse out fear and get ready, because higher frequencies vibrate faster than lower ones, remember? You’ll be able to create a whole lot of fearful things very, very fast. But don’t worry, you probably won’t!
ear is one of the lowest frequencies, and it feels so much worse in higher ones that you’ll probably figure that out pretty fast, too.

Yes but… fear already does feel worse, and some things I was afraid would happen have already happened. I tried to not be afraid but it didn’t work, so NOW I’m afraid because I don’t know how to make myself not be afraid when I’m afraid. 
YES,  you are quite right about all of that. Paradigm shifts can only be integrated experientially, and as is true of all alchemical processes, a firm foundation is required, as well as ideal conditions through every stage of the process. We cannot provide all of that for ourselves all alone, and especially not for a shift into a radically NEW Paradigm…
BUT there is nothing to be afraid of, anymore! 

That is exactly WHY we began to  COALESCE!
That is exactly WHY the essential purpose of our Energy Sensitive Group/Community is to provide not only the essential foundation of safety for all, but the ideal conditions for each unique member for the good of the all— which also creates the ideal condition for learning and practicing what I’ll be teaching experientially about using your inner technology as a reality-creator— a safe, free, and fun environment to PLAY IN. (No wonder writing this post started to feel like I was in a playground!)

As you see, your uniqueness is important. Please do feel free to be exactly who and how you are with us. Remember those shimmering threads? They could not have come together to form one whole unless each one was integral. Each was a necessary part of the coalescence because each was unique and whole unto itself. And so it is with our physically present coalescence, that’s all.
Lol… obviously, this is an example of the delicious, 
complexly interwoven energy dynamics that have to be experienced. They never are in frequencies of separation. You’ll experience them in OUR coalescence, though…
Drumroll, please?



2:00 pm PSTD  to 4:00 pm PSTD

The Orientation will be held in an online global venue with video so that we can see one another. Because  a sense of SAFETY is one of the most essential conditions that Energy Sensitives need in order to thrive, the Orientation Meeting (as well as the Group Meetings) will have no more than 10 participants. 

I know, I hear you… What if the group is already full when I register?
That’s the first question I asked, too. Here’s the answer–

If 5 or more register after the Orientation Meeting is full, they will be placed in one that will be held the following day–

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28th, 2016
2:00 pm PSTD to 4:00 pm PSTD

If 5 or more register after both Orientation Meetings are full, a third one will be held shortly after, date TBA.
And of course you can always have your reciprocal energy exchange back if the follow-up dates aren’t an option for you!  It’ll all work out just fine, though. Everything.

❤ ❤ ❤

Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $30.00 via paypal
by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar.
Note it as “Orientation.”

That’s it! Confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours.

❤ ❤ ❤

Brief rundown of the format, details, etc.–
A commitment to join the Energy Sensitive Group is not required to attend the Orientation Meeting. Only YOU can feel the state of your own coalescence.
The first meeting of the Energy Sensitive Group meeting will follow about two weeks later. The date and “time” will be chosen at the end of the Orientation Meeting by general consensus from those who are already sure of their coalescence.

❤ ❤ ❤

 I just thought of one more thing to share with you. In October, 2013,  I got the ” hit” that there were a lot of Energy Sensitives suffering with depression, pathologizing diagnoses, addictions (with or with out prescriptions), anxiety, isolation and/or repetitively painful relationship dynamics…  basically, all because they did not know they were Energy Sensitives living  in a society that was NOT (yet). So I made a self-disclosing  video about being an Energy Sensitive and put it out there… for lots of reasons you probably already know. Here it is again (or for the first time if you missed it way back then)

❤ ❤ ❤

And that’s a WRAP! Lol. The seed is wrapped in this post and it’s about to fly through cyberspace to you. If you have a question that wasn’t answered in the wrapping, please ASK it! You can either ask me in the comment section below, or email your question to me at thecelestialteam@gmail.com. I’ll ANSWER!
You know who you are.
Love you. See you SOON.
White Heart in pink sky

❤ ❤ ❤

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YES! The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty Is Extended Through April!


“Can I please use The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty to schedule a private session, even though I didn’t activate it before the end of March?”

That is the question I’ve been hearing every day for the past week! I know, we’re used to thinking we can muddle our way through in the same old way… because we had to.  We’re so used to “working hard” for our own happiness that it just feels”normal.” Until it isn’t. Then, not only does it not “work,” but it doesn’t even feel “normal” anymore. That’s when our inner Dorothy says “Toto,”(he’s in there too) “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” And that’s what happened to many of you, once we entered the high, fast, frequencies of April.

And that is a very good thing, so hurray for you! So WHAT if you didn’t realize what was happening until it happened? The kind of radical paradigm shift we are going through right NOW has never been done before, remember, not only on this planet, but in our entire universe! It is one thing to know how energy works. It is quite another to learn how to work with energy. We have to feel our way into that sort of mastery… and as humans on this particular planet in this particular paradigm shift, we have a whole lot to feel our way through!

The universe knows that… we are beings of frequency, after all! We are interconnected through the very fabric of our universe… and that isn’t just some “woo-woo metaphysical idea,” either. It’s PHYSICS. Metaphysics is quantum physics. Frequencies are quantum waves and particles… get the picture? It’ll be good to get that picture as soon as possible, I’d say, in order to BE who you are, WHERE you are NOW.

So hurray for you for asking for what you need, because you were heard… by me and by the cosmos, itself. And you got it!

The answer is YES.
The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty has been extended for first time users until the end if April. You can then use it as often as you like through our first solstice of 2016 in June.

Besides, as a fellow human feeling my way through right along with you, I know why you’ve been asking. There are a lot of energy laws at play right NOW! I’ve already mentioned the Law of Entrainment. There’s also the Law of Momentum, the Law of Resonance, the Law of Resistance, the Law of Attraction… just to name a few of the most relevant ones at the moment. Then of course, PARADOX. The Law of Transformation.

I could go on and on, attempting to explain each one and how they all work together. I used to do just that, too… until I finally “got” that they can’t be explained in words in a page. Yet understanding the basic laws of energy  has become as important as knowing about gravity… maybe even more important, because we’re creating our versions of “reality” instantaneously NOW. And since the laws of energy  can be transmitted through frequency, and since the human voice is a very powerful frequency transmittor,  I’m going to do it that way, instead.

* Personally and specifically, for your own unique energetic needs, through private sessions–
THE MAGIC SLIDING SCALE BRIDGE INTO SOVEREIGNTY makes it possible for anyone to have a private session. In case you didn’t know yet, there is no “fee.” Instead, you invest in yourself through a reciprocal energy exchange, and you determine what that is in yourself, not me. For more information about that, click this magic word.
To schedule your private session, email thecelestialteam@gmail.com

* In THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING , Sunday April 17th, 2:00- 3:30 pm pstd. 
I’ll pesent the basic, most important, energy laws that everybody needs to know NOW in order to be conscious reality creators. Otherwise, we create what we don’t want more often than what we do want, and whatever we create is manifesting  faster and faster from NOW on. So bring your questions!
To register for THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING–  offer your reciprocal energy exchange  of $17.00 via Paypal to thecelestialteam@gmail.com.
The toll-free number and access code for wherever in the world you are will then be sent  to you.

* Just as a heads up, I’ll soon be announcing a monthly group for Energy Sensitives. To make sure you get that (and everything else that will be coming up soon, I’m sure!) press the “follow” button in the right side bar.

You are SO NOT ALONE! ❤

White Heart in pink sky

❤ ❤ ❤

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Tele-gathering for Energy Sensitives on 10.29.13!

Hello, each and all of you Energy Sensitives! You surely know who you are, and I thank each one of you who have emailed me thus far to indicate your desire to attend this tele-gathering. You let me know that it is, indeed, important NOW. From my heart, I also thank the many of you who poured out your own hearts to tell me why it felt so important to you. Know that I took in every word, felt their resonance within me, and will leave none of your concerns unaddressed.

In our tele-gathering, you will also learn/receive–
* how to perceive– and USE!– your sensitivity as a strength, rather than a liability;
* to hold your space securely, rather than be overwhelmed by the rapid-cycling energies of NOW;
* ample time to ask any additional questions you have;
* energetic recognition and support within a community of others like you.

“YOUR TIME HAS COME TO SHINE,” as the song says. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Tuesday, October 29th,
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m PSD
Energy exchange to participate – $12.-00
Energy exchange for recording from participants  – $4.00
Note: The recording will be made available on my websites to non-participants as well (technical glitches notwithstanding!) shortly after the Tele-gathering for Energy Sensitives, for an energy exchange of $12.00.

Press the Donate tab on  http://www.thecelestialteam.com
Enter the amount of your exchange,
what it is in exchange for,
and Paypal will do the rest.
If  registering as a participant, the access codes will be sent to you via email at least a week in advance.

I so look forward to being with every brave and precious one of you who will be joining us in this very “timely” and NEW sort of gathering. We have waited long to come together… ♥♥♥


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-Alll Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.judithdagleyu.wordpress.com

9.30.13 Are You an Energy Sensitive? Then This is for YOU, part 2 ♥

Yowza. All I can say is that I’ve just gotten some pretty fascinating confirmation that, in the vortex of  ending/beginning energies that we are currently swirling through as a collective, the “energy sensitives” among us sure do need and deserve some immediate recognition and attention. I mean BIG-TIME.

And… how do I know that?  Because I am one myself. (How else do we ever know anything unless we access it within us? Come on, trust me on that one by NOW– we don’t.)

And… since I also know that what I need and deserve is of the utmost importance for a whole lot of reasons right NOW, I know that it is true for the rest of you/me/us, as well. That’s the beauty of being holographic, remember?

And… just what was the catalyst that literally spun me face-to face into knowing how important tending to the “energy sensitives” among us is right NOW? This one still has me amazed, so get heart-centered and prepare accordingly.

A few days ago, I got the nudge to present a teleconference– don’t like the frequencies of that label, but it’s the only one we all have a mutual recognition of at this point– for “energy sensitives.” So I drafted the beginning of a post about it, then left it for “later.” (Ok, ok, I was busy being an earthling…let’s just leave  it at that, shall we?)

But “later” became TODAY, when my unfinished post literally posted itself. Yikes. How’s that for a nudge? Sure got me finishing it in this one– post-haste (haha!),  This sort of thing is happening in all of our lives, btw, and most especially with those of us who “commune” with the energies in any of the ways that have been–prior to NOW–labeled “extra-sensory.”

So! Even though it was a bit of a kick in the pants to see my unfinished post post itself, I cannot tell you how glad I am that it happened. As I’ve often told you, I am in this human process of expanding beyond pre-conceived limitations right along with you, and it is only through having my own experiences of such celestial collaboration  that I can authentically share them as my truth. NOW, to continue with the point of all this brouhaha (don’t you love that word?) —

“Energy sensitives” have  been ignored and neglected long enough–so long that we even ignore recognizing ourselves as fully as we need to in order to honor and care for our own special needs.  (Ha, “special needs.” Good one…)  And so, a voice-to-voice connection/presentation is in order to begin to do just that. There are SO MANY skills that those who are sensitive to energy innately have, but have not yet claimed, because they were not part of “mainstream knowledge.” There simply has been nowhere to turn for acknowledgement and guidance– and as members of a human collective, we wanted first and foremost to merge, and “fit in.” And that desire was important–critically so.

NOW, however, it has become important to understand WHY. To claim our energetic gifts with the compassion we learned on the journey, and USE them accordingly– NOW. Be it to shine our Love/Light of compassion on a child, a lover, a cashier at the corner grocery store, or someone we pass on the street who needs it– hopefully all of these and more, with effortless joy, many times a day–the”time” is NOW.

What that means, of course, is that we who are “energy sensitives” need to know HOW to run our energy as masters, We need to know HOW to keep ourselves in high and happy working order, and in a way that hasn’t been as needed on behalf of the ALL in aeons. To use a metaphor, if our human collective is panning for gold in order to survive–we are the gold. YOU are the gold. Please do not take this “seriously!” Take it Lightly–but DO take it to heart.

This teleconference I’m being led, invited, struck upside the head, and/or kicked in the pants (depending on your perspective) to offer will undoubtedly be increasingly fine-tuned at a rapid pace over the next few days–as I’ve obviously gotten the message to manifest it sooner rather than later!  But the final authority on when, or even if, it will manifest rests with guess who? Not me–YOU!

I hope that isn’t too big a surprise to you…at least, not if you’ve been reading all the blogs on this site about your sovereign authority over the past couple of years. I also understand that it might have been easy to conceptualize them in the past as ideas rather than the truth of who you are, given how entrained into feeling powerless we’ve all been. But It seems that NOW is definitely the moment to choose and claim our sovereignty as our own, on our own. In the energies of our NEW Paradigm, none of us can be “spoonfed” with anything we aren’t willing and ready to digest unless we choose to–we’ve simply become too sovereign to be infantilized any longer.

Just  got a visual “hit,” by the way, and it felt so infused with energy that I want to share it with you. I saw someone (me, probably), shoving pablum into the mouth of a baby who was seated in a high chair, only to watch him/her effortlessly employ his/her supreme, sovereign, power by letting it all dribble down his/her chin. The words to this visual were, “How DARE you? How dare you think you have the right to decide when this little child is ready to ingest a NEW food? How dare you forget that there is the energy of an enormous, divinely Sovereign Being in that little body? How dare you think you know better than this Being about when and how to take in something NEW?”

There you/I have it. Sovereignty in a nutshell (or a high chair, ha). So, to wind up/down here, It all comes down/up to the incredible power of sovereign authority each one of us has, no matter who or how we seem on the surface.  If YOU are an “energy sensitive” who is interested in being seen, heard, and recognized, as well as aquiring NEW tools and energetic support within a community of others like you–YOU know who you are. NOW, please let me know. Simply email me at thecelestialteam@gmail.com .

One more thing I can’t help adding: If you feel these words resonating within you…please don’t ignore that resonance…for your sake, and for the sakes of the rest of us who resonate with you. Isolation only breeds isolation. And its about “time” for a joyful reuion, don’tcha think?  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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