Full Moon Is A Mirror… What Magic Are YOU Full Of?


magic-moonShort and sweet (hopefully)… it’s a very good idea to imagine the full moon as a mirror.
A mirror reflects us exactly as we present ourselves.
It’s a very good idea to understand– I mean really— that we never get back a reflection of anything but the way we present ourselves.
I’m also happy to say that I’m hearing from a whole lot of people that they are finally beginning to “get this!”

So. Back to imagining the full moon as a mirror.
It is going to reflect back to you exactly what you want it to during the next couple of weeks.
Yep, it takes longer in linear time to see it all, given the physics of the linear time construct among other things, but you will start seeing it within days– as long as YOU are full of what you want to see.

This is how we create “reality.” Literally. And faster than ever before. If you haven’t noticed that yet, you soon will.
Why not test it NOW, rather than wait to find out in a less… enjoyable way, shall we say? Why not have some FUN, learn the easy way?
If you like that idea, here’s a way to get started–

Be REALISTIC, first of all!
If you put everything you don’t want in front of a mirror and expect it to show you everything you do want…well,  have you ever stood in front of a mirror that did that sort of thing?

The mirror isn’t magical… you are.
The full moon isn’t magical… you are.

The universe is magical… but you are the magician.
And here’s where everything gets magical.

If you fill yourself with what you want to see reflected back to you, the universe will reflect it back to you.
IF you hold onto how it FEELS to have everything you want…
IF you make feeling that good your priority, no matter what…
IF you hold onto that feeling as your state-of being long enough to give it momentum (which does not take very long anymore)…
you WILL create exactly what you want.

No effort is required– except to hold onto the way you want to feel, dammit! Lol.
I’m telling you, I’ve been testing this (and sorely tested in the process) since the beginning of 2015.
It works. It is magic
IF we work it.


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