The Most Useful Awareness Ever


Here is the most important thing I can share with you right NOW.

NOTHING is permanent.
EVERYTHING is changing.

Do you see the ALIVENESS in that… the FREEDOM?

Life is not a static, definable experience. Yet clients come to see me because they believe theirs are… as if we are not here to LIVE our lives, but to simply inhabit them.

Where do we humans GET such crazy ideas?
Well, actually, I know a few places… but the point is that they really ARE crazy ideas.

We create our own reality constantly.

We are dancers in the midst of a dance…
We are painters in the midst of creating a work of art…
We are poets midstream in a metaphor…
We are sculptors finding the life within a slab of marble and setting it free.

We are CREATORS. “Time” is our medium.
Every moment is but single movement in a dance…
a brush stroke on a vast canvas…
an inspiration to follow…
an action to make it REAL.

That is the most useful, most important thing I know to share with you right NOW.

NEVER stop creating!

human heart, NEW GPS!

❤ ❤ ❤

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Full Moon Is A Mirror… What Magic Are YOU Full Of?


magic-moonShort and sweet (hopefully)… it’s a very good idea to imagine the full moon as a mirror.
A mirror reflects us exactly as we present ourselves.
It’s a very good idea to understand– I mean really— that we never get back a reflection of anything but the way we present ourselves.
I’m also happy to say that I’m hearing from a whole lot of people that they are finally beginning to “get this!”

So. Back to imagining the full moon as a mirror.
It is going to reflect back to you exactly what you want it to during the next couple of weeks.
Yep, it takes longer in linear time to see it all, given the physics of the linear time construct among other things, but you will start seeing it within days– as long as YOU are full of what you want to see.

This is how we create “reality.” Literally. And faster than ever before. If you haven’t noticed that yet, you soon will.
Why not test it NOW, rather than wait to find out in a less… enjoyable way, shall we say? Why not have some FUN, learn the easy way?
If you like that idea, here’s a way to get started–

Be REALISTIC, first of all!
If you put everything you don’t want in front of a mirror and expect it to show you everything you do want…well,  have you ever stood in front of a mirror that did that sort of thing?

The mirror isn’t magical… you are.
The full moon isn’t magical… you are.

The universe is magical… but you are the magician.
And here’s where everything gets magical.

If you fill yourself with what you want to see reflected back to you, the universe will reflect it back to you.
IF you hold onto how it FEELS to have everything you want…
IF you make feeling that good your priority, no matter what…
IF you hold onto that feeling as your state-of being long enough to give it momentum (which does not take very long anymore)…
you WILL create exactly what you want.

No effort is required– except to hold onto the way you want to feel, dammit! Lol.
I’m telling you, I’ve been testing this (and sorely tested in the process) since the beginning of 2015.
It works. It is magic
IF we work it.


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NEW Moon… Don’t Make it OLD!


New Moon. Whether you “think” that means anything to you personally or not is– get this, please, because it’s big– what you “think” it means  is IRRELEVANT.

On the other hand, if you “think” it means that the energy of the New Moon is going to do something for you, or bring you something– while you sit back and wait for “whatever happens”– that IS relevant. DON’T DO IT!

The days of being a passive, helpless receiver of “whatever” comes your way are over.
The days of “trying to be a good little boy or girl” so that God, or Source, or whatever you worship as a power greater than yourself… as your MASTER, in other words… will “have mercy on you” are over.

But stop and REALLY think for a minute…  Do you truly want to continue to live that way? If you do, so you will, and for as long as you want.
And you will receive exactly what you ask for… WANTING.

And you’ll become more and more DIS-illusioned when some “big daddy” in the sky refuses to GIVE you anthing BUT what  you are asking for, of course… which is more and more wanting. 

Dependency on something other than your own sovereign authority to create your happiness is a frequency that your universe will never align with about YOU, and never has.

NOW, however, your universe will only give you (and all of us that you are part of) evidence, as shockingly as you ask for it, that the days of living in the illusion of enslavement are OVER.

Believe me, I have spent the first half of this year immersed in experiencing all the ways it is becoming evident that the human right to remain enslaved has expired!
Do you KNOW the impact of that? Yowza.

Have you ALSO begun to experience it?
If so, take heart… you are NOT alone.
The frequency of enslavement runs deep in our human collective.

It has deprived our ancestors of giving and receiving the gifts they were born with to fully offer one another– and US, as well.
It has distorted LOVE into dependency, and so contaminated our most cherished relationships.
And it is OVER.

That is why I say that whether or not you “think” the power of the New Moon means anything personally to you is irrelevant, and expecting it to “do something for you” is even worse–  only because it will prolong everything you want to be free of.

So WHAT to do with the energy of the New Moon? USE IT!
Use it to amplify the frequencies of what you want.
USE IT as the servant it is there to be for YOU. ❤


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Make Your Cake the Way YOU Want It– and EAT It!


Yikes. It’s been a whole month since my last post … how did THAT happen? It feels like a second ago– no, it feels like a lifetime ago– NO it feels like both. How could THAT be?

This may sound crazy, but I’m wondering if any of YOU are aware of experiencing this sort of confusion about locating yourself within linear time? I’m sure hoping that at least SOME of you are and will say so in a comment so at least those who aren’t will know I’m not the ONLY crazy one on this website, lol!

Actually, we’re NOT crazy… far from it. And that doesn’t mean that anyone who thinks we’re crazy is crazy, either, of course. Experience is a matter of perception. What we perceive is always a match to our own frequencies, and so ALL perceptions are valid.

You know, I only mentioned that as part of the intro to my post, but now it seems like a lot to take in from one post already… so for NOW, I’ll just say that perceptions are IN FLUX.

We’ve got a new moon at 7:05 am pst tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/16), prepping us for the big solstice on June 21st at 9:39 am pst (which just happens to be my bithday wouldn’t you just KNOW), so… RELAX! Be here NOW, however you are. The best, easiest, way to avoid problems in the future is to be honest in the present.

Embrace your thoughts as messages from within, get clear about what you want in life, get clear about why you want what you want– and the future is a piece of cake! YOUR piece, exactly the way you want it.

❤ ❤ ❤


Copywrite(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.


WE Are IN It NOW! Up Close and Personal #1


I know I often focus on speaking beyond my personal experience. I have very determinedly  done so, because my purpose in writing these posts is not “all about me,” but about what is relevant to ALL of us. This week, however, I’ve discovered that the only way I can express what feels true about ALL of us IS “all about ME!” Very paradoxical, it seems… or did seem, until I decided to stop trying to figure it out and just do it, anyway.

The very minute I made that choice, there was nothing more to figure out. I got it. 
From NOW on (at least as far as the topics I cover here are concerned), expressing what is true for ALL of us is going to have to be an “INSIDE JOB.” That is because we truly are in a NEW Paradigm, and getting up to speed with it requires not only the mastery of our own energetic technology as creator beings, but acquiring a radically NEW shift of perspective.

And considering what I’ve been going through, feeling, and experiencing internally in order to describe how to use this technology– I can tell you that there is a LOT to the process of aquiring that NEW perspective! Hmmm… what I also just got is that it’s the PROCESS I go through as I intuit and test this NEW information before offering it to you that creates the shift of perspective required to USE the end results.”

Those “end results” would be the energetic tools I’ve intentionally attempted to present with as little “extra verbiage,” as possible, of course… Okay, okay, I GET IT! Since this process of discovery is a human one (and a radically NEW human one, at that), sharing my human process is just as important as sharing the discoveries– maybe even more valuable.

And (not “but,” please notice– no more “buts” in this New Paradigm!), there is so much to all that I have been going through, feeling, experiencing in the process of presenting the first two NEW ENERGY Tele- Gatherings already that I cannot imagine sharing ALL of it. I’d be at the computer day and night for weeks! AND, I’m sure that I what I do share will be exactly “right”… because we are all connected. I will not be deciding what to share alone, after all. 

So first thing I gotta share (after all that, lol!)–  is that the last two NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS will be on May 17th and May 21st at 4:00 p.m. pstd. To find out more about them and/or register, click on “NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS!” at the top of the site. Recordings of the first two are also available there, btw.

I know, I “should” be putting all that info here again… according to the old paradigm perspective, I need to keep “marketing them.” Yeah, I know….I’m not in that perspective, though (never really have been actually). So that’s that. If you want to attend, you’ll find the info.
I, myself, am going to talk about me right NOW, thank you very much.

Which I’ve already done quite a lot of, I’ve also just noticed. So for NOW, I’ll just say that what makes the awarenesses that have been coming to me so dazzlingly thrilling is how 220px-Escher_Circle_Limit_IIIexquisitely simple they are in their intricately interwoven expansiveness. That’s quite a mouthful, sorry– but just wait till you SEE! Within a single awareness, several others will open like flowers, and even more will shoot out from it like sparks that connect with many others, and then they ignite and grow flowers and shoot sparks… It is a totally NEW Paradigm way of experiencing consciousness altogether, and so elegantly beautiful  that it fills me with wonder. You are going to love it!!!

In the meantime, consider this “Up Close and Personal #1,” and my introduction to the the ones that will follow, and my description of the process that lead me to begin to share them. Feels like a complete gestalt to me… to say more would be to begin a whole NEW one, entirely. So, I’ll sign off for NOW. Stay attuned!

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NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings in May!


This is Judith, and YES! Finally the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering I felt forming is on its way, and in a NEW form as well, of course– since everything is NEW these days (and NEW won’t stop coming, either). This Energy Tele-Gathering is coming as a series of FOUR weekly segments beginning on the first Sunday in May.

When I attempted to describe them to you in words, however, a most extraordinary thing happened. Right away, a sampling of the many crucial topics and lessons that will be offered came faster than I could even formulate them, as if bypassing my brain entirely… as if I already “knew” them. And I guess that was true, because when I tried to think of what else to say about them, my brain couldn’t come up with a single sentence!

Instead, I “got” to sit in front of my video camera and just start talking– without having anything prepared to say at all. Yikes. I did it though, and it was only afterward, when I had to watch the video in order to load it, that I started to understand why. We are beings of FREQUENCY. We communicate with one another FAR more through our exchange of frequencies than we ever could possibly do with words.

We also create our own versions of “reality” with the frequencies we pulse out. We are NOW doing that faster and more potently (think “staying power”) than ever. Since that is the very reason these NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings are being offered, then the only way to “talk” about them that is in alignment with their purpose would be through FREQUENCIES, of course.

So here’s the video. Sure, pay attention to the words. But pay even more attention to the FREQUENCIES carried through my voice, into the words. Don’t even bother to think about them, just FEEL them, without needing to know what they mean. That way, YOU will “get” way more than words could ever say to you, too. Oh, and right under the video is the sampling of crucial topics, etc., that will be part of the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings (as well as energy alignments, frequency attunements, and answers to personal questions whether you ask them or not). And right under that is everything else you need to know, including how to register.

The Power of Your Frequency and How to USE It;
The Transformative Power of Understanding PARADOX;
Using the Law of Resonance in Tricky Relationship Dynamics;
Using the Law of Reciprocity to Create Frequency-Resonant Experiences;
Tools to Use When Where You WANT to Be is Too Big a Leap;
The MAGIC FREQUENCY for Creating Something NEW;
The MAGIC INTENTION that Makes the Best Choice FOR You.

Everything else you need to know, including how to register–

Sundays, May 3rd, May 10th, and May 17
4:00 p.m. pstd until 5:30-6:00 p.m pstd
(when the tele-gathering is complete, in other words)

Reciprocal Energy Exchange:
$20 each or $70.00 for all four
With recording, add $5.00 for each, $20.00 for all four
Recording only: $15.00 each, $50.00 for all four

To Register:
Press the “Donate” tab in the right side bar,
offer your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal,
specify the tele-gathering(s) or recording(s) it is intended for,
and THAT’S IT! You’re in the circuit the moment its received.
The international phone number for your location and personal access code
to the tele-gathering will be sent you well in advance by email.

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If there is anything you would love to experience that seems too far “out of the box” to real-ize…
Right NOW!
(What the hay are YOU doing in a box, anyway?)

RIGHT NOW and every NOW through much of April, we are projecting our future in every NOW moment more powerfully than ever before.
Right NOW, we are in the middle of a confluence of energy, like the birthing of a many-sided star, and what we choose NOW will be our trajectory for a very long time.
Right NOW, nothing is out of the box… the box is GONE.

However, very much like star beams, the trajectories we choose NOW will become further and further apart as they beam outward. Which means that from NOW on, jumping from one to the other will not be so easy at first. Eventually, it will be impossible.

Which also means that it is SO important that we choose our trajectories very consciously right NOW that I don’t even know how to express it strongly enough without sounding like the last advertisement you just read for something–
Lol… funny, yet not so funny.

And on that note, I feel an ENERGY TELE-GATHERING gathering into form. Oh boy, do I ever…  I’ll be posting the date and time very soon, I’m sure (as soon as I’ve “gathered” it, myself, that is).

In the meantime–
Re-member that thoughts, amplifed by emotion, pulse out the electromagnetic frequencies that create form.
WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS. YOU are the thinker.
Re-member as well that its the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions that will manifest the form– which will be beyond what you ever thought was possible back in that old box– so don’t even think about it!

And if I were you, I’d do just what I’m doing, which is to choose combinations that are as far out of the illusionary box as possible… thoughts that think your DREAMS, and emotions that FEEL them… until they are so “real” to you that you don’t even bother wondering when or how they’ll manifest into form.

If you’re confused about how the frequencies of your intentions and desires could be so powerful, startled by the urgency of  “needing to know how right NOW,” and so about to short circuit just from the stress of it all… RELAX.
Take a couple of nice slow inhales and exhales.

You know how to do a lot more than you think you do by NOW.
You know how to BREATHE don’t you? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be alive.
Yet how do you remember to keep breathing? You don’t. You just know.

Yep, you know a whole lot you never knew you did. Besides, we’ll talk about how you know HOW very soon in the upcoming tele-gathering (which will also shed some light on how to access your inner know-how about just about anything else you want to know).

And if you feel like you absolutely need some of that know-how right NOW… relax. You know how to book a private session, don’t you? Just call me or email– right NOW. “Time” is malleable… it will wait for you.
(You see? You ALWAYS know what to do!)

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About 12.21.12…Well, What About It?

12/16/12  About 12. 21.12…

Here it comes! December 21st, 2012 is just around the corner, and this is a real mind-bender. Even if you are one of those who intends to live through it as “just another day,” don’t kid yourself–it’s still a mind-bender. Why? Because this date  has been imbued with prophesies and predictions that have been repeated and embellished throughout generations for a very long time. They have thus gathered what Jung called “the archetypal numinosity” of a very powerful myth in the  collective unconscious of humanity. Meaning, whether you know it or not, it’s in yours, too.

So, regardless of what you “think” about 12/21/12, it is the experience of living out such a powerful myth as an actual day in your life that bends the mind.  Like dreams, myths are not even in the same “reality” as everyday life, you see, and to experience both at once will be an unprecedented event, indeed.  Of course, this is not to say that the date won’t come and go like any other “normal day.” For many of us, it probably will, to some extent. It will also be more than a normal day, however…whether you consciously choose to experience the “more than normal” part or not. My suggestion is that you DO choose to experience it, and even more importantly, that you choose exactly HOW to experience it. From my perspective, it is important for ALL of us to do so.

By now, we are all aware of at least a few of the many studies that have proven the power of collective thought, right? Especially when fueled by strong emotions, they become a force to be reckoned with, because they manifest outcomes that match them. Well, there are a whole lot of powerful thoughts and emotions directed at 12/21/12, that’s for sure–but they are split between two polarized forces. Some are pulsing out the joyful belief that we will shift into a higher dimension, while others are pulsing out downright terror that the world will end in a catastrophic way. Which would YOU prefer?  If your druthrers up to now has been to ignore both of them and just get through the day, why not reconsider that?  You ARE part of the human collective, after all, and we ARE all in this together, so why not take a stand, make a choice, and add your energy to the mix? What do you have to lose?  Nothing. But very possibly, you’ll have quite a lot to gain.

In making the choice of what stand to take, for example, you may discover that you’ve been avoiding it because you DO feel some fear about what might happen on that date. That would be a very important discovery, and one that you may want to reckon with right away. From what I have learned in my shamamic practice about the way energy works, as these disparate beliefs about “what will happen on 12/21/12” are pulsating through our collective, they may well be contributing to the creation of versions of “what will happen” that will be a match for all of them. I imagine, then, that you’d rather choose your version rather than find yourself living through a fear-based one by default…right?

Besides, even if you are determined to hold fast to an opinion that the whole brouhaha is nothing but meaningless hype–why not take advantage of it anyway? Why not experiment with just how much you can change your reality by changing nothing more than your own “private” thoughts, feelings, and intentions? Why not open the day to the possibility of having a new, wonderful experience for yourself?  At least it will rouse you out of the day-after-day-humdrum that has become “life as you know it.” Give yourself a break from the treadmill of repetition, why don’t you, and have a little “mini-vacation,”  just for the heck of it? Why the heck NOT?

If you’re game, here is what I propose. On 12/21/12. and just for that one day only, imagine that your only purpose on this planet is to love and appreciate everybody you come in contact with so that you can share that love and appreciation with them. Just for this one day, imagine that every other purpose you have is secondary, simply one of the ways you have chosen to share love and appreciation.  Imagine that every appointment, every errand, every interaction you have for any reason, is actually divinely planned to give you an opportunity to share your love and appreciation with that particular person. And when you smile love into the eyes of the checker at the grocery store, it will not matter how they respond! If the person you’ve been trying to reach on the phone for days finally answers your call and dismisses your heartfelt, loving, appreciation along with the “secondary purpose” of your call–on that particular day, it will not matter at all.

Because in that nanosecond of your lifetime known as 12/21/12, you will be operating as an ambassador of Love, and you will know (because you decided to!) that all who cross your path are there because they need to receive it from you. You will also know that because you delivered it, they did. Even if the gift didn’t register with them fast enough to be acknowledged, you will know in your bones that they got it, and are changed as a result, forever. Their hearts will be a little lighter, because of YOU.

And speaking of you, what will happen is that the more you give this love and appreciation away, the more you will feel it fill you for yourself as well.  You will realize that what you are giving away is simply the overflow of what is being given to YOU from your very own SOURCE. When you go to bed that night, you may feel SO so filled up with Love, and SO self-loving, that you may actually consider trying this experiment again…and again..and again…So, ARE  you game? If you are, I hope you will share how your experiment turns out with me! Just leave it as a comment on this post, and I will greatly look forward to reading all about it on 12/22/12.

ALSO REMEMBER– If you find that you need some “additional muscle” in accessing and/or releasing  any fear, grief, anger, despair, or any other kind of energy patterns that block your way to filling up with Love and Appreciation, I can help you do so, and more quickly than you may think! Usually, all it takes is a single session to find the emotions and the belief that keeps them stuck, deconstruct them, break up the energetic block, and get the toxic residue moving out of all of your energy fields–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. (Moving energy around doesn’t take “time”–only thinking about it does!) Sessions can be held either by phone, Skype, or in person. All ways have advantages energetically, so none is “better” than the other. Contact information for scheduling is on the “Contact/Schedule Session” page of the website. Maybe I’ll talk to you soon!  If not, I’ll know it’s because you’re ready to fill up with Love all on your own.  Have FUN!

May one and ALL of us have the most  LOVE-LY Winter Solstice ever. ♥


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the celestial team

11/12/12 CROSSING THE THRESHOLD, WINTER, 2012-Wherever You See, You Will Very Soon Be

This is Judith. with an article I was asked to contribute to “Whole Person Magazine,” but which I also knew, the whole time I was writing, was meant for alll of YOU as well!

Whata momentous time this is, our winter of 2012! We are on the threshold of what
the celestial team calls “A New Paradigm of Being.” Step by conscious step, many of us are well into the crossing, leaving the polarized world we have become accustomed to behind. With every step, our vision of a lovingly interwoven world of unity consciousness becomes clearer–until, finally, we see that it is right there!–waiting for us to step into, just as we had envisioned.

Are you one who is in the midst of this unprecedented, glorious crossing? Or, are you one who is “waiting to see?”…

View original post 874 more words


             The Quantum Art of Jumping Timelines

The Basics

 1.  Identify the timeline you choose to move out of.

Recognize the emotional patterns that have kept you locked within it.

 2.  Release all judgements.

Simply observe.  The neutrality of acceptance is what will set you free.

 3.  Wait for the frequency of unconditional love, which ALWAYS

        follows acceptance.

  Now, you’re cookin’!  You got POWER!

 4.  Identify the timeline you choose to move into.

Experience the frequency, or feeling, rather than limit it with form.

 5.  Move into that frequency!  Breathe it in, feel it.  Make it real!

Hold that state of being.  Your external reality will begin to reflect it only to the extent that you do.  YOU’RE the frequency creator!

 6.  Take a meaningful action that expresses this new timeline.

Walk like you talk, in other words!  BE the master!  BELIEVE it!

7.  Persevere

Stay in the present, so you know what you are pulsing out every moment.  If you lose the frequency of the new timeline, RESET!  Be a patient master while the energies scramble to catch up with you!

 Judith Dagley          310.397.5116        

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