How To NEVER Get What You Want! A NEW Video


This NEW PARADIGM energy sure is gathering a lot of momentum very fast. I’ve just been through about five days straight cresting the waves as the New Moon/12.12 Gateway peaked– which in my case meant running a whole lot of very intense high frequency energy though me– and I am ready to ebb for awhile! At least until the BIG ONE starts gathering momentum (probably any minute, lol). The final solstice of 2015 on December 21st/22nd is going to be the biggest wave/download/upgrade we’ve every crested/received/expanded into. Whatever you want to call it, all those words apply.

That’s what it’s all about NOW… riding the waves, going with the flow… becoming our flow. Which is another way of saying HOLDING OUR SIGNAL, I just realized. Which is obviously really important, because it’s why this energy has had me posting everyday, and offering Gift Private Sessions, THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering on Dec. 22nd…
and then there’s this video!

Why would I make a video about how to NOT get what you want? Especially right NOW? All I can say is that it came “out of the blue.” The reason why I made it was way too multidimensionally ingenious for me to come up with on my own.

Here it is. Watch and see what you glean about why it came out of the blue right NOW!

So, I finally got the video to you (lots of internet interference made it slow going for awhile), and you already know about the Gift Private Sessions and THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering on December 22nd… hallelujah! So, I’m going to be ebbing into savoring and celebrating everything I’m grateful for in my own life… hallelujah!
In the meantime, maybe we’ll meet/feel/BE with one another in THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering, and/or your Gift Private Session… hallelujah!

One thing I am most grateful for are the donations that have supported me in freely offering the messages, tools, and videos that you’ve received on this website throughout 2015.  To each and every one of you who has freely offered that support, I thank you from my heart, and my spirit bows to your own. However small your contribution, it has served many exponentially. May you be open to receive the bounty you have amassed for yourself in the doing, as well.
Namaste for NOW, my beloved friends.

Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.



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