NEW VIDEO– The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes!


Yep, a NEW video… and what a video of NEW it is! As I’m sure you all know, this is the first since the BIG one of June, 2014, “The Human Wound–The Truth That Will Set You Free.” That one was big because it cracked the codes, alchemically speaking, of separation. Meaning, it exposed the way in which we came into the illusion of separation, and how we constructed the collective experience of polarity that we are so familiar with.

Well, I’m excited to NOW bring you the critical second half– which cracks the codes of re-integration. And if you’re wondering how I discovered them, you might say Ilive attuning to how to crack the codes of energy alchemy 24/7– and you’d be right, lol!  Nonetheless, it is my passion, and besides, I don’t really do it alone. I get a lot of multidimensional guidance and support… which is there for all of us, by the way…

Anyway! I got ’em, and I’m sharing them with you. Through my spoken words as well as the high frequencies that are embedded within them, the video offers you a working game plan through which to use this transformational alchemy, along with energy attunements, and a lot more that I’ll let you discover for yourself.

That this information is priceless, I can personally attest to. Yet its offered freely to you because YOU are priceless, and you DESERVE. So, use it thoroughly and well, freely and often, whenever you like– it can take you everywhere!

 Also, to each one of you who “donates” to support me in continuing this multidimensional mission of  service– please know how important you are. Only through your reciprocal energy exchange can it (me, actually) continue month to month. And, although I do have to say that there have been months when I wondered how that could possibly happen… somehow, it always does. For that, I thank you from my heart.

Newcomers, we welcome you! Please join the reciprocity of our priceless circuit by pressing the “donate tab” in the right side bar. It is from the fruits of our generosity that we create our own banquets (trust me on that one!).

And FINALLY… here’s the VIDEO!

The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes!


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