Whatever Happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty?

May 15, 2018

I’ve been hearing the question.  I’ve wanted very badly to answer. 

But I’ve also been hearing, “DON’T GO THERE!”  Very loud.  “Don’t go back into it, not for anyone, not for any reason.  You do not have the stamina, they won’t even hear you yet, anyway, and YOU need your energy now, so leave it behind you and save YOURSELF!”

lightning bolt

And all of those things are true.  Including my compelling desire to leave nothing behind me– which it isn’t, because telling YOU everything about it is a critical part of it.  So MY question is not which of those truths to honor.  It is how to honor all of them in the precisely “right timing” required. 

This is not a decision I can randomly make on my own, either.  “Just do it” doesn’t cut it, anymore (if it ever did)– being the sort of 3D ego-driven barreling through struggle that keeps one hooked on struggle (no disrespect  for Nike intended), all that would “do” is defeat my purpose via self-depletion.  Besides, “whatever happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty” is a multi-dimensional question, and the answer would not even be comprehended through such a limited 3D ego-driven “just do it” mentality, anyway!

So I’ve been pondering, and waiting, and feeling my way, all while focused on physical recovery and regaining stamina– paying close attention to every multidimensional detail within my current situation, you might say.  One thing that was not hard to notice is that my websites have been attracting increasingly more new followers every day for the past couple of months, even though I haven’t published a single word on either of them.

Obviously, the attraction is energetic, which greatly relieves my nagging distress at not  publishing a single word about “the happening” yet– because it not only lets me know that I am communicating energetically, but that my broadcasts into the collective airways are being received.

Welcome to all of you newcomers, by the way!  Perhaps the basic reasons for this post are to acknowledge your arrival, and to serve as a confirming introduction for all who follow this website to a whole lot more information that will be coming here in the near future. 

This morning, I woke up knowing that I had to post something today.  SOMETHING… even if I can only write so much (the stamina thing, plus my left hand can’t type yet [which you’ll hear more about later])… but SOMETHING, just to… to what?  I didn’t know. And why today?  I didn’t know that, either. 

I found out as soon as I opened my email, though.  I already knew it was a New Moon today in Taurus, bringing a new cycle of earthly beginnings as it does every year.  I just didn’t know exactly what KIND of Taurus New Moon this is.
From astrologer Andrew Ifandis– “It is the pre-seismic activity before the foundational shake.”
And– “This is the power of the Lord of lightning bolts, revelation and revolution.”
From Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slippers Astrology– “Whatever this New Moon introduces will be the first rumble of the Uranus in Taurus earthquake.” 

Interpretations from other astrologers are also pretty flashy.  Apparently, this is the first New Moon with this kind of energy in eighty four years.  Apparently, it is the beginning of a seven year cycle of radical change.  And apparently, most of us on the planet have never experienced anything like this before.

Perfect.  That is exactly what I needed to communicate to you today in preparation for the “what has happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty” story, but don’t have the stamina to do really well, yet!

HOW do you prepare?
Stop thinking so much. Start intuiting.
Remember (or real-ize) that NOTHING is ever what it seems to be on the surface; that is merely packaging.

Remember that your frequencies are a focusing mechanism.  Expand them!

Really, I cannot write anymore today.  I wish I could, though!  But likely, that is mostly because of my own human ego… I have SO MUCH to tell you, and the ego does not trust waiting very much!

MINE has been overpowered, nonetheless, and that is fortunate, because what I have to tell you would shock you without preparation.  Either your own triggers would lead you astray, or you would stop reading altogether… probably some combination of both.  And that would be a shame. 

Instead, I trust that you will find what you need encoded here.  For NOW.  And there is more than you might “think,” I trust.

Also trust that I will return.

Light beings

*** ❤ ***


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley Flaherty, 2018-All rights reserved.

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