6.16.14 An Important Video– Right NOW!

The video I am presenting to you in this post is potent and life changing. Not only because of the words I say in it, but because of the information that is energetically encoded within the words. It has been several days since I brought them through me as I sat in front of the camera, and I am still feeling altered– still altering, actually.

You should also know that they came through me with an enormous sense of urgency, in response to a great call from many. If you are reading this, you are one of them. So watch it LARGE. Watch it more than once. Take in ALL of it. Take the answer to your own call into your heart center in order to receive it. (Don’t even bother trying to conceptualize it through the brain– you’ll only miss it entirely.) Just let your attention drop like an orb into your heart, then open and receive.

Your heart (as you’ve heard me say before, I know) is your multidimensional operating system, and will easily decode what is energetically transmitted to you through the video. It will then translate it into insights and awarenesses that you will understand, and deliver them to you over the coming days. In the process, you will also be releasing old, toxic, beliefs that no longer serve you, btw– so be sure to drink a lot of water in order to flush them away as quickly and smoothly as possible.

And by all means, do NOT MISS a nanosecond of the last four minutes!

Just one last but very important thing– I am getting to ask that you please SHARE this video with everyone you know. Because it is about a crucially important human family matter. Because it is meant to be shared– needs to be shared, in fact–by family, with family. An added and very powerful benefit of sharing it in the spirit of family is that as you do, you will also be doing much to heal your OWN wounds of isolation.

And finally–the video:

Halelujah and in-JOY, my human family! Namaste for NOW.


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