8.28.13 Day of Reckoning

TODAY, I am scrupulously monitoring my thoughts. Although doing so for more than a few minutes at a “time” without getting caught up in them and having to “reset” can still sometimes be a clallenge, TODAY it is not.

TODAY I seem to have surrendered the throne of inner guidance entirely to my heart, and with such ease that I know in my bones that doing so is very important–TODAY. NOW. And in every NOW from this one on.

Why? Because we are energetic beings. Because  thoughts are the seeds of  actions. Because the frequencies of violence manifest as violent actions. Because the degree that any one of us feels justified in giving our energetic suppport to thoughts that judge, blame, hate, or wish harm to another for any “reason” at all  is the degree to which one perpetuates isolation, violence in the world,  and the further fragmentation of humanity.

It is very true that you or I may think violent thoughts, yet not be the ones to bring these seeds into fruition through violent actions. But does that mean that we bear no responsibility for actions taken by others that were seeded, or fertilized, by our thoughts?  NO, it does not. And any who believe otherwise are a very “long way from home,” is the best way I can put it.

The actions bred by the violent frequencies of any thought I might have may not be manifested into form by me. And so, a “court of law” would certainly not find me guilty of being an accomplice  for a massacre that occurred across the world from me, just because I was having murderous thoughts about an abusive husband, tyrannical boss, embezzling employee, or cheating lover who broke my heart.  A “court of law” would fiind such a concept to be outrageous, and certainly deem me not guilty for actions that have nothing to do with  the “private thoughts” I think on my own, thousands of miles away.

And I am here to say out loud that the court of law would be WRONG. I would be accountable, because I AM NOT ON MY OWN. Nor are you, or any of us. We are part of one human collective–one living organism, just as our physical bodies are. And if the brain in a human body pulses out thoughts of destruction that cause the body’s hand to pick up a gun…what good does cutting off the hand do? How does that serve the organism, to hack away a part of itself? Its folly, isn’t it? One could hack oneself to bits that way, right into total self-destruction.

Violence begets violence. We are seeing that all around us NOW, on every level. What I ask is this–how much violence is necessary in order for the many rather than the few to recognize the folly of using violent means to create peaceful ends? How much violence do we need to see manifested around us before we give up perpetuating the violence within us? How much more obvious does our interconnection need to be acted out graphically among us before we recognize ourselves within it?

I guess that depends on every one of us. The future NOW is in every one of our hands. What do YOU decide? Whatever it is–and I mean WHATEVER, be it murder or peace– I wish you nothing but
LOVE. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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