Questions, Questions… the Answers Are In Another Paradigm, However


“I’ve been following your websites and using everything you say about working with energy and IT’S WORKING!! My boyfriend sees it too, but he says I have nothing to do with it. He says things just happen. I love him, but this is starting to bother me a LOT. Should I dump him?”

What I think (and said) is that you should get yourself to THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING on Sunday!  For lots of reasons. I don’t see a reason to “dump” a loved one in any of them. I don’t see how that would solve anything at all, unless what the loved one “thinks” bothers you so much that you realize you really DON’T love him/her. Or you may have simply outgrown one another, but if that were true, there would be no reason to use anything to “fight against” to  drift apart.

It most certainly IS possible to love someone regardless of whether they agree with you about everything or not! In fact, I’d say its necessary, because NO ONE is like YOU, so get used to it. That’s the point, actually… that they are NOT like you. That’s where the magic of LOVE comes in. The yin/yang symbol comes to mind.


And THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING!  This Sunday, April 17th at 2:00 pm pstd! 
There are still a few openings. You don’t need a computer, just a phone.
To register, offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $17 via Paypal to
The international toll-free phone number for wherever in the world you are will be sent to you by email. If you have questions, you can email them, too. Or call 310.397.5116.

You might have questions.
Especially if you haven’t been following my posts regularly, because they are “all of a piece,” not separate in the linear way we were used to in the old paradigm…  MAN, it is hard to explain NEW Paradigm “reality” in old paradigm words!  

Can’t be done.

That’s the message that’s coming clear and fast these days. So much clearer and faster every single day that it feels like two trains moving farther and farther apart. It’s alarming, how fast they are moving apart.

This website is called NEW PARADIGM PSYCHOLOGY: The Alchemy of Transformation, everybody! If you found it, you are IN it. HURRAY for you! It’s a whole NEW ball game. But if you are NEW here, do not let that intimidate you. If you are here, you BELONG here. There’s lots of information and tools to use in the archives. (I’ve been preparing for this “moment in time” for years.) All of it is free, so make yourself AT HOME. You’ll catch on fast.

And by all means, use The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty to have a private session or ten. Why not? You can afford it, since you’re the one who sets your own reciprocal energy exchange.(I told you it’s a whole NEW ball game.)

But first of all, register for THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING!!
I know, you may not have a clue why it would be of any use to you. You may even have already decided that you probably wouldn’t understand a word of it… if so, STOP. Stop telling yourself that sort of thing! Because YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. You may not know how or why, but YOU WILL. That I know. (And I don’t know how or why, either. I just DO.)

Love what you love

❤ ❤ ❤

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“I don’t have enough money. How can I live in abundance if I never have enough money?” This is a common theme in my private sessions.
“Good question,” say I. “Frankly, I don’t know how you can experience abundance if you are certain that you never have enough.”
“Well, there is nothing I can do about that, Judith, the economy is really bad!”

Such is the entrainment to frequencies of LACK and POWERLESSNESS that become apparent when emerging from a paradigm of enslavement. Since that applies to ALL of us, energy alignments into the frequencies of Sovereignty are almost always a crucial part of every private session offered through The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, of course… as are frequency-resonant  lessons in how to MAINTAIN them.

You see, frequencies are exquisitely precise, and absolutely reliable. Therein lies the power of FOCUS.

If you focus on “not having enough,” you can be very sure you will not have enough. If you believe that it’s not possible to have enough because of the economy, or because of any reason at all, what you say GOES. Get it?

I mean, do you get how POWERFUL you are? Whatever you focus on is true for YOU. Doesn’t matter a bit what “looks true,” or what other people “say” is true.

When you FOCUS on the truth you decide  to experience, and you FEEL how the frequencies of that truth feels, and you MAINTAIN your focus on how those frequencies FEEL, you vibrate them into form. Very soon, you begin to see evidence  of the truth you chose to experience manifest around you. 

It is that simple. YES. THAT simple. Just sayin.’

Namaste! ❤


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YES! The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty Is Extended Through April!


“Can I please use The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty to schedule a private session, even though I didn’t activate it before the end of March?”

That is the question I’ve been hearing every day for the past week! I know, we’re used to thinking we can muddle our way through in the same old way… because we had to.  We’re so used to “working hard” for our own happiness that it just feels”normal.” Until it isn’t. Then, not only does it not “work,” but it doesn’t even feel “normal” anymore. That’s when our inner Dorothy says “Toto,”(he’s in there too) “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” And that’s what happened to many of you, once we entered the high, fast, frequencies of April.

And that is a very good thing, so hurray for you! So WHAT if you didn’t realize what was happening until it happened? The kind of radical paradigm shift we are going through right NOW has never been done before, remember, not only on this planet, but in our entire universe! It is one thing to know how energy works. It is quite another to learn how to work with energy. We have to feel our way into that sort of mastery… and as humans on this particular planet in this particular paradigm shift, we have a whole lot to feel our way through!

The universe knows that… we are beings of frequency, after all! We are interconnected through the very fabric of our universe… and that isn’t just some “woo-woo metaphysical idea,” either. It’s PHYSICS. Metaphysics is quantum physics. Frequencies are quantum waves and particles… get the picture? It’ll be good to get that picture as soon as possible, I’d say, in order to BE who you are, WHERE you are NOW.

So hurray for you for asking for what you need, because you were heard… by me and by the cosmos, itself. And you got it!

The answer is YES.
The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty has been extended for first time users until the end if April. You can then use it as often as you like through our first solstice of 2016 in June.

Besides, as a fellow human feeling my way through right along with you, I know why you’ve been asking. There are a lot of energy laws at play right NOW! I’ve already mentioned the Law of Entrainment. There’s also the Law of Momentum, the Law of Resonance, the Law of Resistance, the Law of Attraction… just to name a few of the most relevant ones at the moment. Then of course, PARADOX. The Law of Transformation.

I could go on and on, attempting to explain each one and how they all work together. I used to do just that, too… until I finally “got” that they can’t be explained in words in a page. Yet understanding the basic laws of energy  has become as important as knowing about gravity… maybe even more important, because we’re creating our versions of “reality” instantaneously NOW. And since the laws of energy  can be transmitted through frequency, and since the human voice is a very powerful frequency transmittor,  I’m going to do it that way, instead.

* Personally and specifically, for your own unique energetic needs, through private sessions–
THE MAGIC SLIDING SCALE BRIDGE INTO SOVEREIGNTY makes it possible for anyone to have a private session. In case you didn’t know yet, there is no “fee.” Instead, you invest in yourself through a reciprocal energy exchange, and you determine what that is in yourself, not me. For more information about that, click this magic word.
To schedule your private session, email

* In THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING , Sunday April 17th, 2:00- 3:30 pm pstd. 
I’ll pesent the basic, most important, energy laws that everybody needs to know NOW in order to be conscious reality creators. Otherwise, we create what we don’t want more often than what we do want, and whatever we create is manifesting  faster and faster from NOW on. So bring your questions!
To register for THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING–  offer your reciprocal energy exchange  of $17.00 via Paypal to
The toll-free number and access code for wherever in the world you are will then be sent  to you.

* Just as a heads up, I’ll soon be announcing a monthly group for Energy Sensitives. To make sure you get that (and everything else that will be coming up soon, I’m sure!) press the “follow” button in the right side bar.

You are SO NOT ALONE! ❤

White Heart in pink sky

❤ ❤ ❤

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March 2016: Unprecedented Turning Point!


You may already be very aware that we are in the midst of THE turning point month of 2016, our Year of Transformation. I hope you are! This particular equinox, balanced between its potent collaborative eclipses, provides an energetic fulcrum powered by electromagnetic forces that are so great and so complexly engineered that they are beyond our current comprehension. Paradoxically, they create a kind of void… a coccoon of dissolution and transformation. Right NOW,  we have the capability to dissolve all ancient fears and false beliefs in guilt, shame, abandonment, betrayal, and unworthiness that led us into enslavement over “time,” for ALL “time,” past, present, and future!

That is such a BIG DEAL that I also know why I was inspired to offer The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty for private sessions on March 2nd (if you missed it, click the link in the right sidebar)– it can feel pretty scary in the void! Okay, terrifying… especially if most people around you are not in there.
Do not let that dis-courage you!

Because it CAN. We are part of a human collective, after all. Feeling “out of synch” with our milieu activates primal survival fears in the ancient limbic part of the human brain. That’s also a big reason why we doubt ourselves when we expand beyond the “norm”… or we  used to.
Do not let those fear-based doubts discourage you NOW!

Expanding beyond the “norm” of survival mentality is expanding into the THRIVING mentality  of our New Paradigm, and that means SOVEREIGNTY (ruled by no one). This is not a “time” to be looking around you to see what others are doing. This is an inside job, that’s what the void is for. That many are not yet in it simply confirms what you always knew (even if you did doubt yourself). YOU are a front-runner,  which means you CHOSE to be before you even got here. And if you’ve reclaimed any of your intuitive knowing of how energy works by NOW, you know that as YOU turn, the entire wheel of humanity is influenced by your movement… and as your momentum builds and spreads, the WHOLE WHEEL begins to turn.
Quite a BIG DEAL, you are!

Quite a BIG DEAL this void phenomenon is, too. Unprecedented, and it will never happen again, either. Many of the beliefs you are/will be dissolving (I hope!) are unconscious, and rooted in deep, ancient, core beliefs that, if penetrated, will unravel them all. Staying in the void long enough to find them and allow this unraveling is not without it’s challenges, however, especially if you fear loosing control… because you will. And if you can’t let go, you won’t. In other words, you’ll hold on to whatever core beliefs keep you repeating whatever your old paradigm patterns of enslavement are. Yikes.

In THIS void, SOVEREIGNTY is the key to emerging as the Sovereign Creator Being you came to be, and it is the bridge as well.

So don’t forget about The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty while you’re in there!

I’ve discovered that laser focus on your own unique entanglement of beliefs is what works to dissolve them, because I’ve already used it in a whole lot of private sessions since March 2nd. In fact, it works so well that it’s quite a BIG DEAL, so for the rest of my stay in the void, I’ll only be devoting my energy into using my newly discovered “magic laser focus” on an individual basis in private sessions.

If you haven’t scheduled a private session yet,  you can still  have one. No one and no thing can stop you from doing so but YOU. Not even the old paradigm program of lack can stop you, since The Magic Sliding Scale dissolves the “I can’t afford it” entrainment very nicely– you get to set your own reciprocal energy exchange! (That’s what used to be “payment” in the old paradigm of enslavement, btw.) You don’t even have to budge an inch. Nor do I… I make void calls! Wherever in the world you are, all you need is a phone or a computer.

So if you want a private session, let me know via email–, and we’ll get you all set. I only suggest that you decide soon, because sessions are filling fast.

Then, sometime around March 25th, you can emerge to try out your wings! ❤


*** ❤ ***

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