You Are Not Helpless!!

That was the crux of a powerful message I recently published on my other website (  “YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!!”  It continues to rumble through my psyche, my life, and my practice.  Everywhere, I am seeing evidence of how IMPORTANT that message is.  Therefore, I feel compelled to share it here, as well. 

“YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!!”  To fully embrace the truth of that, and integrate it into your baseline state of being, would be a game-changer.  A complete paradigm-shifter.  

Right out of the “helplessness” program of enslavement that has been so deeply, relentlessly, embedded into our collective psyche– and right into Sovereignty.


There would be no more need for war, or scrambling for power— or “empowerment,” as if someone outside of ourselves can GIVE it to us!

Instead, we’ve become very easy to herd, right into into all of those things… helplessly.



And each and every one of us has the responsibility to step into SELF-leadership– immediately.

No more blaming anyone or anything for the current state of our world or our lives. Not Big Pharma, or Corporate Control, or Crazy Presidents, or Mean Boyfriends, or your Mother… NOTHING.

Reason being a purely practical one–if you continue to hold others responsible for your current state of being, all you do is re-enforce HELPLESSNESS.  And blame.  And victimization. And war. (YES, war!)

I have a lot more to say about this.  And I will.

In the meantime, what about you?  What do YOU have to say about it?
(There’s a comment section below for a reason, you know! 💞)


human heart, NEW GPS!



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Using the Path to Your New Creation

Keep Your Path Clear, Use All Signposts That Appear 

Use All Reflections That “Reality” Provides.

*  This is a Universal Law: Reality can only reflect what YOU create.

*  Reflections reflect.  They are themirror.  YOU are the source.

*  Find the source of the reflection within you.

*  Then either clear or amplify what you find.

Use All Apparent “Stumbling Blocks.”

*  There ARE no stumbling blocks—there is only information.

*  A“seeming disappointment” is really a limiting belief surfacing so that you can clear it out of your path.

*  A negative response from another reflects a imiting belief you hold about YOURSELF.  Now
that you see it, you can  clear it!

 Know That All Situations and All Circumstances Are Basically Neutral.

*  Reality is a blank canvas upon which you paint what you most strongly believe is true.

*  We always create the least painful scenario for ourselves.  For example,  if we want
recognition but fear exposure even more, we will energetically block recognition to avoid

Always Work With Energetic Flow.

*  “Easy” is confirmation that you are smoothly on track and in flow.

*  “Hard” means out of flow and “pushing against.” Hard” means STOP.

Maintain the Frequency of Your Manifestation.

*  If you drop out, it will arrive and you won’t be up there to receive it.

Major Pitfall: DO NOT Look to Your External “Reality” for the Change You Have Made!

*  If you wait for reality to “show you” the change, then YOU haven’t made the
.  Reality is a mirror, YOU’RE the creator.

If you aren’t already smiling into the mirror, your reflection won’t be smiling back, will it?

1.17.12 About NOW; a Video, a Message, a New Way of Being

NOW is all there is, ever was, and ever will be. It is eternal,  it is ever new, and it belongs to YOU. No one can take it from you, and no one but you can claim it. Nor can anyone but you decide what to do with it. NOW is where your freedom to create is ALIVE,  vibrating and shimmering around you as pulsing waves of energy, awaiting only your sovereign authority to play with it as you choose.  If you allow yourself to actually BE there, you can feel it. If you then use it to create the NEW, rather than imposing old habits and expectations onto it, you will see how it responds to your command. This is not magic, it is your truth!  And f you doubt that, just ask any quantum physicist.

It is very important to do whatever you need to, in order to get doubt out of your way. How can one leap into one’s power, into the untried, untested NEW, if apprehended by doubt? Below, there is a message and a video that I hope will encourage you to leap straight out of doubt and into being fully alive in the NOW. I  lifted them from my sister site,, where I seem to be spending an awful lot of my time these days.  However, I’m  bringing  some of that fizzy, celestial, energy over here from time to time, as well, because the wisdom in that fizz is meant to be shared with all.  Read and view from the heart, then, and then do with it what you will . It is your choice, as always.  But whatever you do, enjoy!


NAVIGATING IN THE NOW, from Judith and the celestial team

This is Judith–not the celestial team this time, and if you were hoping it was, I am sorry to disappoint you! I understand if you were, though–I kind of wish it was them, myself, to tell you the truth. Its a lot less stressful to just bring them through in a fizzy whoosh than it is to stand on my own two human feet and speak (write) in my own human voice, you know. Its been a long, upward climb for me to trust my own voice, and then, to trust those who hear it to not either stone, burn, or laugh me off the planet. Some of us “voices” have a lot of such past life experiences behind us, as I’m sure you also may know, as you may be one yourself.

But now is NOW, which is the whole point of this message. NOW is our time to speak up, to support one another, to join one another, to bring our voices together in a resounding chorus that rings through the galaxy and changes our world. And that is why the celestial team is asking me to step up to the plate and trust my SELF, trust YOU, and trust the love in my heart to simply overpower the fear until there is nothing left of it but a faint little grease spot. So, here I am.

Another important thing to mention is that I am aware that I am not truly sticking my neck out (flashback of a guillotine!) – all alone, for I feel the celestial team braiding with me as I write. Not only that, but they have always been part of me, just as you have celestial aspects that have always been part of you. We just were sold a bill of goods for a very long time that we were crazy–or witches– if we allowed ourselves to believe that.

The celestial team also tells me that reclaiming these higher aspects of ourselves is part of our “grand integration process.” We hold within us, every one of us, an orchestra that is US, and yet is a cohesive whole. I’m starting to even feel myself that way, as a constant braiding of frequencies, ever-changing, and yet completely responsive to my choices in every NOW, for in my current earthly incarnation, I, and I alone, am the conductor. As are you.

All of that said, you will find below a link to the 2nd of our 3 part video, which is an improvised-by-me-in-the-now desire to bring you more of the feeling, the juice, the power–in short, the aliveness– of being a human in the NOW. Nothing about it was pre-conceived (as you would have known all on your own just by watching it, I’m sure!). The celestial team’s fizzy energy is there infusing every moment, of course, but it was left up to human me to describe the not-describable experience of being in the continuous stream of pulsing NOWS we live in. Every nanosecond, waves of NOW energy are inundating us with creative possibilities, offering themselves to US to use in any way we choose. (Now, you try describing the feeling of that!)

Please, then, take my descriptions in as brush strokes, metaphors, musical notes—whatever way your divinely creative, multi-dimensional spirit loves most. Brain logic is not necessary, though, for there certainly are no facts in there, that’s for sure! Facts are something else, entirely—they’re more like rules thought up to limit creative expansion and keep everyone roped in on the same, tiny, page.

Therefore, at the risk of being redundant, I strongly suggest that you cut loose from those limitations and get nice and heart-centered before you press the play button. Then, let yourself simply feel the video, or climb inside it, or ride it like a wave. Again, its up to you– whatever your unique, free-flowing style of expansion is, just let it happen. And, if you really get 3rd dimensional thinking out of your way, you’ll find that your beautiful, all-knowing, multi-dimensional heart will do it all FOR you, no thinking required. All you have to do is say YES, and have a whole, new experience of knowing. You’re SOVEREIGN, remember?

Part 2 of a 3 part, in-the-now, description of the feeling, the juice, the aliveness, and the power, of being in the NOW as the sovereign co- creator you truly are.
Much Love/Light to you!
p.s. Part 3 will be along in a week or so…as soon as I get the “celestial nudge.”


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved

New Paradigm private sessions

New Paradigm private sessions.

Latest Love/Light Message

Latest Love/Light Message.

Clearing a Path For Your New Creation

                                                      CLEARING THE PATH


CLEAR AWAY All Resentments and/or Judgements of Others.

*  It is in each unfolding moment of NOW that you create your future.

*  Judgements and resentment are from the past.

* Judgements and resentments keep you locked in the bondage of victimization.

*  Unless you want to use them to recreate your future, drop them NOW.


*  Don’t justify it.  Justice isn’t even relevant.  Just DO IT.

*  Do it because you are vast and divine and because YOU CAN.

CLEAR AWAY All Self-Judgements, Self-Blame, and Guilt.

*  Self-judgements and self-blame keep you locked in self-deprivation.

*  Guilt keeps you believing that you are undeserving.

*  Unless you want to use them to create a future of self-denial, drop them NOW.


*  You are guilty of NOTHING.  We are all “willing players” in what has been  a very big game.

*  You re on this planet only to care for your light and to experience more joy.

* Believe it and get on with it.  This is your truth.

Surfing the Energy Waves

 Surfing the Waves 

Holding the Frequency of Your New Creation

In order to keep from “undoing” your creation, you need to hold its frequency regardless of external chaos, internalentrainment, and reflections of limiting beliefs that show up to be
cleared.  You need to CLAIM the role of MASTER.  To do that, you must love your SELF enough to accept all that is within you.  Once you accept all within you, you ARE a master.  Then, stay
conscious, maintain authority, and navigate as the creator you are.  Some basic tips:

 Stay grounded in your body in the moment.

*  You can’t navigate if you aren’t fully present.

* Either BE THERE to surf, or check out and be submerged.  Your choice.

Maintain BALANCE.

*  In our polarized reality, if you go high, you must go low.

*  The highs and lows come VERY quickly now.

*  Unless you want the thrills of a wild ride, balance is better.

Balance is centered in neutral, unconditional love.

*  Release judgements, resistance, and attachments.

*  Accept what is.  Accept the waves in order to ride them.

 Remember: Everyone and everything that causes you pain Is really YOU causing you pain.  All is reflection.

*  Findthe turbulence WITHIN YOU. Find, accept, and release then follows.

We are here to integrate, not to pick and choose!  Only through acceptance of what is can we create what we long for, and what we long for is always an expression of love.  And unconditional love IS the frequency of creation.

Happy Surfing! (more…)

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