What to Expect THIS Valentine’s Day!!


Exactly seven days after our SHIFT, here comes Valentine’s Day… how about that?
HOW indeed! The “timing” couldn’t be better, for one thing, and it’s good to know why, in order to know what to  expect….so you’ll know HOW to handle the incredibly powerful service it’s delivering this NEW year.

WHY the timing couldn’t be better-
Because we are in the midst of acclimating to a SHIFT into a higher frequency range. Because Valentine’s Day celebrates “being in LOVE,”  and so brings up incredibly powerful emotions, either in the present or memories, about losing love, feeling unloved, and otherwise getting burned by the unlimited variations of the alchemical fires we call  human love.

WHAT to expect-
A potently effective  experiential lesson about the Laws of Resonance.
In higher frequencies, all lower ones come up to resonate with them.
Your frequencies have just gotten higher, so expect emotions, beliefs, and experiences of love that are not loving to come up in you.
Higher frequencies vibrate faster than lower ones, so expect them to come up FAST.

HOW to handle this incredibly powerful service-
First of all, know it’s a service. Nothing “bad’ is happening! On the contrary, every cell in your be-LOVED body is letting go of YOUR pain…for YOU!
Remember that. Be grateful and LOVING with yourself. Hold yourself in your own arms, do a “letting go” ritual, take a walk in the woods and feel how glad the trees are to see you.
What you do NOT want to do is act out any grief or rage that comes up in you on whomever you’re with! Even if you think they deserve it… they DON’T.

ANOTHER incredibly powerful service this NEW Valentine’s Day brings is that LOVING feels LOVE-lier than ever.

So Happy Valentine’s Day! En-JOY ALL of it!

❤ ❤ ❤

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What’s Up NOW? YOU Are. Feeling Anxious? Pay ATTENTION!


Whoa, there sure is a lot of anxiety in the air! As soon as Mercury went retrograde only six days after this very NEW kind of New Year began, the anxiety in our human collective began to build. A few days ago, it became downright palpable.

But then, since anxiety is a felt manifestation of inner conflict, I am not at all surprised. In fact, I’m somewhat relieved that so many among us are already feeling this NEW year of 2016 as very different from what we have experienced before, and so feeling what we call “anxiety”… which really is nothing but an indicator that we are not in alignment with what IS. And what IS from NOW on means whatever our heart’s desire.

Boy, being as sensitive to energy as I am, I’m sure glad  I’m not a “typical” psychotherapist who pathologizes anxiety as meaning that something is “wrong” with their clients… with all of this anxiety going around, I’d probably be thinking that anxiety has gone viral or some other crazy thing like that! And that, of course, would only add “fear of anxiety” as a whole other pathologizing can of worms… which is the very last thing I/we need right now!

I’m sure glad I recognized long ago that anxiety is a sign that my clients’ internal guidance system is working just FINE. They hadn’t learned to trust it yet, that’s all. (Otherwise “fear of anxiety” would probably already be scaring the bejeezus out of me, LOL!)  I’m also sure glad that the last thing I would ever want to do is “treat” anxiety… which in the psych biz usually means find a way to make it go away rather than listen to it….which over the last two decades has usually meant offering drugs to clients so that they don’t have to feel themselves… for the sake of their “mental health,” of course! (I know, crazy, huh?)

Anyway, the point is that if you’ve been feeling more anxious than “normal”  over the last 10 days or so, know that your own internal guidance system is working just FINE! This particular Mercury retrograde has been bringing up everything that is not in alignment with your heart’s desire, that’s all.

Well, that’s not exactly all… we’ve also got Mars in Pluto working on our behalf, which means a lot of volatility can erupt if we don’t heed our anxiety. And the Lilith/Uranus/Pluto T-square is making sure that everything comes up before Mercury goes direct again in a few days… so what all this means is PAY ATTENTION.

Use this time to learn a whole lot about who YOU are NOW!
* Notice your relationships with others, let anxiety  be your guide to show you every dynamic that is NOT in alignment with how YOU want to feel, and then make a course correction.
* Notice your relationships with everything in your life, and clear out anything that no longer feels good. The less clutter the better NOW.
* Above all, notice your relationship with yourSELF and give yourself the relationship your heart desires… with YOU. Once you get THAT going, all your other relationships will start going that way, too.

And if you miss something, no worries! Mars, Pluto, and the T-square have your back. They’ll blow it up right in your face for you, just to make sure you don’t miss it (as some of you have already noticed, I’m sure).

Even if you’ve been trying really hard to avoid paying attention to something that’s been making you really anxious for a really long time, no worries! It’ll probably blow up altogether… just so that you’ll be free to start something NEW.

So NO WORRIES! You can’t do anything “wrong” because you have a zillion friends in the cosmos and they just won’t let you! How’s THAT? It makes “anxiety” obsolete altogether, doesn’t it?

Aren’t you GLAD you read this post? I mean, how cool was it to find THAT out?

Laughing with you, learning with you, LOVING with you…
this is Judith, signing off for NOW.
❤ ❤ ❤


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You’re so smart…Namaste for NOW, my friend!


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2.23.13 One More Time and the Time is NOW

Everything is made of energy. I know, those of you who are at all familiar with my “work” have heard me say that a whole lot of times already. Not only that, but this entire website is based on the well established, scientifically proven fact that everything is energy, including us! Being made of energy, we are beings of frequency. No news there, right? So why am I writing another post just to repeat this old news again?

Because it is time to step up to the plate and BE the beings that we are. It is also time to step in to the obvious.  If every single thing, including every single one of us, is made of energy, then every seemingly separate thing, including every seemingly separate one of us, is made of that  ONE same thing.  That’s obvious, right? Everything is really ONE thing.

Well, then it’s time to wake up, step up, and step into what we obviously already KNOW. Right? Time to step out of the illusions of the past–you know, those old days when we still thought everything was separate? Just like people have had to do over and over throughout history, whenever what “they thought they knew” was proven to be untrue. And I know, it can be challenging! Just imagine how weird it was when Galileo broke the news that the nice, flat, steady, ground we walk around on is really a round ball that is spinning really, really fast! Very upsetting, to say the least. Poor Galileo…

So, it’s our turn to make a paradigm shift, and this is an even bigger one. Which is why we’ve been pretending not to know about it for so long…but NOW it’s really getting obsolete. I mean, since we’ve “secretly known” that everything is really ONE thing for quite a long time, obviously the old 3rd dimensional ego/brain’s duality programming just isn’t working for us anymore. It’s an operating system that labels and categorizes everything as if they were actually separate things!  What good is that when we KNOW better NOW? Continuing to use it would be choosing to live in a delusional state–on purpose!

OK, so maybe that’s not so unusual, given how terrified of change we humans have always been, but we’ve actually gone into overtime putting this one off. We’ve taken our old way of pretending that everything was discreet and separate from everything else to the very limits of it’s usefulness. All the  judgments of others and the doubting of self that are the by-products of polarity-based perception simply will not sustain us as a human collective any longer. Truth is, to take polarity beyond the limits of its usefulness turns it into a very destructive force, indeed. I don’t say that as a warning, or to try to scare you awake, either! It’s just simple (albeit quantum) physics.

Besides, when we stepped over that threshold of 12.21.12 that we’ve all heard so much about, we stepped into a whole NEW kind of energy, and guess what? It is in perfect alignment with what we NOW know! It is an energy of Unity Consciousness, and it will completely support us in our process of beginning to LIVE what we know–that all is actually ONE. How’s that for support from the Universe? It even sends us the right energy to help us settle into our New Paradigm of Being!

Not only that, but as the beings of frequency that we NOW know we are, and having outgrown the old ego/brain operating system, we even have a whole NEW one, all fired up and ready to go! Our NEW operating system is frequency-based (just like we are),  and it is the multidimensional intelligence of the heart, which has never forgotten that all is ONE.

You see? We could not possibly be more supported in the paradigm shift that is ours to make NOW. The only thing that’s holding us up is our own hesitancy to step up to the plate. It’s time to get with the  program, so to speak! Our NEW one–which is to weave all that separation together again into Unity Consciousness. All we’re waiting for is our OWN support in stepping up, and becoming the Sovereign Reality Creators we truly are, and actually have been, all the time.

That’s right. We already know (in theory, at least), that “reality” is simply a reflection of our own frequencies. Right? So, Unity Consciousness isn’t any dfferent–we have to create it within us in order to see it reflected around us as our “reality.” And, since “unity” means experiencing all as interconnected aspects of ONE, it can only be created through the frequencies of Love. The foundation of this creation within us, then, must be Self-Love.

Let me repeat that–Loving all aspects of Self without conditions or judgments is the only thing that will create the reflections of that same unity among the all that is ALL of us as ONE.

Aye, there’s the rub, is it not? Just look at the cringing, the self-judgments, the things you just can’t accept, or forgive, or even go anywhere near in yourself! You may even have just remembered  something you need to stop reading in order to do right NOW. Filling out your tax return, or cleaning your toilet, may never have called to you so invitingly before. LOL. HahahahahahaHA! I laugh because I am human, too.  I have also felt the seductive voice of the toilet calling for my attention, at the very moment I was about to turn it’s gaze within me.

Sad, isn’t it?  FEEL how sad it is, and turn that loving attention inward, where it belongs! I promise that the more you do, the easier it gets. NOTHING is more important NOW. Until we lay this foundation of Self-Love within us, we will not claim our power as “Sovereign Creator Beings of Frequency.” Without it, we will doubt and judge ourselves too much. We’ll be too afraid of our own power to even face it, let alone use it. And WE are not alone in this paradigm shift. The entire universe is counting on us to step up to that plate of Self-Love, and right NOW.

Right NOW. We are in “overtime,” remember?  We are at a point where every single condition we place on Self-Love rings like an alarm through the universe. I have heard it. We are not just isolated on one little planet in a small galaxy, as we used to think through the old paradigm of separation! How and when each one of us steps up to the plate affects many, many, planets and galaxies, for we are interconnected with them ALL. “As above, so below.” There IS no separation!

I’m including a link to a a video I made with the celestial team. We made it a year ago, as part of our ongoing series of videos that offer tools to use in preparation for this moment of NOW. It is all about laying this foundation of Self-Love within. I am re-introducing some of the videos again because repetition is important in entraining ourselves into using our NEW Way of Being. I often watch them many times– entraining oneSelf into a whole NEW paradigm takes a lot of focus and commitment!

The one offered below will help set the “feel” of the frequencies of Love within you. It will also help you “feel” the difference between being heart-centered and in your head. Please use it to lean on, or for support, as often as you need to get your “NEW balance!” Nobody has do anything alone. Not ever. Not anymore. Truly, we ARE all in this together.


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What does Valentine’s Day Mean ?


Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, me, or anyone, is the meaning that each of us GIVES to it.

For some, that meaning evokes sadness, or anger.

For some, it evokes joy.

Some feel like giddy kids again.

Some feel triggered into outrage by all the commercial “marketing” of love.

Some resent the pressure that this marketing puts on them to EXPRESS love.

Others use it as an “excuse to take the risk” to do just that.

The list goes on. Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a blank slate, then–it can mean just about anything, depending on the meanings we give to it–and these “meanings” are actually information about our OWN beliefs and choices.

Well I say, why not just find a meaning that makes you HAPPY and celebrate THAT? Why NOT?

Why not use it to fall in LOVE today–with YOURSELF?

Why not let it be the catalyst for a whole NEW template of SELF-LOVE?

The meaning of the date and how you use it is entirely up to YOU!

So, I wish you all a most HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ♥ WHY NOT?


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

Release—and RECEIVE!

Love never dies.  It is constant. It is all around us. It is what we are made of. It is consciousness, itself. It is in the very air we breathe.

Change is also constant. Every moment is new. To receive each new moment, one must let go of the last one. Staying present, then, is actually not staying anywhere. It is a constant process of change–of releasing the old, and taking in the new.

If one takes this realization to heart, it will activate a profound paradigm shift of awareness that literally changes everything. Letting go of “the past” will no longer have anything to do with the word “loss.”  What has passed is already “in the past,” and whether we let go or not, that is where it is, and where it will stay.

Letting go actually means a willingness to stay in Love. It means staying in the flow of NOW as it continually expresses Love anew in every moment, and saying, “More, please!” All we have to do is be willing to receive that much love without putting a lid on it. Without saying, “Enough! I don’t deserve this much love!  I’m going to cling to the past and grieve for my losses, instead.”

Ah, how we grieve! We grieve for lost loved ones, and lost opportunities. We grieve for lovers who “broke our hearts” by moving on. We grieve because we blame ourselves for these perceived losses, and so feel unworthy of receiving anymore Love. Or, because we blame others for not loving us enough, and so become afraid to open up to Love again. Because…just maybe… we are not lovable enough…

Why do we do this? Because we attach feeling Love to the people who love us.  We forget that people are not the source of Love. Instead, they (we!) are  perfectly imperfect, human conduits for the Love that is Source, Itself–and which IS perfect, for it is without filters. And so, we grieve the loss of Love in our lives when relationships end, as if Love, Itself, had ended! We  choose to grieve, to “hold onto the past,” rather than open ourselves to receive Love anew.

Well, I say, “Enough!” Enough of all that grieving!  Holding on to what is no longer in the NOW only prevents us from receiving what IS there for us– if we open to it.  Change is constant only becaause Love is both constant and infinitely creative.

There is no “loss.” There is only “more.”  There is no scarcity of lovers.  There is no scarcity of abundance. Family is waiting in NEW forms, in NEW ways that have never been experienced before on our planet. There is NO SCARCITY  OF LOVE! It flows in abundance, and all we need do is let go and receive.

But we know this already!  We know it so well that we  don’t even have to think about it–because if this was news to us, our physical bodies would not even be alive. If we hadn’t been born knowing  that we have to let go in order receive, we would not breathe.

With every breath, we let go of the old in order to receive the new. We do it constantly, and we do it confidently. With every new NOW, we breathe in. We don’t hold our breath in order to avoid the loss of letting it go. We simply release it, and open our lungs to receive the next one. We  KNOW that there is an endless supply of air. And air is simply one of the many expressions of the Love we are surronded by, and live in, all the time.

Think about it for a moment– just to give your brain a treat.  Just to reassure the poor, overworked thing that it doesn’t have to be on top of absolutely everything every moment in order to  make sure you “survive.” After all, we’ve put so much “weight” on the brain with our beliefs in its almighty prowess that it gets burnt out trying to be in charge of everything. Just listen to its incessant chatter, going over and over its checklists of doubts, and its endless fears that it will make a mistake, all day long. Have a little compassion for it!

The brain does not have to bear such a burden of responsibility, you know. It has been “hard-wired” all along into a vast, multidimensional, support system of intelligence within you. This interconnected web of intelligence can do many things together that the brain cannot do alone.  Why not give your brain permission to let go of working all alone, and way beyond its designed scope of practice? Why not finally allow it to receive the support that has been there for it all along? If you remind it often enough, you will receive quite a gift, yourself. The gift of  “peace of mind.”

Tben, gift yourself even more by giving yourself permission to receive all that is there for you! Let go of what is past. Let go of what no longer serves you. Let go of those who are not in your life NOW, and know that you have never lost them–and you never will. They will always be a part of you, and you of them. There is no reason to hold on, then, is there?

Instead, be grateful for them, let go of holding on, and open up to “More, please!” Let the constancy of change present you with every new manifestation and expression of Love that it has to offer. And open wide–very wide— to receive.  Take a deep breath, and say “Yes, thank you!! I know I deserve, or I wouldn’t be alive and breathing. So yes, I”ll have some more, please!”  Then, just keep breathing it all in. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again…

Wuth much love (receive it!)—Judith


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved

Quantum Theory and Altering Reality

EVERYTHING is energy.

All physical matter is the result of particles vibrating at a certain frequency.

If you change or amplify that frequency in any way, you change your physical and current reality.

Example: If you increase the vibrational frequency of water particles through heat energy, you create steam, and if you slow them down by removing heat energy, you create ice.

Just like heat, our intentions  are energy.

Every choice you make creates a different version of reality.

Judgements create an internal loop of the same vibration, running over and over in a circuit of the same version until they are cleared.

How do you clear them?  Release judgement!

You cannot create a new version of reality until you break the circuits that keep you locked in the old one.

Only from a place of neutrality can you manifest change.  Otherwise, you are locked in a circuit of resistance/attachment.

Acceptance = neutrality =unconditional love=connection with SOURCE

Image:  See the colors of your 3rd dimensional chakra system as a color wheel.  In the center is the white light of your wholeness.  3D acts as a prism that refracts your whole white light into those color fragments, creating the illusion of separation, which leads to judgements.  To  center in your neutral white light, all colors must be spinning together in balance.  Use this image to release attachments and resistance to one color (state of being) or the other, until you are in a state of neutral peace.  THAT is unconditional love.  THAT is your place of power.

   Judith Dagley, Your life: Your Creation, 5/24/11   310.397.5116   judithdagley@aol.com

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