What NOW Is This? The Latest Scoop.

“Linear thinking”  no longer applies. Try it.
Try getting from A to B to C, according to a preset plan.See how lost you get.
In the process, you’ll also get another self-realized lesson, which is that “trying” begets “trying.” Period.
But DO try, since the only way we learn anything is through experience.

We are in a whole New Paradigm of “reality” NOW. One in which we can no longer pretend that we are not the co-creators of the reflections we see around us. How wonderful is that?  How fabulous, to know at last, that we are not victims of external forces, but that that the “forces” come from within us?

I think it is, anyway. Even thoughit is quite an adjustment, I’ll give you that! And, it takes willingness to sort through all the muck we’ve been co-creating (while pretending we haven’t,) and then getting out if it. I give you that, as well. Especially since the process is not “hard,” but easy. We are used to “hard.”

Most especially since WE get to claim our own power.  We are comfortable with the illusion of powerlessness. If you doubt that, ask yourself how many times YOU have watched “the news,” and felt helpless? How many times have YOU railed against… or cried because of… what is happening “out there?”

There IS no “out there.” YOU are a co-creator of all of it,. If you wasnt to stop experiencing it… stop generating it. Yes, it is that simple NOW.

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Keys to Manifesting Change Within Duality: Balance and Focus

4/1/13  The Energy Mechanics of Manifesting Change Within Duality

“Help! Whenever I decide to shift my perception of reality from one that I don’t like to one that I do, the old one always comes back!” With those frustrated words, my client flung herself into an armchair. Our first session had begun. Yet, although she was new to me as a client, her words weren’t. I’ve heard the same lament so often that I know it must be a very common one.

So,  I decided to address it here– just in case those words ring a bell to you. Perhaps you’ve heard them come out of your own mouth, or rail at you inside your head? If so, remember the optical illusion analogy I used about maintaining balance in my last post, “A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality?” When you look at the picture one way, you see a witch. Switch your focus, and the witch becomes a beautiful lady. The picture doesn’t change. Your focus does. The witch is always there in the lady, and vice versa.

Well, that’s duality. It’s a given, it’s the context we operate in as human beings. No matter how much we  expand  into our full potential, we will not outgrow duality, at least not in this lifetime. No matter how we choose to perceive our reality, an opposite perception will always exist. In order to manifest change, this is a crucial understanding to grasp and accept. As long as we separate “reality” into categories of either “this” or “that,” the existence of both “this and that” will cause us to lose our balance. Then, we end up back on the treadmill of dualistic thinking.

Here’s how it happens: As we direct our focus to our chosen perception, the continued existence of the “that” we do not choose unnerves us. Our resistance to it causes our focus to waver, then eventually split in two, and bingo. We lose our balance and fall into confusion–which is actually the interference pattern we  created in our own energy field by resisting the existence of whatever it is that we do not choose!

Only when we accept the existence of “this and that” simultaneously…only when we accept  that our chosen perception of  “this” does not eliminate “that” as an equally possible choice…only through expanding our awareness beyond the enslavement of dualistic thinking will we find the powerful key to maintaining balance within duality. And once we do that, we are free. We are free to choose our perceptions, free to direct our focus to our perception of choice, and free to create new versions of “reality.”

As long as we maintain our balance, that is! Which means that we do not upset it by “thinking” that we  have to exert any energy into focusing on our perception of choice. That’s another pitfall I often hear about in my private practice. “Striving” and/or “trying” are not the energies of focus. They are remnants of the duality-based belief that attaching to one thing is reqiuired in order to avoid another. Just another form of resistance born of “either/or” thinking, in other words, which only serves to undermine one’s sense of freedom, and so the ability to balance within duality rather than be enslaved by it.

The truth is that NO exertion of energy is needed to focus!  Our ability to focus is like an exquisitely precise, powerful laser that requires no effort to use, whatsoever. You may be so used to feeling powerless that this seems hard to believe– and yet, you know this already, even if you don’t “think” you do! Let me refresh your memory. Remember the optical illusion of the lady and the witch? Well, how hard is it to switch focus between the two? NOT hard.  No thinking nor energy required. All it takes is a choice.

To summarize:
Balance is maintained by centering ourselves between opposites and accepting that both are always present as choices.
Maintaining  focus on our chosen perceptual experience  is how we manifest it as our reality.

Copy those, write them by hand in big bold letters, put them on your bathroom mirror, in your car, by your bed to read first thing in the morning. The more you focus on them, the more you entrain yourself into your new balance as a reality-creator. And don’t ever forget! Your innate, internal technology is more powerful and effective than any thinking process could ever even conceive of.  So don’t even think about it.  Just use it!


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A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality

3/27/13 Full Libra Moon

When we are intent on moving into our full potential, it is useful to use all of the support that appears to us sychronistically, as well as the support that we create for ourselves. Doing so keeps us focused on what we are unfolding into, rather than on what we are unfolding out of.

This intentional switch in focus is not difficult. It is exactly what we do when viewing optical illusions. We simply decide which to see–the lady or the witch, for example. It is only the habit of focusing on one more often than the other that makes it “seem hard” to switch focus.

That said, I suggest that you use the Libra full moon tonight (or any full moon from here on in) as a support to amplify your own belief in what you are aspiring to. This Libra moon will be especially empowering in reinforcing your intention to maintain balance through your process of growing into your full potential.

You see, as you welcome your growth, all that has prevented it thus far also comes up to be released.  These two processes occur simultaneously because they are actually part of one process (just as the witch is always in the face of the lady). It is up to us to stay balanced in the knowing that both are options to experience. The choice of which perception to focus on is entirely our own.

Growth is change. Change is a state of flux. The more we accept that, the more we learn to balance within it. The more we realize that reality is simply a perceptual choice, the better our balance becomes in aspiring higher–and the more fun it all begins to be.


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