To All Who Are Waiting


Specifically, to all who are waiting for the sharing of “What Happened,” of course (which you probably already know because you’re reading this, but in case you’ve never been here before and want to know, see the last three posts in the right sidebar)– 

You’ve  been waiting a long “time.” 

I know you have, and it shocks me!  I can see on the calendar, and it’s horrifying that I’ve made you wait so long.  And I’m sorry. And I also cannot help it. 
Because I’m still not fully back into linear “time.”

Let me explain.  (Briefly.)
I’m aware that I’m operating within a linear “time” structure– at least enough for basic functioning, anyway– but I, myself, am not in  it.
I cannot feel “time” passing, in other words!

Oh, I know, that doesn’t tell you much…  it’s completely out of a linear frame of reference.  But maybe it makes you curious, which means I shouldn’t even have mentioned it unless I was going to elaborate, so I’m sorry for that, too…


I cannot explain very much to you about my personal experience right now.  Oh, I want to!  But there are no words, for one thing.  For another, it would take hours, maybe days, to describe what happens even within a fleeting minute of linear “time.” 

I know that because I have TRIED!

I am continually starting posts to you, writing for as many hours as I can before I am too exhausted to lift my hand anymore– and in all those hours I’d only BEGUN! 

Which brings me to decide that I’d better send this off soon, even if I DO only manage to say a bit of what I want to.   

Besides, maybe you’ll read something of value to you, personally, that I don’t know anything about!  Or maybe you’ll call it gibberish. Either way, so what, really?  Nobody’s “fault,” nothing “wrong;” we all have our own drumbeats to follow.

Anyway.  The gist of what I want you to know is that I CARE about keeping you waiting.  A LOT.  Yet, there is a LOT going on, as well. 

However, addressing just one factor will be enough for now, I think, and it may even be encoded with all of them (I’m sure it is, actually)–
My physical health is being challenged.   

As a  result, I have little stamina– and yet every day I’ve been carrying this heavy burden– all the stuff I want tell tell you, that you’re waiting for!  And then every day I can’t, I also feel worse for keeping you waiting. 

So.  Today, I realized that I have to tell you something!  Something to relieve the pressure for me, and hopefully, the frustration of waiting for you.
So I am– 

The whole story of “What Happened” will come out. 
I just can’t promise “soon” anymore– not according to what “soon” means in linear “time,” I mean.  I wish I’d thought of that before, too… but to tell  you the truth, I didn’t even know that I’m really NOT in linear “time” right away. 

Anyway, the story will come.  In no “time.”  Meanwhile, I must focus my energy on MAGIC in “no time”– in order to change the energetic template of my physical body (again)– which requires a tremendous amount of both physical and psychic energy.
Please understand.

And so… that’s the blog.

Namaste. ❤ 


Copyright(c) 2018, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.


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