7.26.14 Leo New Moon– That’s YOUR Energy You Are Feeling!

Leo New Moon energy is activating the resonance I feel within my OWN energy to post the following reminder, update, and any following words–

REMINDER– August Energy Tele-Gathering is on 8/17/2014.

UPDATE– Those who attended the July Energy Tele-Gathering were offered a follow-up 40 minute private session for the energy exchange of $55.00.
I did not plan to offer these sessions. That is less than a third of what is usually required energetically– for all reasons. Nonetheless, I simply felt, and so said, a joyful YES. Then, was amazed at how many knew it was in Universe, vibes, miracles.response to their OWN call. I am understanding that the same offer will be made to those who participate in the August Tele-Gatherimg.

FOLLOWING WORDS– From a humanly felt experience, we are in what I can best translate into words as “convoluted times.” That there is much more I could say about those words goes without saying. Certainly, it would be beyond what one would typically be prepared to take in through the reading of a single post. Just know that past, present, and future is spinning into NOW, all at once, all as one.  Just know that we, as energetic beings, are NOW playing in the “Major Leagues.”  If you don’t want to… well, forget it. You ARE.

As  has been shown us through what we have called “optical illusions,”  it behooves us to really SEE the meaning  they have always conveyed– which is  that what we focus on is what we  experience. It is THAT CLEAR.  And it is becoming THAT OBVIOUS, and as dramatically as it needs to be... like it or not. Please remember that I have learned all about this experientially,  just as you are. It has been a constant “eye-opener,” sometimes traumatically so.  And hallelujah for that. Don’t you agree?


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