Paradigm Shift


I went down to sit with my feet in the see shortly after our partial lunar eclipse began. On my mind were things I did not want to think about. Like the need to leave the see soon (or get in trouble with the Austrian Embassy for staying longer than 3 months); and finding some way of getting to an airport (not that easy from here); and blah blah BLAH!!!!  Oh, I’m sorry… some of you may still call that  “facing reality.” I did not mean to be insulting.

So anyway.  I sat down here with the see, and I was “just in time.” A pure white, serenely elegant swan came into view only a few feet from me. It was an entrance. The boathouse had kept her/him hidden from my view until suddenly there she/he was, right in front of me.

Following right behind, six “ugly ducklings” made their consecutive entrances, spaced evenly apart, emulating that serene elegance like little wizards. I was transfixed.

But it wasn’t over. Just enough behind the trail to create an intentionally honoring distance… just  enough to the right of the trail to be easily seen by each one of them… came another pure white serenely elegant adult swan. 

My God, how “THERE” is that?!

I watched and loved and cried as this royal procession streamed by me. They all were being what they were born to be so effortlessly; their serene joy just PULSATED into me.

Oh, nothing about “roles,” lol! They didn’t give a hang how they were “supposed to be!” And I have no idea who was what sex, either, and who CARES?  That is not the point.

The point is that THEY knew who they were inside themselves, and were simply following their bliss, as Joseph Campbell put it.

It was a wonder-full gift to me in this powerful full moon/eclipse energy by the see. I have no doubt that there were masters in those swans’ bodies. I SAW.

I wanted to share the seeing  with ALL of you. I wish I’d had a camera with me. Then again, I might not have even THOUGHT of taking a picture. But I did go back and take a picture of the exact spot of the swans’ procession. It’s pretty golden. 🔆💖

8_7_17 full moon partial eclipse (H)

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What does Valentine’s Day Mean ?


Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, me, or anyone, is the meaning that each of us GIVES to it.

For some, that meaning evokes sadness, or anger.

For some, it evokes joy.

Some feel like giddy kids again.

Some feel triggered into outrage by all the commercial “marketing” of love.

Some resent the pressure that this marketing puts on them to EXPRESS love.

Others use it as an “excuse to take the risk” to do just that.

The list goes on. Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a blank slate, then–it can mean just about anything, depending on the meanings we give to it–and these “meanings” are actually information about our OWN beliefs and choices.

Well I say, why not just find a meaning that makes you HAPPY and celebrate THAT? Why NOT?

Why not use it to fall in LOVE today–with YOURSELF?

Why not let it be the catalyst for a whole NEW template of SELF-LOVE?

The meaning of the date and how you use it is entirely up to YOU!

So, I wish you all a most HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ♥ WHY NOT?


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Sovereign Authority and Power

Greetings to each and all of you Sovereign, Divinely Human, Beings–

There’s a lot of  hesitancy in our collective airwaves about claiming “full sovereign authority,” I’ve noticed! (Actually, “hesitancy” is an understatment; “sheer terror would be more like it. Lol.)  That, of course, is because the very  idea of being “supremely powerful” triggers the number one fear that lurks within each one of us, and that is the fear of our own power. Whether fully conscious of it or not, that’s the BIG one.

So, I have something to share about what the energy our new Aquarius moon has brought to us, because it illuminates what true sovereignty, as well as true power, means NOW. You see, this new moon’s alignment with other planetary and stellar bodies of influence  is designed to provide us with potently fertile energy in which to seed and actualize equally potent sovereign intentions. Now comes the part about Aquarius that will help to release the fear of being powerful—-

The energy of Aquarius is expansive, open, and welcoming of the richness of diversity. It is inclusive, in other words. In terms of physics, energy that is inclusive, or integrative, is defined as “positive energy,” while “negative energy” is identified by it’s function of creating separation. Well, take this in–the energy of sovereignty is also inclusive!  That’s the big update to assimilate. In the past, because of our collective agreement to experience separation, we entrained ourselves into the illusion that “sovereignty” meant “power over others.”  This is the entrainment that is at the seat of our hesitancy to reclaim our full power–but having power over others has nothing whatsoever to do with what being sovereign means NOW! Read on, then, from your heart center, and realign yourself with the truth–your truth, and the truth that is all of ours to reclaim.

“Sovereign” means that YOU have sovereign authority over all of your OWN creations. The full responsibility for what you experience in your “reality” is yours, alone. “Sovereign” does NOT mean that you have any authority over others, for WE ARE ALL SOVEREIGN–each and every one of us! Although that is a mindbender from the 3D perspective, it is our truth, and it is time to embrace it.

You do not need to fear what your power as a Creator Being might “do” to others. Only those whose frequencies resonate with your creations will share them with you. Got it? They will be willing participants, whether consciously or not. (Which, btw, is a BIG reason to take conscious, sovereign, responsibllity for what creations we choose to participate in, is it not?)

Know and remember this as well– From the energy of sovereignty, one innately creates manifestations that are good for ALL, because we are all ONE. Therefore, ”power struggles” between sovereign beings are not even possible. This is simple physics at this point, and not even the manipulations of brain logic can argue with that one. Only those who don’t want to be sovereign will continue the tap-dance of blaming others and “demanding their rights.” (As if anyone else ever had them!) This is true for the each and the all of us–the rich and the poor, the strong and weak, the gifted and the handicapped–or in whatever illusionary categories we have chosen to place ourselves and others in order to play the game of separation. NOW, however, it is time to end that game.

Drop it and BE sovereign, then! Let go of “fear of others”–let go of fear of yourself, and you will. Let go of perpetuating the traumas, in those you fear as well as in yourself, for that only keeps them running on “repeat.” As a SOVEREIGN BEING, set your intentions HIGH. Intend them for the ALL of us., which is actually the all of YOU. And together, I assure you, we are far, far more than the sum of our parts. Remember–as a Soverign, Divinely Human Being, the old game of separation will end when YOU call it. Call it NOW.

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You’re flying Beyond Therapy!
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1/6/13 Energy Forecast for NOW

Current energy forecast–The new lightness continues, lovely for those who choose to notice, still too subtle for those who do not–but the choice NOT to notice is beginning to require more muscle!

Today, for example, I went to the birthday party of a friend I have known for a very long time, but rarely see anymore. Oh, we still love one another, it’s just that when I stepped into a multidimensional paradigm of being a few years back, our paths…”converged,” shall we say? So, I’m at this big party with all of HIS friends, none of whom share MY path, and you know what? Even though they “knew nothing” about the recent energy shift we have experienced (and they probably didn’t want to hear about it, either), they apparently didn’t HAVE to, because they were feeling it and expressing it nonetheless!

Never have I had a more delightful time communing with the energies of people who call themselves football coaches and financial analysts, and all kinds of titles that are “foreign” to me, and we were in the SAME country, communing in the same SPACE, and enjoying one another very, very, much. ALL of them were experiencing themselves differently (as was I), and they even said so, although they couldn’t say WHY– and the “why” didn’t matter!

This NEW energy is something to feel, to flow with, and to allow ourselves to respond to–to “become response-able to”–by acting differently WITHIN it. Unity Consciousness requires nothing more than allowing ourselves to listen to the heart’s call to REMEMBER one another, and be “response-able” to that inner call. It isn’t rocket science. It is a matter of the heart.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

7.4.12 Musings on the 4th of July

Why is our “national anthem” a song about bombs exploding in the air, and why do we all sing it?

Why do we celebrate the birth of our country by exploding bombs in the air?

Why are we programmed from early childhood to think of our country as “the best,” and “the most powerful?”

And why do so many of us still buy into those customs, those definitions– even though in our hearts, we know better by now?

I have nothing against collective unity, far from it!  But collective unity that depends on arrogance, separation, and having power over others seems a bit–insecure to me. Kind of like a bully who has to prove him/herself at the expense of others.  And although bullies can be, and usually are, quite dangerous to others, I always feel compassion in my heart for them, because of their desperate need to prove themselves at any cost.

Clearly, bullies see the world as a dangerous place. The tragedy is that, because of their fearful view, they actually make the world a dangerous place. In that, they teach a potent lesson to us all.

If we see the world through eyes of fear, we will find what we look for.

If we strive to have power over others, then we will have no true friends.

I look forward to the day when all citizens, everywhere, refuse to sing songs about bombs and power over others in celebration of their country.  I look forward to songs about kindness, and collaboration, and peace.

I look forward to the day when we don’t set off bombs to celebrate anything– and never call them anything but bombs, either–no matter how pretty they look.

I look forward to the day when all countries join hands and join in celebration of one another for the unique and special role each plays in the family of us All.

I look forward to Unity Consciousness, and you know what? I believe it is coming. I believe that because it has always lived in our hearts, every one of us. We have just been programmed to believe otherwise. All we have to do is get conscious. All we have to do is go to our hearts for the truth of how we really feel about one another, and then listen. And then, simply say “no” to turning on one another ever again.

I believe that Unity Consciousness is innate within us. It is, beneath all the superficial programming and the lies we’ve bought into, our hearts’ desires. And, it might be just around the corner. When humans join hands across the globe to say, “Enough of enslavement to war, enough violence, enough inhumanity to one another,” nothing and no one anywhere can stop them. United, the heart of humanity cannot be enslaved, broken, conned, or deceived. United, we can shift into a whole new paradigm of being in a heartbeat.

So tonight, while many are watching bombs go off in a dazzling display of fireworks across our country, I’ll be looking at the stars instead. And I’ll have stars in my eyes, as well–stars of faith in the true, loving, nature of humanity. I believe that is what we are here now to express at last–and I’m counting on it–and on us.




Copyright(c) 2012 Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

Using the Path to Your New Creation

Keep Your Path Clear, Use All Signposts That Appear 

Use All Reflections That “Reality” Provides.

*  This is a Universal Law: Reality can only reflect what YOU create.

*  Reflections reflect.  They are themirror.  YOU are the source.

*  Find the source of the reflection within you.

*  Then either clear or amplify what you find.

Use All Apparent “Stumbling Blocks.”

*  There ARE no stumbling blocks—there is only information.

*  A“seeming disappointment” is really a limiting belief surfacing so that you can clear it out of your path.

*  A negative response from another reflects a imiting belief you hold about YOURSELF.  Now
that you see it, you can  clear it!

 Know That All Situations and All Circumstances Are Basically Neutral.

*  Reality is a blank canvas upon which you paint what you most strongly believe is true.

*  We always create the least painful scenario for ourselves.  For example,  if we want
recognition but fear exposure even more, we will energetically block recognition to avoid

Always Work With Energetic Flow.

*  “Easy” is confirmation that you are smoothly on track and in flow.

*  “Hard” means out of flow and “pushing against.” Hard” means STOP.

Maintain the Frequency of Your Manifestation.

*  If you drop out, it will arrive and you won’t be up there to receive it.

Major Pitfall: DO NOT Look to Your External “Reality” for the Change You Have Made!

*  If you wait for reality to “show you” the change, then YOU haven’t made the
.  Reality is a mirror, YOU’RE the creator.

If you aren’t already smiling into the mirror, your reflection won’t be smiling back, will it?

1.31.12 How to Create Radical Change– Right NOW

There are  many techniques and creative tools  that can be used to create radical change.  In fact, there are as many of them as there are of us.  Every one of us has our own unique frequency signature, and much like our handwriting, each has its own special flair. We use our power with our own unique flair as well.

What IS common to all of us is that we HAVE that power.  What IS a common requirement for all of us in order to USE our power is that we CLAIM it. Imagine trying to sign your name, and it is something you have done many thousands of times, but not for awhile. So, you have forgotten that you know how. In fact,  you have come to firmly believe that you do not know how.  I assure you that even though you DO know how, your belief would stop you cold.  We honor our beliefs above all else, and because we are very powerful, the universe complies.

The great feat then, is not “learning how to manifest change.” We already KNOW how.  The great feat is the small step into believing in what we know.  Once we step into our full sovereign authority as creator beings, our abilities flow as freely from us as our handwritten signatures flow from our hands.

Below is the link to “Navigating in the NOW, part 3.”  In it, I describe my first experience of fully claiming that sovereign authority, and then using it to bring my dying body back to health.  This was a change so radical, so seemingly miraculous, that I could never fall back into doubting this power that we all have, ever again. How could I?  I am living in the truth of it– my living, thriving, physical body– every day!

It is quite a story, all right, and one day I’ll tell it all in detail.  For now, however, it serves to make me a voice you can believe in when I tell you about your OWN power to do what I did, and more.  And it serves to propel me to use my voice out loud and with certainty, for I am living the truth of it.  So, watch the video, and see YOUR power. And take the leap.  Believe!

HOW NOW? HOW to USE your sovereign power in the NOW to create radical change is the subject of this video.
 I, Judith, did just that when I healed my dying body well again, and fast! I didn’t know “how” to do it, either. I only knew that I could, and that was enough. Here is the “how” I invented and used. And I use it still for all kinds of timeline jumping– because it works for me. Use it if it resonates, or use it to inspire you to create your own methods!
Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.,

1/23/12 The Multi-dimensional YOU in the Multidimensional NOW–A Message from the celestial team

Hello, again, Beloved! We tansmit our frequencies in a most exhuberant embrace, for we are so delighted to connect with you!

Can you feel our energies of delighted love surrounding you? Can you feel them connect with your own energies, and even infuse you with a bit of our fizzy Light if you allow them to? The image of how your eartly beverages might experience being infused with carbonation came to our Judith’s mind as she attempted to translate this feeling into words for you, and although we all had a good laugh at the mundanity of the comparison, we like it, nonetheless! So, we are prompting her to share it with you as well. For one thing, the frequency of laughter is always worth sharing, and for another, the image is one that translates a feeling that is very far from mundane into a familiar frame of refenence that might serve to make it more accessible. It is a “bridge metaphor,” so to speak.

And so, we ask you to use the bridge, and imagine yourself as a divine and sovereign beverage that is being infused with the highest frequencies of Love/Light! Notice how they inflate your own frequencies! Notice, especially, how well you can hold this Light within you. Indeed, it IS familiar, after all, for you are made to hold it. YOU, beloved, are very far from mundane. In fact, our desire to share our frequencies with you in this moment of your now is to remind you of just that.

We know we always tell you that every moment is completely new, and so each one is. Yet, even your moments of “now” have moved into an entirely new and more expanded NOW. This is, indeed, hard to explain in linear words, for you have entered into an energy in which you will no longer be able to understand yourself in the old linear ways. You have entered what we have identified for you as an entirely New Paradigm of Being, and so will be experiencing yourself in an increasingly multi-dimensional fashion from now on.

We know that this new, multi-dimensional, experience of your very being can be unnerving, at first. It is one thing to think about, talk about, and look forward to, and quite another to actually find yourself within! That is why we have come now to infuse you with our Love and words of reassurance, to the very greatest extent that you will open your heart to receive.

With that desire, we offer the following words for you to digest. Know that they are not simply awarenesses expressed through language, but that the words themselves are carriers of frequencies that in themselves carry information that will trigger your own, dormant muti-dimensional awarenesses. Once those are activated, you will have a much easier, and even joyful, time navigiating your way into your New Paradigm of Being. Before you read on, however, we remind you to read not through the construct of the third dimensional brain, but through the multi-dimensional intelligence of your heart.

*  Your third dimensional brain is but a small, programmed part of your greater mind. It was designed to keep you limited to a very narrow experience of yourself for reasons that you have now outgrown.

*  Your multi-dimensional heart center is the gateway to your greater mind. The more you “plug into” your heart center as your new operating system, the less you will feel a sense of separation between your body, mind and spirit. Eventually, they will begin to work together smoothly as one, for they are simply interconnected aspects of the one whole that is YOU.

*  Know that you are currently in an energetic state of transformation. We encourage you to claim that state as your own, and let go of any and all expectations that it should feel otherwise. To resist the movement would be akin to an airplane that was trying to fly while still feeling the runway beneath its wheels. You can fly into the new, or stay on the ground. It is energtically impossible to do both at the same time.

*  Do rest when you feel fatigued, even if it is not at a time when you “normally” do so. “Normal” is only another word for yesterday, and these are no longer “normal” times. Do not try to keep yourself running on old scheduling treadmills, then. Instead, allow yourself the freedom to expand beyond them, and give your body the rest it asks for as it adjusts to the faster vibration of the energy of NOW.

*  As you are entering into an increasingly multi-dimensional experience of yourself, the linearity of past, present, and future is loosening its hold on you. Therefore, you will be more in touch with your many lifetimes as they are truly occurring, which is simultaneously. We ask that you do not mistake this for inner conflict, confusion, or struggle. It is simply you engaging with other aspects of YOU, so that you can integrate them.

*  This process of integration is what we also have called unconditional Self Love. It is allowing all aspects of Self to present themselves to you, to be heard without judgement, to be valued for their experiences and the lessons they bring, to be loved unconditionally for their willingness to serve YOU in this way, and and to be welcomed home. This is the process of becoming whole for all beings in our universe. It is, as well, the foundation upon which one steps into Sovereignty.

*  Sovereignty is what will break the hold of the limitations perceived by the third dimensional brain.

*  The reclaiming of your Sovereign Authority is what then activates your abilty to feel your interconnection with your human collective as it truly is: divinely synchronized to operate together as One.

*  Beyond these three transformational processes, there are no limits whatsoever to what you can do, or where you can go. Just as the sky around you is without limits, so are you.

We hope you will ponder these awarenesses in your heart, Beloved. We hope you will use them to ease your brain of its unwieldy burdens, and trust your heart with them instead, where none of this is any burden at all! And soon, we will offer you part 3 of our “Navigating in the NOW” video,, in which our Judith shares her own powerful experience of HOW to be NOW, braided with us, as always, through her human voice. Never, do we leave you.

How we love you! Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley–All Rights Reserved

1.17.12 About NOW; a Video, a Message, a New Way of Being

NOW is all there is, ever was, and ever will be. It is eternal,  it is ever new, and it belongs to YOU. No one can take it from you, and no one but you can claim it. Nor can anyone but you decide what to do with it. NOW is where your freedom to create is ALIVE,  vibrating and shimmering around you as pulsing waves of energy, awaiting only your sovereign authority to play with it as you choose.  If you allow yourself to actually BE there, you can feel it. If you then use it to create the NEW, rather than imposing old habits and expectations onto it, you will see how it responds to your command. This is not magic, it is your truth!  And f you doubt that, just ask any quantum physicist.

It is very important to do whatever you need to, in order to get doubt out of your way. How can one leap into one’s power, into the untried, untested NEW, if apprehended by doubt? Below, there is a message and a video that I hope will encourage you to leap straight out of doubt and into being fully alive in the NOW. I  lifted them from my sister site,, where I seem to be spending an awful lot of my time these days.  However, I’m  bringing  some of that fizzy, celestial, energy over here from time to time, as well, because the wisdom in that fizz is meant to be shared with all.  Read and view from the heart, then, and then do with it what you will . It is your choice, as always.  But whatever you do, enjoy!


NAVIGATING IN THE NOW, from Judith and the celestial team

This is Judith–not the celestial team this time, and if you were hoping it was, I am sorry to disappoint you! I understand if you were, though–I kind of wish it was them, myself, to tell you the truth. Its a lot less stressful to just bring them through in a fizzy whoosh than it is to stand on my own two human feet and speak (write) in my own human voice, you know. Its been a long, upward climb for me to trust my own voice, and then, to trust those who hear it to not either stone, burn, or laugh me off the planet. Some of us “voices” have a lot of such past life experiences behind us, as I’m sure you also may know, as you may be one yourself.

But now is NOW, which is the whole point of this message. NOW is our time to speak up, to support one another, to join one another, to bring our voices together in a resounding chorus that rings through the galaxy and changes our world. And that is why the celestial team is asking me to step up to the plate and trust my SELF, trust YOU, and trust the love in my heart to simply overpower the fear until there is nothing left of it but a faint little grease spot. So, here I am.

Another important thing to mention is that I am aware that I am not truly sticking my neck out (flashback of a guillotine!) – all alone, for I feel the celestial team braiding with me as I write. Not only that, but they have always been part of me, just as you have celestial aspects that have always been part of you. We just were sold a bill of goods for a very long time that we were crazy–or witches– if we allowed ourselves to believe that.

The celestial team also tells me that reclaiming these higher aspects of ourselves is part of our “grand integration process.” We hold within us, every one of us, an orchestra that is US, and yet is a cohesive whole. I’m starting to even feel myself that way, as a constant braiding of frequencies, ever-changing, and yet completely responsive to my choices in every NOW, for in my current earthly incarnation, I, and I alone, am the conductor. As are you.

All of that said, you will find below a link to the 2nd of our 3 part video, which is an improvised-by-me-in-the-now desire to bring you more of the feeling, the juice, the power–in short, the aliveness– of being a human in the NOW. Nothing about it was pre-conceived (as you would have known all on your own just by watching it, I’m sure!). The celestial team’s fizzy energy is there infusing every moment, of course, but it was left up to human me to describe the not-describable experience of being in the continuous stream of pulsing NOWS we live in. Every nanosecond, waves of NOW energy are inundating us with creative possibilities, offering themselves to US to use in any way we choose. (Now, you try describing the feeling of that!)

Please, then, take my descriptions in as brush strokes, metaphors, musical notes—whatever way your divinely creative, multi-dimensional spirit loves most. Brain logic is not necessary, though, for there certainly are no facts in there, that’s for sure! Facts are something else, entirely—they’re more like rules thought up to limit creative expansion and keep everyone roped in on the same, tiny, page.

Therefore, at the risk of being redundant, I strongly suggest that you cut loose from those limitations and get nice and heart-centered before you press the play button. Then, let yourself simply feel the video, or climb inside it, or ride it like a wave. Again, its up to you– whatever your unique, free-flowing style of expansion is, just let it happen. And, if you really get 3rd dimensional thinking out of your way, you’ll find that your beautiful, all-knowing, multi-dimensional heart will do it all FOR you, no thinking required. All you have to do is say YES, and have a whole, new experience of knowing. You’re SOVEREIGN, remember?

Part 2 of a 3 part, in-the-now, description of the feeling, the juice, the aliveness, and the power, of being in the NOW as the sovereign co- creator you truly are.
Much Love/Light to you!
p.s. Part 3 will be along in a week or so…as soon as I get the “celestial nudge.”


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved

Latest Love/Light Message

Latest Love/Light Message.

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