A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality

3/27/13 Full Libra Moon

When we are intent on moving into our full potential, it is useful to use all of the support that appears to us sychronistically, as well as the support that we create for ourselves. Doing so keeps us focused on what we are unfolding into, rather than on what we are unfolding out of.

This intentional switch in focus is not difficult. It is exactly what we do when viewing optical illusions. We simply decide which to see–the lady or the witch, for example. It is only the habit of focusing on one more often than the other that makes it “seem hard” to switch focus.

That said, I suggest that you use the Libra full moon tonight (or any full moon from here on in) as a support to amplify your own belief in what you are aspiring to. This Libra moon will be especially empowering in reinforcing your intention to maintain balance through your process of growing into your full potential.

You see, as you welcome your growth, all that has prevented it thus far also comes up to be released.  These two processes occur simultaneously because they are actually part of one process (just as the witch is always in the face of the lady). It is up to us to stay balanced in the knowing that both are options to experience. The choice of which perception to focus on is entirely our own.

Growth is change. Change is a state of flux. The more we accept that, the more we learn to balance within it. The more we realize that reality is simply a perceptual choice, the better our balance becomes in aspiring higher–and the more fun it all begins to be.


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