7.9.14 New Video. July 20th Energy Tele-Gathering- RECEIVE Because You DESERVE.

I know I already posted an announcement about the first Monthly Energy Tele-Gathering, which  is happening on July 20th. But, I just “got” to make a video announcement about it for the subscribers of my youtube channel,  too… which surprised me at first, because I’ve never “gotten” to do that for any of my tele-gatherings before NOW.  But then I “got”  it (lol)– we are integrating SO MUCH right NOW! And we have to do it energetically! So then I “got” (lol, lol) to share the video with you as well. There’s some good information in it for one thing. For another, just in case you hesitated to “receive” the tele-gathering after the first posting… for reasons I mention in the video, actually!




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