The Flotsam of August

August 19, 2018

Although I’m not yet quite recovered/rehabilitated/regrouped enough to begin to share the big “what happened” that took me out of commission last September, I’m getting there.  Every day I write about it a little, just for myself, as much as I can tolerate without falling back into any of the traumas.  It’s a slippery ledge, but I’m gaining traction.  I’ve been helped in that by the river of cosmic forces at play with us throughout our trio of eclipses this month.  Pretty rough play it’s been sometimes, too.  I’ve learned quite a lot about white-water rafting, for example.  I’ve learned some other pretty valuable things to know about, too– so valuable that I’m even compelled to pop out of my cocoon for just long enough to offer something about them for your consideration, as well–


In the midst of all the white-water rafting we’ve been doing, you may have noticed that a lot of flotsam was stirred up. (In case you don’t know, flotsam is debris that was not deliberately thrown in the water, but resulted from a prior shipwreck or accident– something traumatic from the past, in other words.) 


If all this haphazard old debris that’s been flying around in you and/or around you (probably both) has been making you feel a little crazy, it might help to know this— since a whole lot of planets have also been retrograde, it actually makes perfect sense that flotsam from old traumas have been churned up! 

Not only that, but there’s a GOOD part— with TWO good parts:

1.) Flotsam, being left-over debris, brings up the old energy pattern of a really big trauma, but in a watered-down version so that you can release the big one without having to go through it all over again. 
(Just FYI– these watered-down versions are the ones that FEEL earth-shattering even though you know they aren’t.  Or they don’t HAVE to be, anyway!) 

2.) The most empowering part about this recent batch of flotsam is that you (we) can actually see OUR part in setting up our run-ins with it.  And oh yes, is that important, oh yes, is that a gift!
Why?  Because it frees us from feeling VICTIMIZED.

And freedom from the bondage of victimhood IS freedom.

people dancing in sunflower!



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Paradigm Shift


I went down to sit with my feet in the see shortly after our partial lunar eclipse began. On my mind were things I did not want to think about. Like the need to leave the see soon (or get in trouble with the Austrian Embassy for staying longer than 3 months); and finding some way of getting to an airport (not that easy from here); and blah blah BLAH!!!!  Oh, I’m sorry… some of you may still call that  “facing reality.” I did not mean to be insulting.

So anyway.  I sat down here with the see, and I was “just in time.” A pure white, serenely elegant swan came into view only a few feet from me. It was an entrance. The boathouse had kept her/him hidden from my view until suddenly there she/he was, right in front of me.

Following right behind, six “ugly ducklings” made their consecutive entrances, spaced evenly apart, emulating that serene elegance like little wizards. I was transfixed.

But it wasn’t over. Just enough behind the trail to create an intentionally honoring distance… just  enough to the right of the trail to be easily seen by each one of them… came another pure white serenely elegant adult swan. 

My God, how “THERE” is that?!

I watched and loved and cried as this royal procession streamed by me. They all were being what they were born to be so effortlessly; their serene joy just PULSATED into me.

Oh, nothing about “roles,” lol! They didn’t give a hang how they were “supposed to be!” And I have no idea who was what sex, either, and who CARES?  That is not the point.

The point is that THEY knew who they were inside themselves, and were simply following their bliss, as Joseph Campbell put it.

It was a wonder-full gift to me in this powerful full moon/eclipse energy by the see. I have no doubt that there were masters in those swans’ bodies. I SAW.

I wanted to share the seeing  with ALL of you. I wish I’d had a camera with me. Then again, I might not have even THOUGHT of taking a picture. But I did go back and take a picture of the exact spot of the swans’ procession. It’s pretty golden. 🔆💖

8_7_17 full moon partial eclipse (H)

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10.7.13 Where the Action Is NOW– Relationships

Just in case you haven’t tuned into it yet, here’s a heads up– we seem to be in the midst of quite a shift. More specifically, ever since our Libra New Moon on 10.4, we seem to have entered an initiation into experiencing “expansion” as the process of LIVING it truly is, rather than conceptualizing it as lessons to learn and/or something to wait for. That this initiation is also a process is indicated by the full Aries moon/lunar eclipse that follows the new moon by two weeks, and the Scorpio solar eclipse that will follow that, two weeks later.

Mind you, all that I’m sharing with you comes from my own intuitive guidance, my own experience, and through the perspective that matches my current frequency signature. But, since truth is a matter of perspective, it may not resonate for you if yours is very different– just as you can’t pick up a radio station if you are not in range of its signal. So if what I write sounds like nothing but static– stop reading and forget about it! Its not for you, that’s all, and since YOU are the sovereign authority of your own life, find what does resonate, instead.

OK, so there’s my disclaimer. NOW onward. I say that (from my perspective!) we are shifting into an initiation process  because, ever since  the new moon, I’ve been feeling/hearing/experiencing this radically NEW energy resonating through me and every aspect of my life. What’s more, the reverberations are growing stronger every day, often in blatant and astonishing ways. What’s even more, all of them resound most loudly in the context of relationships. In other words, fasten your seatbelts and keep your eyes on the road, because everything is happening NOW, and everything that happens is relational!

Of course, I know it isn’t news that the only “time” we’re alive is NOW. Nor is it news that expansion is a relational process– given that we’re all interconnected, for one thing– its just that the energies we’ll be in for the next month will make these truths almost impossible to avoid (unless you really, really, really want to, and the resistance required to do so will probably make you very, very, very tired). NOW, I could go on to give you a lot more “conceptual evidence” of this NEW shift, but doing so would no longer feel coherent with the flow of what it IS! Therefore, it would only exhausted me, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll do what my heart is calling me to do in flow with these energies, which is to share a bit of my own evidence…human, transparent, and from–where else?–my heart.

Here goes: Over the last weekend, I experienced a resonant heart connection that was unprecedented, and so simply allowed it to unfold. Astonishing, in my case. Definitely “not me,” who is very cautious about allowing any such unfoldings to “simply happen.” Ha, imagine my surprise when I found myself not only “allowing,” but flying through the air, mid-leap, into who-knows-what except that it felt right and was fun–and with no qualms at all! Welcome to the energies of NOW.

And, looking back from NOW at my old limiting, fear-based beliefs about such miraculous events (“old” ha, I didn’t even know they weren’t still current until I found myself flying right through them)– anyway, looking back at them, they seem downright silly. I wouldn’t have missed my flight for the world, and sure intend never to miss one again! What will come of such flights? Who knows? Who cares? Where we’re going NOW–if we’re willing to fly, that is–is into unity consciousness. It can’t be done alone. So why NOT start flying together as much as we can?

OK, so weekend of flying experienced, the very next day I learned  that a beloved wolf-friend of mine had suddenly made his transition. I never even got to say goodbye (at least not consciously). MAN, these “sudden” experiences can sure get one reeling, let me tell you–unless we LIVE them, FLOW with them, and LISTEN to them.
When we DO, however, they loosen us from the bondage of  “perpetual fear of loss” that has kept us from receiving, gratefully and joyously, the bounty that is offered in the NOW.
When we allow them, we set ourselves free to LIVE in the NOW.
When we do that, we realize that there is no such thing as “loss!” How could there be, when we were there for ALL of it, every moment? When we live in the NOW, we get it ALL, everything NOW is offering, right then. All we have to do is be there, and we never miss a drop.

Regardless of how my lovely leap into connection evolves, I will not lose anything–I was THERE for it. Regardless of whether my beloved friend made his transition or not, I have not lost anything–I was THERE to experience him when he was with me. WHAT is there to lose, unless we don’t show up to receive it? WHAT can we create for ourselves, unless we do so in the NOW? There IS no future–unless we show up for it NOW.

And once we know that…we can FLY. We never need sit on the sidelines, alone and afraid again, for the skies are full of flying partners, just waiting for us to spread our wings…over, and over and over…
Much LOVE to you all! Enjoy the energies, and happy NOWS to you and to all of your connections! ♥♥♥


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