WE Are IN It NOW! Up Close and Personal #1


I know I often focus on speaking beyond my personal experience. I have very determinedly  done so, because my purpose in writing these posts is not “all about me,” but about what is relevant to ALL of us. This week, however, I’ve discovered that the only way I can express what feels true about ALL of us IS “all about ME!” Very paradoxical, it seems… or did seem, until I decided to stop trying to figure it out and just do it, anyway.

The very minute I made that choice, there was nothing more to figure out. I got it. 
From NOW on (at least as far as the topics I cover here are concerned), expressing what is true for ALL of us is going to have to be an “INSIDE JOB.” That is because we truly are in a NEW Paradigm, and getting up to speed with it requires not only the mastery of our own energetic technology as creator beings, but acquiring a radically NEW shift of perspective.

And considering what I’ve been going through, feeling, and experiencing internally in order to describe how to use this technology– I can tell you that there is a LOT to the process of aquiring that NEW perspective! Hmmm… what I also just got is that it’s the PROCESS I go through as I intuit and test this NEW information before offering it to you that creates the shift of perspective required to USE the end results.”

Those “end results” would be the energetic tools I’ve intentionally attempted to present with as little “extra verbiage,” as possible, of course… Okay, okay, I GET IT! Since this process of discovery is a human one (and a radically NEW human one, at that), sharing my human process is just as important as sharing the discoveries– maybe even more valuable.

And (not “but,” please notice– no more “buts” in this New Paradigm!), there is so much to all that I have been going through, feeling, experiencing in the process of presenting the first two NEW ENERGY Tele- Gatherings already that I cannot imagine sharing ALL of it. I’d be at the computer day and night for weeks! AND, I’m sure that I what I do share will be exactly “right”… because we are all connected. I will not be deciding what to share alone, after all. 

So first thing I gotta share (after all that, lol!)–  is that the last two NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS will be on May 17th and May 21st at 4:00 p.m. pstd. To find out more about them and/or register, click on “NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS!” at the top of the site. Recordings of the first two are also available there, btw.

I know, I “should” be putting all that info here again… according to the old paradigm perspective, I need to keep “marketing them.” Yeah, I know….I’m not in that perspective, though (never really have been actually). So that’s that. If you want to attend, you’ll find the info.
I, myself, am going to talk about me right NOW, thank you very much.

Which I’ve already done quite a lot of, I’ve also just noticed. So for NOW, I’ll just say that what makes the awarenesses that have been coming to me so dazzlingly thrilling is how 220px-Escher_Circle_Limit_IIIexquisitely simple they are in their intricately interwoven expansiveness. That’s quite a mouthful, sorry– but just wait till you SEE! Within a single awareness, several others will open like flowers, and even more will shoot out from it like sparks that connect with many others, and then they ignite and grow flowers and shoot sparks… It is a totally NEW Paradigm way of experiencing consciousness altogether, and so elegantly beautiful  that it fills me with wonder. You are going to love it!!!

In the meantime, consider this “Up Close and Personal #1,” and my introduction to the the ones that will follow, and my description of the process that lead me to begin to share them. Feels like a complete gestalt to me… to say more would be to begin a whole NEW one, entirely. So, I’ll sign off for NOW. Stay attuned!

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3.11.13 Use the Energies of NOW to Re-callibrate and Create!

3/11/13 A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Hi, All–

How’re you doing these days?  Starting to notice that, even though “reality” might look the same, it doesn’t “feel” quite the same as it did just a few months ago? Say, last November, early December? Disconcerting, isn’t it, to hang onto the belief that “seeing is believing,” when we’re moving out of the very “reality” that held us to it for so long? And to the extent that any of us hang onto it, it even begins to betray us altogether by making us “think we’re going crazy,” as we used to say…

That’s just perfect. Because how else are any of us who “think we know” that “reality” must be seen to be believed ever going to open up enough to question that “knowledge?” (Lot’s of quotation marks, I know. Even our words are losing the meaning that we “thought they had!”)

The “reality” is that everything is in a rapid process of change. We are energetive beings. “Reality”  is a reflection of our beliefs. In other words, beliefs come first, not the other way around. And we have NOW moved into a NEW energy–a higher octave of frequency, if you will– that will no longer support our belief that “things happen to us,” anymore. For those who wish to flow with this unprecedented shift, rather than fight against it (and perhaps come to question their own sanity), there is lots of information and many tools archived on my website to assist you in doing just that. This change has been coming for quite awhile, you know!

In the meantime, I just want to point out that we are in the midst of a monumental “re-callibration” of our own energies, in order to get in sync with the NEW octave of energy that is our NEW Home.  To the extent we welcome the process, we will find magic in it. To the extent we recognize the support that constantly offers itself to us energetically, receive it gratefully, and use it–we will discover that we are the magicians.

There are two such supports being offered in this very moment. One is our powerful Pisces new moon, transmitting energy to us that is like fertile NIW soil in which to plant our intentions. The other is the link below. It will take you to a video that will help you re-callibrate your energies as the Sovereign, Energetic, Creator Being you truly are, and ground them into your own energy grid. If you’re open to stepping into that again, and recognizing your NEW Home as one that you have been waiting for, and for a very, very, long time, they are at your disposal.

Watch the video first in order to ground the re-callibration pro0cess. Then, set your intentions with the Sovereign Authority you opened yourSelf to reclaim through the watching. And hold them!  Do not abandon these new seedlings of your dreams, no matter how things “look” around You! Instead, hold them close to your heart with the certainty of a mother with new life growng in her womb. Simply feel them…and then watch them…as they grow…

POWER  TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3 



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