Sovereign Authority and Your Power to Choose


We ALL are energetic beings. Everything we see perceive is also made of energy. But that’s “old hat” scientific knowledge, isn’t it? Most of us who are not yet over one hundred years old learned that in our high school science classes! The scientific knowledge that is not as readily delivered into the mainstream curriculums of education, as yet, is that it is consciousness that dictates the form energy takes to create what we perceive as “reality.”

Quantum physicists began finding evidence of this over a century ago–and it has been very unsettling to the scientific community ever since. Why? Because the discoveries that quantum physicists continually make only continue to confirm that reality is simply a projection of consciousness. Understand the classical scientists’ hesitancy, then, in sending this news (rather old news at this point, actually) out there to ALL of us! Understand that  it makes the theoretical underpinnings of classical physics obsolete, and so completely derails the “facts” that they have based their entire careers on.

A  little human compassion is in order, then, don’t you think? It will serve us ALL much more than condemnation—after all, letting go of beliefs that the ego has used to build a “public reputation on”  is not an easy thing for humans. Imagine if your entire sense of self-worth was at stake!  What if your very survival seemed to depend on upholding old beliefs, no matter how obsolete they had become? “Survival” is not too strong a word, either, especially for past generations. After all, “survival of the fittest” was a deeply ingrained scientific theory, to the extent of becoming a collective mantra, for a very long time. We’ve all been touched by it, in some way or another. The belief that we need to fight against one another in order to survive  is a very ancient  one, indeed…

Compassion, and a great deal of it, is thus in order for us ALL. Besides, nothing has ever really been hidden by anyone. Nothing can be, for awareness awaits only our OWN willingness to expand our perceptions to embrace it. Just as our classical scientists have illustrated quite beautifully for us, perceptions can only carry us as far as our beliefs will allow them to. So NOW, as many in our collective are ready to step into an expanded awareness of the nature of our “reality,” our quantum physicists have made them readily available. All is synchronized in perfect timing, always.

And what quantum physicists have made available is the mind-boggling discovery that as “conscious energetic beings,” we don’t just experience reality–we create it! CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY. Our beliefs  dictate what we we will perceive as “reality,” which in turn manifests them as the reflections we experience as “reality.” Over and over, a myriad of  quantum experiments have shown that we are the creators of our own reality. In other words, as the sovereign authorities of our own creations, WE don’t have to fight for anything to survive!  Please don’t just take my word for it, either–this is physics! Research it yourself, find the evidence, and claim it as your own. You are sovereign, remenber? YOU choose.

And, if you are by any chance feeling some resistance to the impact of my words right about NOW… oh boy, do I understand. We are not used to being sovereign! But we are used to being innundated over the airwaves with urgent pursuasions to “do this,” or “do that,” aren’t we? Way too many to  take in, so we have built a kind of energetic “firewall” to tune them out. There was nothing wrong with that, either, for when we hadn’t yet claimed our sovereignty, what else could we do but build walls of protection (with our powerful creator energy, I might add!). We “knew” (through our sovereign gifts of discernment, but more about that later) that the majority of those constant urgings had nothing to do with concern for our well-being. We could “feel” that they were fueled by something else entirely.

And so they were. They were fueled by the old “fear of survival” belief in scarcity, and the need to compete in order to get “enough.” Which is never “enough” when one is afraid they could “lose it all tomorrow.” Yep. That’s the old “survival of the fittest” mentality at it’s finest. One of the most common examples is the constant barrage in our daily lives of the survival tactic known as “marketing,” of course. It is tiring, but know that it is not easy on those who use it, either. The energies of competition and striving never are.

Yet, that is how people have been taught to treat one another in order to be successful enough to “assure their survival,” isn’t it? Have compassion, then, for both the teachers and those who have “bought” their teachings! Know that their efforts to “market themselves” run them on an endless treadmill that only amplifies their sense of fear and isolation. Be grateful–for their sakes–that it is a dying tactic, born of an obsolete perspective. For, as YOU step into your own sovereign authority, you will spread that same sovereign truth to others, through the very air we share together! We are energetic beings, remember, and we are all connected.

To the degree that YOU real-ize that there is no reason to compete, or fight for anything or against anyone, such loving acceptance becomes easy. Simply let others absorb your real-ization at their own pace, and expect to be surprised at how rapid that pace of expansion becomes–for all of us! The NEW energies are awakening NEW motivations, ones that come from the heart rather than the fear-driven ego. The heart has never forgotten that we are all ONE. The NEW motivations will spring from a “re-member-ing” of OurSelves. As they do, we will also remember that energy offered always returns, and in ways and forms we could not even dream of. There is no scarcity of abundance! (That again, is simply physics. You can researcb it if you like!)

It is time to take the firewalls down! Time to replace them with compassion, and use our  gifts of discernment to navigate through the old energies and into the NEW. In the past, we let self-doubt undermine these powerful gifts, but NOW, we can even discern such undermining and dismiss the doubts! We will come to recognize the old, fear-driven motivations immediately by the way they pull on us, and be able to calmly say, “No thank you.” We will feel how the NEW, heart-born motivations seem to manifest as responses to calls that have already sounded within us, and say, “Yes! Thank you!” So it will go, becoming ever more obvious that “reality,” itself, arrives exactly as it does, when it does, at our own, sovereign, request.

NEVER again forget that you are very, very far from powerless! Your own consciousness creates your reality! Digest that and rejoice, for in this moment of time, you are here to do just that. You are not here to  repeat old patterns of powerless and separation–we all did that very well for a very lomg time, thank you very much. NOW, we are here to create NEW ones based on Unity Consciousness. We’re in the home stretch at last, and our power as Creator Beings is unlimited.  All we need do is believe it, and use it responsibly. (And don’t worry, YOU already know how. Just let your heart guide you.)

NOW–below is the link to a video about how incredibly important claiming and using our Sovereign Authority is, as expressed from a “higher perspective,” shall we say? It also  offers some useful tips on how to get started–and lots of “fizzy, encouraging, energy,” as well. (It’s an easy watch, in other words.) For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, PLEASE DO, and EN-JOY!


And btw- take it to heart! — ♥ Judith


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

“Cowardice is Only a Lack of Love”

“Cowardice is Only a Lack of Love”

Yes, that is a quote. It knocked me over with its clarity, truth, and simplicity when I heard it today, and one of the reasons I was so easily felled was because it came like a curveball from seemingly nowhere, and hit me right in the heart. Who do you think would have lived love enough to have claimed the knowing of such a thing?  Oskar Schindler? Paul Rusesabagua? Mother Therasa, perhaps? Or the 911 First Responders?

I’m sure all of them did, and have, and do.  Out of any of them, such a statement would not be a curveball at all. It would be just as profound, but the delivery wouldn’t have caught me by such surprise, and so not knocked me right onto my knees before I even knew what hit me.  It is a very good thing to stay present in the moment, and this is proof!  I don’t mean because  one could get hurt by sudden fast balls if one isn’t paying attention, either. I mean because they might pass you right by unnoticed. Then,you would miss being hit in the heart, and knocked to your kneees, and never know that grace had visited you at all.

I heard that quote in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” the first film I’ve seen in months. I only went because I had a feeling it would “be good for me.” The character who’s mouth it came floating out of was Ernest Hemingway’s. Ernest Hemingway!  I love much of his writing, but all that I’ve read about the man himself has made me cringe. And he killed himself.  I’d always seen that as a sign of his inability to love enough, in the end.  And perhaps it was. But he knew. He knows.

My heart goes out to him now. I thank him for his knowing, and for somehow sharing that with me, personally, so many years later, and through such a divinely formulated setup.  Of course, for all I know, the quote was not even his, but Woody Allen’s. If so, I thank him as well, for he was the go-between.  For I felt  Hemingway in it, you see, and I have never felt, or wanted to feel, this man at all!  That’s another curveball, feeling his energy, reaching out to me and as real as life, to tell me this powerful truth.  And I never even liked him! “Cowardice is nothing but a lack of love.” I hear you, Mr. Hemingway. I thank you.  Forgive me for not understanding better before, and thank you for finding me, and telling me, anyway. I’ll pass it on. And, I love you, too.

What I heard tonight was not only the truth I already believe– that love will set us free from all of the hell we create within us and around us by choosing to fear one another rather than remember that we are one. I heard the so-called “fatal flaw,” the weakness that I was taught to look for when analysing Shakespeare’s tragic characters back in college.  And I heard it from one who lived it out and came back to tell the tale.  He even named this core tool of self-destruction that breaks even the noblest heros, and the name he gave it is is lack of self-love.  Hemingway overlooked that in his desire to live up to his own standards, and so tortured himself with every perceived “failure” to be more than he thought he was.

It is the ego that drives us, and without any love for us at all. It is the ego, a third dimensional, artificial, construct that is built and programmed after our birth and throughout our younger years, that is our most formidable foe. The ego is there to keep us “in line.” Sometimes, in one with a strong spirit as Hemingway’s was, for example, one’s relationship with it can get very twisted, it is true. But, under the ego’s programmed domination, even if one thinks one is rebelling against a system, one is actually a puppet playing a designated role within it. All polarized systems, as ours has certainly been, need “bad guys” to point the finger at, to blame, to go to war against, to be the fall guys. This is how the system stay alive.

This is a tricky game to discern, then, for we all fall at first into believing that the ego is our protector, our defender, fighting for our rights and our survival, demanding that we be recognized and approved of.  It takes time to discover that  this approval we seek, these demands we make to be recognized, these pseudo-rebellions we play out against it, are all part of the trap that keeps us locked into its puppetry. The system pulls the strings, and the ego dances. In the process, we lose touch with our most sacred truths and our nobility of spirit. We forget that our love of humanity flows from the wellspring of love from Source, right within us, and that this is the love that motivates us to step out into the world!  It is necessary for us to experience the game, of course, and to feel the strings that jerk us around, in order to learn what it is.  We cannot gain mastery over it, otherwise.  If we get caught up in the game instead, however, if we accept our life sentence to play our roles of “good guy,” “bad guy,” whatever they are, for the system…we become cowards.

Know that your ego does not love you. Your ego does not care about you at all. Your ego only keeps you running after whatever carrot was hung in front of you when its programming was put into place.  And, you will never, ever, get hold of that carrot. You’ll get tastes to lure you forward, and then blame yourself evereytime it slips away. You’ll sacrifice your own soul to finally grab it, only to find that it is a tasteless illusion, and all you are left with is the self-loathing you have built up throughout the chase. And then what? This is the message Mr. Hemingway brought through me tonight, and in a far harsher way than is my natural bent. But I am delivering his message, because it is alive with his energy and his passion to share it, and because he wants me to.

He says, “Love yourself, dammit!  Honor that spark of divinity within you, for that is your light, your way, and your truth! Don’t be a fool, because otherwise you will lose the very power that drives you! You’ll lose your passion to give something of yourself to this world, and that’s the only reason you came to this planet, anyway. If you do not love yourself, how can you value what you are here to give? If you do not value it, how can you have the courage to offer it?  Courage comes only from the love within you, and you have to feel it for yourself before you can give it away!  Don’t forget this, whatever you do!”

Thank you, again, Mr. Hemingway. It was an honor to share your message. You are a valiant and noble spirit, after all. And one more time from my heart– forgive me for not understanding that about you before.

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