Red Alert!


Red alert! There’s been a sharp increase in people who want off this planet in the last couple of days! Would you be one of them? If so, HANG ON! We are seriously RECALIBRATING to catch up with the spike in the Schumann Resonance. Which means any and all of the following (plus a few hundred other things, but these are the ones you need to know about right NOW)–

Nothing is going to turn out the way you thought it would.
Your nervous system is on overdrive.
Your emotions either flare up like a forest fire or carry you off into them like  tidal waves, so you are either making messes or completely shut down (or both from one minute to the next).
Your daily schedule has gone hopelessly awry.
People you love got really mean all of a sudden.
YOU got really mean all of a sudden.
You have a headache. Or a tummy ache. Or your joints ache. And your heart aches. Really BAD. You cry a lot.

YES to any of those? Look… it’s all right. Call this an “aberration in space/time.” You are betwixt and between 2 different frequency octaves. You DO need to get up to speed pretty soon, though…

 … which is why my “What Is UP? The Schumann Resonance Web-In-Are!” is happening on March 26th. Register for that right NOW. It will help you feel better.

In the meantime, SLOW DOWN. Your bio/neuro/psycho/energy systems are working overtime and stressed to the max. So slow down, breathe, reassure them that they are doing just GREAT, and their/your relief will be palpable.

Hang on!  ❤ ❤ ❤


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  • COALESCENCE, the very first global and intimate Group for Energy Sensitives! The first one has already begun, and it is WONDER-FULL. It looks like another will be forming soon The group will be small enough to coalesce, which means up to 10 members. To find out more about COALESCENCE and/0r reserve your spot, email me at– yep,
  • WEB-IN-ARES to navigate into Sovereignty by. Every month or so, a Web-In-Are is offered to keep everybody up to speed TOGETHER. Watch for announcements in upcoming posts and JOIN us!

FROM MY HEART, THANK YOU to EACH of YOU who knows that GIVING/RECEIVING is ONE energy dynamic! When you receive something from me that feels as if it is just for you, thank you for knowing that it IS. When you act on that knowing by giving even a small energy exchange by pressing the “donate” tab, thank you for knowing that it supports me in giving freely from my heart, and supports what you receive exponentially. Bless your hearts! ❤


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