If there is anything you would love to experience that seems too far “out of the box” to real-ize…
Right NOW!
(What the hay are YOU doing in a box, anyway?)

RIGHT NOW and every NOW through much of April, we are projecting our future in every NOW moment more powerfully than ever before.
Right NOW, we are in the middle of a confluence of energy, like the birthing of a many-sided star, and what we choose NOW will be our trajectory for a very long time.
Right NOW, nothing is out of the box… the box is GONE.

However, very much like star beams, the trajectories we choose NOW will become further and further apart as they beam outward. Which means that from NOW on, jumping from one to the other will not be so easy at first. Eventually, it will be impossible.

Which also means that it is SO important that we choose our trajectories very consciously right NOW that I don’t even know how to express it strongly enough without sounding like the last advertisement you just read for something–
Lol… funny, yet not so funny.

And on that note, I feel an ENERGY TELE-GATHERING gathering into form. Oh boy, do I ever…  I’ll be posting the date and time very soon, I’m sure (as soon as I’ve “gathered” it, myself, that is).

In the meantime–
Re-member that thoughts, amplifed by emotion, pulse out the electromagnetic frequencies that create form.
WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS. YOU are the thinker.
Re-member as well that its the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions that will manifest the form– which will be beyond what you ever thought was possible back in that old box– so don’t even think about it!

And if I were you, I’d do just what I’m doing, which is to choose combinations that are as far out of the illusionary box as possible… thoughts that think your DREAMS, and emotions that FEEL them… until they are so “real” to you that you don’t even bother wondering when or how they’ll manifest into form.

If you’re confused about how the frequencies of your intentions and desires could be so powerful, startled by the urgency of  “needing to know how right NOW,” and so about to short circuit just from the stress of it all… RELAX.
Take a couple of nice slow inhales and exhales.

You know how to do a lot more than you think you do by NOW.
You know how to BREATHE don’t you? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be alive.
Yet how do you remember to keep breathing? You don’t. You just know.

Yep, you know a whole lot you never knew you did. Besides, we’ll talk about how you know HOW very soon in the upcoming tele-gathering (which will also shed some light on how to access your inner know-how about just about anything else you want to know).

And if you feel like you absolutely need some of that know-how right NOW… relax. You know how to book a private session, don’t you? Just call me or email thecelestialteam@gmail.com– right NOW. “Time” is malleable… it will wait for you.
(You see? You ALWAYS know what to do!)

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1.7.13 More About the Energy Forecast…It’s Up to US!

1.7.13 Energy Forecast Update–A “Hit of the Day”

As I work with these NEW, lighter, energies of 2013, I’m getting more and more  exciting “hits” about how they serve us in NEW ways. I want to share some of them with you, because they are revealing that we are, indeed, in a New Paradigm of Being, and one that will not make it easy for us to hold onto any old illusions of powerlessness any longer!  The “hits” started mushrooming as soon as I realized that whenever I resist flowing with this NEW energy, I find myself in a “state of being” that doesn’t feel very good at all. Whenever I fall back into the entrainment of basing my current experience on old, duality-based patterns of perception, it feels even worse than it used to! Judgments, negative expectations, self-disparagement–any of the distasteful beliefs that I used to periodically chew on quite unconsciously, like a dog with an old, familiar, bone–they NOW become distasteful to the point of being downright sickening! SO distasteful that I can’t help but become conscious of them, and fast, too.

Eureka. This NEW energy can either feel very light and lovely or incredibly god-awful, depending on the energies that WE, ourselves, bring into it. That was the crystalizing insight for me–NOW, more than ever, it is becoming ”very hard” to avoid the realization that WE are the ones who determine how we feel. And that is absolutely, divinely, perfect, isn’t it?

After all, we did not cross the threshold into the dawn of a New Era in order to be carried off in the arms of its energy like little babies! We did not expect to find ouselves gently deposited in some la-la land where all of our highest aspirations would instantly be laid before us, without our needing to even lift a finger! That would have defeated the very purpose of the threshold itself.

Undoubtly, those among us who thought otherwise are feeling rather rudely awakened right about NOW. What a shock to realize that there is far more to be lifted than a finger over here on this side of the threshold– we have an entire  human collective on our hands, lol! Of course, the lifting out of a fear-based reality and into Unity Consciousness will be wonderfully supported by the NEW energy. And, in our NEW Sovereign Authority, our power to lift any and everything with ease is beyond any prior experience we’ve had. It’s just that, for those who haven’t yet real-ized this, the idea of having to lift anything at all is the stickler. Which is very understandable, because in the old paradigm, we felt pretty powerless, and “lifting” was associated with hard work, struggle, extreme exertion, and even enslavement.

So, when you hear disappointed grumbles and laments around you (or within you!) that “nothing is different,” recognize them for what they are– growing pains–and have compassion. They are the sounds of old energy patterns resisting change. They are the dying echoes of powerlessness and victimization, trying to survive in an energy that will no longer support them. If we hang onto them, we’ll feel as much dissonance and discomfort as we need to in order to finally just drop them, and step into the Sovereign Authority that is our birthright.

As we ALL go through this process of letting go, in our own ways and at our own paces, let’s all be wayshowers for one another, as well. When we hear the grumbles around us, let US be the ones to show, through our own examples, that we did not cross into this NEW lighter energy to be “saved,” but to be supported in becoming the Saviors we truly are. That we are not here to have our highest aspirations handed to us, but to BECOME our highest aspirations, Ourselves. No energy in the Universe would ever take that opportunity away from us.

When we feel god-awful because we are holding onto old judgments within us, let’s remember to  attune our own energy to match the NEW energy that is all around us, for it is at our service to assist us in accessing our own Light, and our own Sovereign power to change the world. The more we do this attuning, the Lighter we get. The more others feel our Light, the more they want it. The more they want it, the more the Light spreads among us, and the Lighter eveything we manifest around us gets. And then presto! One day, we look around and “all of a sudden…” EVEYTHING has changed.  And so it goes…and so it is.

Enjoy the process!  This IS the time of our lives–so let’s HAVE  it! ♥


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