The Most Useful Awareness Ever


Here is the most important thing I can share with you right NOW.

NOTHING is permanent.
EVERYTHING is changing.

Do you see the ALIVENESS in that… the FREEDOM?

Life is not a static, definable experience. Yet clients come to see me because they believe theirs are… as if we are not here to LIVE our lives, but to simply inhabit them.

Where do we humans GET such crazy ideas?
Well, actually, I know a few places… but the point is that they really ARE crazy ideas.

We create our own reality constantly.

We are dancers in the midst of a dance…
We are painters in the midst of creating a work of art…
We are poets midstream in a metaphor…
We are sculptors finding the life within a slab of marble and setting it free.

We are CREATORS. “Time” is our medium.
Every moment is but single movement in a dance…
a brush stroke on a vast canvas…
an inspiration to follow…
an action to make it REAL.

That is the most useful, most important thing I know to share with you right NOW.

NEVER stop creating!

human heart, NEW GPS!

❤ ❤ ❤

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Make Your Cake the Way YOU Want It– and EAT It!


Yikes. It’s been a whole month since my last post … how did THAT happen? It feels like a second ago– no, it feels like a lifetime ago– NO it feels like both. How could THAT be?

This may sound crazy, but I’m wondering if any of YOU are aware of experiencing this sort of confusion about locating yourself within linear time? I’m sure hoping that at least SOME of you are and will say so in a comment so at least those who aren’t will know I’m not the ONLY crazy one on this website, lol!

Actually, we’re NOT crazy… far from it. And that doesn’t mean that anyone who thinks we’re crazy is crazy, either, of course. Experience is a matter of perception. What we perceive is always a match to our own frequencies, and so ALL perceptions are valid.

You know, I only mentioned that as part of the intro to my post, but now it seems like a lot to take in from one post already… so for NOW, I’ll just say that perceptions are IN FLUX.

We’ve got a new moon at 7:05 am pst tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/16), prepping us for the big solstice on June 21st at 9:39 am pst (which just happens to be my bithday wouldn’t you just KNOW), so… RELAX! Be here NOW, however you are. The best, easiest, way to avoid problems in the future is to be honest in the present.

Embrace your thoughts as messages from within, get clear about what you want in life, get clear about why you want what you want– and the future is a piece of cake! YOUR piece, exactly the way you want it.

❤ ❤ ❤


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Have a Happy Thanks-Giving, Today and Every Day!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A whole holiday focused on giving thanks, imagine that… what a wonderful opportunity to set a template for being happy EVERY day. That’s because gratitude and appreciation are variations of love, and love is the happiest frequency there is– so USE this day to set your happiness template!

Every 10 minutes, ask yourself, “In this moment, how am I allowing myself to experierience the happiness of being thankful?” Why not set a reminder on your smartphone or ipad to remind you? If you really take that question to heart, you’ll be amazed at the abundance of reasons you’ll find that you never even noticed before.

The way a ray of light beams across a table, or warms a kitty curled up in it, or reflects the twinkle in a grandfather’s eyes… I could go on and on finding these little gifts of joy, and so can you. Even annoying characteristics of family members can magically morph into endearing little quirks through the gaze of gratitude.

White Heart in pink sky

En-JOY your Happy Thanks-Giving!


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What LOVE is… and is not.


My current human experience is showing me that we humans have much to learn about what LOVE is… and what it is NOT.

LOVE is not dissension. Bickering, arguing, accusing, blaming…

Nor is it “avoiding” any of those, in order to “be loving.”

heart-and-soulLOVE cuts like a sword through all of that nonsense.

LOVE brings it all to Light.

And humans balk.

STILL, they/we do not want to see their/our nonsense exposed, reflected back to them/us!

Yet the nonsense is what keeps us living in nonsense, and it is the nonsense that cuts us to the quick.

Eventually it will destroy us–IF we continue to allow it.

The time to choose is NOW.


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NOW Is the Moment of Power…Do Not Go Back to Sleep!

6.1.13  NOW is the Moment of Power

The only “place” that is real  is made of energy, and it is called NOW.  You are also made of energy, and your energy is in the NOW. NOW is the only place where you are ALIVE.

So you can see why NOW is the moment of power. It is where you choose what you want to create– and you DO create–through you own frequencies, the external reflections that match them. DO you see? What you’ve  called “reality” is not. It is simply  your own reflection. The only thing about it that is “real” is the energetic being that is YOU.

DO you see? YOU are the reality creator! You spin out creative expressions of your own energy continuously–because every NOW is NEW. Do you understand? This means that in every nanosecond, you are also creating  ANEW. Stay present then! USE your power to CHOOSE your creations!

You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.
― Rumi

LOOK! It is time to CHOOSE to pay attention–to choose to BE in attention, IN the present moment. Otherwise, you will drift off in thought…and so fall asleep.
UNDERSTAND! Your thoughts are an old, crumbling boat that can carry you nowhere but into the past, which is where they are moored. And then, you are not present…you are asleep, in an old dream.
REALIZE! When YOU do not take charge of your own focus, you drift into old patterns by default. Those of you who understand the physics of energy know this very well  And to those of you who do not, my heart cries out to you to decide to LEARN how energy works. How do you learn? From someone who has gone before you. Shamans are good sources of this knowledge, for they know the laws of energy, and are masters at using them. In fact, it was in my own shamanic apprenticeship that I was taught, and if you contact me, I will pass the lessons to you gladly. I will be at your service–because you are an energy alchemist, whether you know it or not, and the future is in YOUR HANDS.
So, no matter where or how or from whom you learn–LEARN! And remember–NOW is all there is.
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4.10.13 A New Beginning is Yours…IF You Choose It.

Until tomorrow morning, 8:30ish a.m. pacific time, we are in the energies of our Aries new moon. Our sun is likewise moving into Aries. As you know, Aries is the first sign in our astrological cycle as well. Therefore, this is a most powerful moment to ground the awareness that NOW is NEW into your own energy grid!

As mentioned in my last post,, the past is GONE. It has no more hold on us, except through our own habits of holding onto it. If you are one of those who has not perceived that anything has changed since we crossed our threshold of 12/21/12, then NOW–in the energies of this NEW cycle that is beginning–is the optimal time to LET GO of the old habits of perceiving. Let them go so that you feel the change, and so become part of the change.

Everything has changed. You are NEW NOW. You are free NOW to create anything you want. As I have said, this is a radical shift! NO beliefs that limit your capacity to expand beyond them apply any longer. Nada! So, NOW is a very good “time” to become conscious of those old beliefs, rather than continue to follow them out of habit.

Tonight, look to the basest, most core beliefs that keep you running on the treadmill that “nothing ever changes.” Root them out and let them go in the emptying energy of the new moon. Plant NEW, radically freeing ones instead. Then, take an action that supports them tomorrow as our moon moves into the grounding energy of Taurus. This is an incredibly fertile “time!”

From my human perspective, becoming aware of and releasing old limiting core beliefs is THE most radically fruitful step we can take NOW. Yet, many of us are so used to these core beliefs that they aren’t even questioned. They’re just experienced as ”the way things are.” They are NOT. Not anymore, unless we choose them. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about finding and choosing which ones to release and replace, here are two good ones to start with–

* Release the belief that there is any such thing as a “setback.” That is a belief that will keep you running on a treadmill of striving and never creating anything different, for sure. Replace it with the belief that EVERYTHING is a step forward–no matter how it appears! Everything you experience can be used as a step that will bring you closer to living in the frequencies (reality) you desire. It is only by expecting these steps to unfold in a linear way, according to old, preconceived, expectations, that you give them the meaning of “setbacks.” Which of course they then become–because Sovereign YOU says so! Which means that you have to let go of expectations, too.

* Forgive everyone for everything. Including yourself.

And by the way, if you don’t read this until after our new Aries moon, use it anyway! Once we become aware that we are energtic beings, we are no longer limited by linear time. ”Time” simply becomes a marker for us to use in order to locate ourselves where we wish to “be.” So focus yourself into the new moon energies, and voila! There you–and they–will be.


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A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality

3/27/13 Full Libra Moon

When we are intent on moving into our full potential, it is useful to use all of the support that appears to us sychronistically, as well as the support that we create for ourselves. Doing so keeps us focused on what we are unfolding into, rather than on what we are unfolding out of.

This intentional switch in focus is not difficult. It is exactly what we do when viewing optical illusions. We simply decide which to see–the lady or the witch, for example. It is only the habit of focusing on one more often than the other that makes it “seem hard” to switch focus.

That said, I suggest that you use the Libra full moon tonight (or any full moon from here on in) as a support to amplify your own belief in what you are aspiring to. This Libra moon will be especially empowering in reinforcing your intention to maintain balance through your process of growing into your full potential.

You see, as you welcome your growth, all that has prevented it thus far also comes up to be released.  These two processes occur simultaneously because they are actually part of one process (just as the witch is always in the face of the lady). It is up to us to stay balanced in the knowing that both are options to experience. The choice of which perception to focus on is entirely our own.

Growth is change. Change is a state of flux. The more we accept that, the more we learn to balance within it. The more we realize that reality is simply a perceptual choice, the better our balance becomes in aspiring higher–and the more fun it all begins to be.


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