What’s Up NOW? YOU Are. Feeling Anxious? Pay ATTENTION!


Whoa, there sure is a lot of anxiety in the air! As soon as Mercury went retrograde only six days after this very NEW kind of New Year began, the anxiety in our human collective began to build. A few days ago, it became downright palpable.

But then, since anxiety is a felt manifestation of inner conflict, I am not at all surprised. In fact, I’m somewhat relieved that so many among us are already feeling this NEW year of 2016 as very different from what we have experienced before, and so feeling what we call “anxiety”… which really is nothing but an indicator that we are not in alignment with what IS. And what IS from NOW on means whatever our heart’s desire.

Boy, being as sensitive to energy as I am, I’m sure glad  I’m not a “typical” psychotherapist who pathologizes anxiety as meaning that something is “wrong” with their clients… with all of this anxiety going around, I’d probably be thinking that anxiety has gone viral or some other crazy thing like that! And that, of course, would only add “fear of anxiety” as a whole other pathologizing can of worms… which is the very last thing I/we need right now!

I’m sure glad I recognized long ago that anxiety is a sign that my clients’ internal guidance system is working just FINE. They hadn’t learned to trust it yet, that’s all. (Otherwise “fear of anxiety” would probably already be scaring the bejeezus out of me, LOL!)  I’m also sure glad that the last thing I would ever want to do is “treat” anxiety… which in the psych biz usually means find a way to make it go away rather than listen to it….which over the last two decades has usually meant offering drugs to clients so that they don’t have to feel themselves… for the sake of their “mental health,” of course! (I know, crazy, huh?)

Anyway, the point is that if you’ve been feeling more anxious than “normal”  over the last 10 days or so, know that your own internal guidance system is working just FINE! This particular Mercury retrograde has been bringing up everything that is not in alignment with your heart’s desire, that’s all.

Well, that’s not exactly all… we’ve also got Mars in Pluto working on our behalf, which means a lot of volatility can erupt if we don’t heed our anxiety. And the Lilith/Uranus/Pluto T-square is making sure that everything comes up before Mercury goes direct again in a few days… so what all this means is PAY ATTENTION.

Use this time to learn a whole lot about who YOU are NOW!
* Notice your relationships with others, let anxiety  be your guide to show you every dynamic that is NOT in alignment with how YOU want to feel, and then make a course correction.
* Notice your relationships with everything in your life, and clear out anything that no longer feels good. The less clutter the better NOW.
* Above all, notice your relationship with yourSELF and give yourself the relationship your heart desires… with YOU. Once you get THAT going, all your other relationships will start going that way, too.

And if you miss something, no worries! Mars, Pluto, and the T-square have your back. They’ll blow it up right in your face for you, just to make sure you don’t miss it (as some of you have already noticed, I’m sure).

Even if you’ve been trying really hard to avoid paying attention to something that’s been making you really anxious for a really long time, no worries! It’ll probably blow up altogether… just so that you’ll be free to start something NEW.

So NO WORRIES! You can’t do anything “wrong” because you have a zillion friends in the cosmos and they just won’t let you! How’s THAT? It makes “anxiety” obsolete altogether, doesn’t it?

Aren’t you GLAD you read this post? I mean, how cool was it to find THAT out?

Laughing with you, learning with you, LOVING with you…
this is Judith, signing off for NOW.
❤ ❤ ❤


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You’re so smart…Namaste for NOW, my friend!


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Pisces New Moon–A User’s Guide!

If you’re surprised by the title of this post…well, so was I when it first popped out of me. That is, until I realized that it is exactly what I needed to put together for myself! Even though I’ve been synchronizing my own process with the energetic support offered by the phases of the moon for a very long time, this new moon is a completely NEW experience, altogether.

Consider the following elements–
* Mercury turned direct in Aquarius yesterday (2/28) at noon, pst. Both represent “air energy.”
* The moon reached fullness today in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, at noon, pst. All three represent “water energy.”
* Today, 3.1.14, is numerologcally an 11, which is a master number that represents a doorway into the NEW.

So! We’ve got a whole lot of water in the air, for one thing. (Here in Los Angeles, btw, that is being expressed quite literally with a whole lot of rain… which has been a long time coming…) But what does this mean for humans all over the planet, at the personal level?
Here we go–

* Since air signs process mentally, brains are likely to be feeling a bit soggy–or foggy, at the least–for the next couple of days.

* Since water signs process emotionally, emotions may be flooding up and out into the air as if a dam just burst. In many cases, this deluge may be flowing out as tears, and often over the “silliest,” most surprising things…or so you “think” (if you can think, that is).

To top it all off, today’s a “Doorway Day!” Yep, we’re in a portal, with the opportunity to move into something NEW— and we can neither think nor see clearly. Perhaps you’re getting why I decided a user’s guide might come in handy… So here it is–

* First of all, this is not a weekend to be “out there doing things.” This is a time to make yourself as cozy as you can, inside your own home and your own being, and LET that water flow! 

* LET the tears flow freely.

* LET yourself feel your emotions as they run through you freely, too. Cry them out, write them out, paint them out, express them in any way you want to (other than by taking them out ON somebody, of course). Obviously, it is time to just release them. They want out, so just LET them go.

* LET your emotions (water) freely deluge your brain (air) as you release them—its a GOOD thing to “clear the air!” All that water will loosen the hold of any thoughts and beliefs that have kept those old, painful, emotions trapped inside you.. which has only kept you swamped in recreating scenarios that match them.

THIS is how you will create your portal–into NEW experiences, FREE of old emotional baggage and the thoughts that kept you running them on “repeat.”

So go ahead and open the floodgates!
* THIS is a “time” when you do NOT have to “hold it all together.”
* THIS is a “time” of allowing the old internal structures of self-limitation to fall apart.
* THIS is a “time” of allowing yourself to become unbalanced, in order to find NEW balance in NEW freedom, NEW possibilities–to prepare to live a NEW experience of yourself that is aligned with your heart’s desires.

AND… as the debris washes away, and your emotional waters evaporate into the mental space of your brain…. what clarity you will have as you see your very own NEW portal begin to emerge!

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