10.22.13 New Video– Are YOU An ENERGY SENSITIVE?

Hello, again, everyone! I’m just stopping by  on this first day of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to deliver this video.  I’m sensing you might find it useful as Pluto does its excavating number in our psyches over the next couple of weeks or so. I won’t say anymore about it right NOW–I’m pretty talked out from revealing some of my OWN experiences of being “energy sensitive” in the video–and feeling pretty naked and exposed as a result, to boot! But, NOW is the time for such transparency. How else will we truly connect, lest we do so from the heart, without walls between us? And unless we do that, how else will we recognize ourselves in one another, and discover, within that recognition, the Unity Consciousness that has always been ours?

So without further ado, here’s the link to the video-


Also a reminder to register for the first–
Tele-Gathering for Energy SensitivesTuesday, 10/29 at 6:00 p.m. PSD.
— if you haven’t done so already, that is! I might as well also remind you how to register while I’m at it–
Go to www.thecelestialteam.com.
Press the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar.
Enter your reciprocal energy exchange of $12.00
Note it as “Tele-Gathering,” and that’s it.
You’ll receive the phone number and access code to the gathering within 48 hours.

Hope to hear/feel you there with us. In the meantime, take wonderful care of your beautiful Self! ♥♥♥


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POWER TOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation!

8.13.13 – Attention all Energy Alchemists-in-the-process-of-becoming!

Good News! At last, I’ve gotten the “cosmic heads up” to release the next segment of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists. And, since you are the ones to thank for that, do thank yourself, by all means! Remember, the “heads up” would not come unless and until the many rather than the few of you had integrated the first two segments well enough to support the introducing of this one. So hurrah for you– that could have taken years, or even not have happened at all, for all I know!

What I do know is that these segments present themselves with no consideration, whatsoever, for the old paradigm perspectives of “the strategic marketing of products” we were used to. This is a whole NEW ball game. The Power Toolkit is not a product. I am certainly not selling it. It is instead, exactly as it has been presented– a reciprocal energy exchange that includes far more than you and me, or even all of us together.

We are far more than the sum of our parts in our NEW playing field. In fact, with the POWER TOOLKIT, we are playing in what has been called “The Field,” itself– the vast, interconnected, web of energy that surrounds us, and that we are both created from and create from. Quite a paradigm shift, indeed, so add a self-congratulations to your self-thank you, for your commitment to making this unprecedented leap!

To access POWERTOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation! —
Press one of the “Donate” buttons on http://www.thecelestialteam.com and offer your reciprocal energy exchange via PayPal.  The link to unlimited access of the video, which is about 40 minutes long as measured by linear time, will be sent to you within 36 hours (as measured, etc.)  If you do not receive it within that “time frame,” PLEASE notify me right away, and I will send it to you again.

Reciprocal energy exchange for POWER TOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation! — $9.00.
 As you know, the energy exchange for each segment has no relationship with “monetary value,” but is based on the numerological frequencies that are most suited to support and amplify your ability to receive the energies within them. The most powerful exchange for this one came through loud and clear as being a vibrational match for the number nine.

About the number nine– carries the vibrations of “The Ruler.” Leadership, clarity of vision, dissolution of ego attachments, integration of mind, body, and spirit, are all inherent in them. Because the acquisition of wisdom, as well as the responsibility to use it for the highest good, is the journey claimed and owned by those who integrate the frequencies of number nine, it is the final symbol that precedes the return to Unity Consciousness.

About POWERTOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation! —
The thorough integration of this video will complete the basic preparation required for all who wish to practice energy alchemy in earnest. Segment #1 provided guidance and energetic assistance in situating yourSelf within your power –in your body, in the NOW–with your third dimensional chakras cleared and balanced. Segment 1.5 offered divine, personal attunement to the very highest frequency you discovered you could hold–at least for NOW. And so–
* POWER TOOLKIT #2 builds on those crucial foundations. As you integrate it on an energetic level, it will amplify your ability to claim your frequency signature. This will support and fortify your ability to hold it as you begin to practice discerning the frequencies around you, and so consciously choose how, or whether to, engage with them as a sovereign master of frequency.
* The critical importance of frequency maintenanance and self-regulation is also explained, along with guidelines to follow.
* The meditation in the video will, IF practiced regularly with conscious intent, jumpstart you into rewiring your perceptual abilities through your multidimensional heart center and from there, into the “greater mind.”
* You will also have an opportunity to experience your own expansion through this video, and so ground it into your personal energy grid. There are words delivered energetically within the spoken words, and information encoded within the pauses, that make up more of the content of this video than what you see and hear with your physical senses as you take it in. So tune in–know that after integrating the first two segments, you WILL be able to do this–and be surprised at all that you become aware of accessing in ways you never could before!

To NEWcomers to the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists–
First of all, welcome! Next, PLEASE READ the POWER TOOLKIT Page so that you understand how to use it before embarking. To jump into this video before integrating the first two, for example, would not serve you. Integrated “foundation-setting” is necessary in order to move beyond old conditioned beliefs and habits of powerlessness. Diligence in honoring the process WILL bear fruit–but only as commensurate with your OWN commitment to making it your practice. That is because you are sovereign.

Our power, when unclaimed, has become humanity’s self-made “cross to bear,” you might say, for when used from a position of powerlessness, it only perpetuates the very miseries we long to transmute. When claimed with sovereignty, however–it is our magic. BELIEVE it, PRACTICE, and you will see for yourSelf!

Much Love/Light to each and all of you masters in disguise. And hallelujah–You can come out NOW! It is safe, and you are not alone.


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7.12.13 The Power Toolkit–An Energy Activation & Frequency Lesson from Yeshuwa!

the celestial team

Hello from Judith–and YES, an energy activation and frequency lesson from Yeshuwa! Most unexpected, too, I might add. In fact, I am still a bit stunned by the transmission. Not only did it come “out of the blue,” but the Yeshuwa frequencies are SO incredibly powerful and SO loving that it feels accurate to simply call them…LOVE.

And I am so thrilled and honored to offer them to you. The process of this Power Toolkit’s unfolding has become an absolutely astonishing one to me…

Yesterday is a very good example. I’ve been itching to get the second segment of the Toolkit underway–yet it is those of you who are using the first segment that are in charge of that “timing,” you know! And I’ve been hearing/feeling that it isn’t “time” yet. OK. So, fine. I wait until it is, that’s all.

But yesterday, I suddenly “got” a rather upsetting awareness…

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6.19.13 Ready, Set, GO–The Power Toolkit for Energy Alchemists has Arrived!

the celestial team

Ready Set, Go–
This is Judith, here to let you know that the first segment of the Power Toolkit has arrived and is yours to receive, at last!

For those of you who have been waiting and wondering when that would finally happen—know that I was, too! I began to create it several times over the past two months, but would always feel  the words, “Not just yet, dear,” as if a celestial hand was gently stilling my arm whenever I attempted to put it to paper. NOW I understand–the arrival of the Power Toolkit was to be synchronized with the arrival of our solstice energies! This particular solstice is bringing us activations that will expand our awareness of “energetic interconnection,” and that is exactly aligned with the very purpose of the Power Toolkit—because it is that “energetic interconnection” that one uses an Energy Alchemist.

Once I “got” that this endeavor is being guided and supported–by…

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NOW is the Moment of Choosing Your Future!


The NOW is always the moment in which you create your future. However, you never work alone– regardless of how tenaciously you have held onto that belief. You are an energy being, and energy  is the medium you use to create your ever-changing perception of “reality.” You are also supported by energy 100% in manifesting exactly the reflections of “reality” that match the frequencies that you pulse out.

However, there are “ebbs and flows” to energy, as you know by experiencing your own.  The particular kind of energy that our current full moon/lunar eclipse is offering us is unlike any we have ever known–because, whether we recognize it or not, our own states of being are NOW unlike any we have ever known. It is the last of a series of three eclipses, all experienced consecutively, and so that alone tells you that it is rare. They have supported us in opening the metaphoric (yet also very real), “cans of worms” that we have been stashing in the corners of our psyches, and so carrying around with us for millenium.

Why have we been stashing them away? Because  they held perceptions about ourselves that we were  “too ashamed” to face.  Or, because they were “too painful,” and we felt “too powerless” to deal with them.  But underlying all of that–the sneaky bottom line–is that we stashed away our “cans of worms” rather than face them because we thought we could get away with it. Ouch, right? That’s a tough one to face.

I’ll tell you an even tougher one–we can’t get away with it.  Never have and never will, because as  energetic beings, nothing we hold within us is ever hidden!  Our external experience is created through the frequencies we hold within us–and that means worms and all. What we think we’re hiding, we’re actually exposing in various manifestations, over and over again. What we think we’re avoiding, we’re actually hanging onto, and reliving in various ways, over and over again. Horrifying, isn’t it? Our belief that we are separate from one another may be the biggest “can of worms” of all!

NOW, however, we are moving out of the illusions of  fear-based separation, and into Unity Consciousness. This triad of eclipses that we are about to complete our interaction with has been of great service in exposing any leftover obstacles (including huge piles of cans!) that have stood in our way. With this final one, we are supported in claiming our Light as our own again, with no more dark corners to hide or feel ashamed of. We are ready to speak freely with our own individual, authentic voices as never before, in a way that will bring us joy, and so serve others simply in the doing.

We will only be supported in this NEW evolution of self, of course, to the extent that we choose to be. My hope is that each of you make this choice a priority, consciously and intentionally, beginning right NOW. Forget the limitations of the past! Forget judgments and decisions  about what you’ll believe or not believe, based on “past knowledge.” The choices you made, even within the last 24 hours, are not relevant NOW. NOW is a whole NEW ball-game.

My hope is that you will watch the video I am posting the link to below– and watch it from your heart center, rather than running it through your old, repetitive, ego/brain programming. Watch it NEW, in other words. Like a child, rather than through the filters of meaning that you have acquired along your journey through life–and that never led to happiness! Let yourself feel what, and how, any parts of the video resonates within you, and trust that resonance–for it is yours, alone, and so  the key to your own magic.

Let everything that doesn’t resonate go, of course. But NOTE what does, and revel in it. Breathe it into you. Write it down! Say it aloud! Then watch the video again. Why? To confirm to yourself that the resonance is “REAL.” This is what commitment takes. It is a critical step, in order to dispell all doubts, both NOW, and in the “future.”

After you have done these things, and are clear and sure and all “fired up,”with the frequencies you choose to live in– SET THEM AS YOUR INTENTION within the energies of our full moon/solar eclipse, which we will feel most powerfully between NOW and twilight of 5/26/13. Then, simply hold them, and know that it is done. There is no need to fuss over the outcome. Instead, rest assured that IT IS DONE, because of the conviction of your intention. Know that you have activated an energy circuit, which means that NOW–as the mystic/poet Rumi put it quite a long time ago–“What you seek is seeking YOU.”

Here is the link to the video–

Keep me posted on your journey,  please, for I send you much faith in your courage, belief in your spirit, and plain old human, profoundly divine desire to feel our energy circuit of connection expressed back to me. That IS the beginning of Unity Consciousness…. ♥♥♥
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Want Scientific PROOF of How Powerful You Are? Here it Is.

4/7/13 Scientific Proof of How Powerful You Are!

First of all! I’m excited to be hearing from so many of you who want to learn how to use your  energetic power tools! That means that you know you are powerful!! Do you realize how wonderful that is? Do you see what a quantum leap you’ve taken? After all, we were seriously programmed to mistrust our power for a very long time! Being even suspected of having power resulted in the persecution of many millions throughout our history. And actually admitting that one had power was deemed sinful, shameful, evil, demented, 0r all of them together. (Deemed by who? By “the powers that be,” of course. Paradoxically. But that’s another story.) Anyway, since claiming to be powerful was a virtual death sentence, keeping one’s mouth shut about it did seem to be a far saner choice for those interested in staying in their physical bodies for any length of time…. No wonder we made a collective decision to forget all about “the P word” for awhile.

Only the mystics, alchemists, and shamans who went “underground,” so to speak, kept the knowlege alive on behalf of our human collective. And so, alive it still is. Your power is stored within every cell of your body–and a whole lot of it is stored in every cell, too! It is yours to claim and use as the Creator Being you truly are and always have been (albeit undercover for a few thousand years). None of us ever needs to deny our own power again. Not only is it safe to reclaim it NOW,  but it is as necessary as it once was to deny it. It is TIME. Because NOW is not THEN!

We are in NEW energy! When we crossed our threshold of 12/21/12, we left the old, fear-based paradigm behind. And, we left all of our fear-based conditioning behind, as well. None of it has any hold over us here in our NEW energetic environment. In a very real sense, we left our past behind us. Does that sound radical? Well, it IS. Maybe even a little “over the edge?” It is that, too. Both of those–radical and over the edge–apply. The Mayans were quite correct in saying that “time would end” on 12/21/12. It DID. It HAS. When we crossed that threshold, it was over as far as we are concerned. The past is GONE. NOW is completely NEW. In other words, we are truly FREE at last.

So congratulations, those of you who want to learn how to use your power tools! I celebrate you for recognizing that NOW is NEW–and  you surely do, even if you don’t know how you know, or even what you know. (Even if you’re quite sure I’ve gone way over the edge for thinking you know anything about it at all, I still celebrate you!) Because what I know (way out here over the edge) is that you’re just acclimating to what it’s like to perceive “energetically,” rather than through our five physical senses, alone. Our energetic sensory abilities are much subtler.

The more you use them, the clearer they will become. The new, lighter energy we’ve entered will support that process, because within it, we need to begin operating as energetic beings. (Don’t worry, you who is afraid that means you’re gonna die! I hear you! But rest assured, you don’t have to leave your physical body to do it. Not just yet, anyway. Besides, that’s a different skill set, entirely. So relax, ok?) This is the whole NEW Paradigm of Being I’ve been talking about for the last two years, remember? We’re here. We made it. And that is exactly why getting familiar with using your energetic power tools suddenly felt like a good idea to some of you. Eureka! It all seems SO simple, once we “see” it, that it feels downright slippery to hold onto, sometimes, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry about that, either. You’ll get used to the silky feeling of energy. Anxiety that it might slip away is just another tattered leftover from the old paradigm. Back in that one, “easy and effortless” doesn’t fit with mastering much of anything. Back there, it was “no pain no gain.” I’m sure you’ve heard that, as well as many other versions of the programmed belief that “personal growth has to be hard.” Well. From what I have learned about energy and our innate ability to use it–not to mention the new stuff I keep learning–that particular programmed belief is one of the biggest crocks of toxic input I have ever heard. Not only is it not useful, it is detrimental.

What I’ve learned through my experience with energy is that “effort” actually upsets our energetic balance, without which we feel confused, overwhelmed, and inadequate. Let it GO. I know, I’ve explained the importance of “ceasing struggle” in many prior workshops and posts, as well as the critical skill of maintaining balance. But I also realize that these aren’t concepts that can be taken in and integrated through a cognitive process. Only through working with energy experientially can we feel/understand/know just HOW MUCH POWER we have. That’s when we really get motivated to also get “the feel” of  having sovereign authority over all of that power, let me tell you! It becomes a literal “no brainer” right away that the dense and  heavy shove of “effort” is. not the kind to be used anywhere near the magnitude of power that each of us has within us! Why not? Because “effort” is an energy of powerlessness.

Using real power requres no labor. Only the frequencies of absolute confidence can  effectively direct the conscious focus and diligent fine-tuning that are required. Do you “see?” To use our kind of power, the essential requirement is  that we step out of the old paradigm’s worker mentality altogether, and into our sovereign authority as Creator Beings. A radical shift? Yes, indeed. Especially since it has taken such enormous effort to maintain DENIAL of  how powerful we are for as long as we have! The power we hold within us is so immeasurable that the amount of energy we’ve had to exert to deny it is absolutely flabbergasting. I am quite sure that it has kept our species on the brink of exhaustion for centuries…But we did it, didn’t we? YOU did it! How much more proof of  our power could anyone possibly need? The universe wonders about that…especially the  being we once knew as Albert Einstein, since he already PROVED that the power within each of us is beyond measure!  See for yourself—

The Scientific Proof- Your Power As A Creator Being Is Beyond Measure


Remember, we’re FREE now. The ONLY thing that can keep us living as if we are powerless is habit. And, exactly because we are so powerful, choosing to stay in the habit of running around and around on a treadmill of old beliefs would be very effective in keeping one in the illusion of powerless. I’m sure you’ve heard the lament that “12/21/12 came and went, and nothing changed,” right? Well, there you go. On the treadmill of old beliefs, nothing ever changes. The truth, however, is that everything has changed. All we need to do is jump off our treadmills and into the change.

Just like you who want to learn the “nuts and bolts” about using your power to0ls are doing! I’m on the case with that, too–I’m putting a Power Toolbox together, and when it’s ready, I’ll be contacting you. There is a “timing element” involved in the process, by the way, which is why I can’t say precisely when, except that it will very likely be before Summer Solstice! In the meantime, any and all who are interested but haven’t yet notified me– or who suddenly “just happen” to get interested– let me know by email to thecelestialteam@gmail.com

Bye for now–you amazingly Powerful Human Beings–and much Love to you!


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In Case You Think You’re Not Important…the Universe Disagrees.

Here we are, moving through our Spring Equinox of 2013 already!  We are moving out of the dormant stage of winter, and into the new growth of spring.  I say “we” because the seasons we see around us are also our own. We are not separate from our planet, you know–we live here! We grow here, just as all earthly life does! And, like all earthly life, we do so in rhythm with the seasons.
Spring is a time of expansion into NEW life. It is not a repeat of the old. A walk in nature illustrates that most obviously. We see NEW life being born, and NEW growth sprouting everywhere. Even our trees, many of whom have been here far longer than we have, are sprouting NEW leaves. For our spirits, it is also a time to grow NEW leaves, and to give birth to NEW versions and visions of ourselves.
That is what I invite you to do now in our NEW SPRING, with a NEW conscious willingness to grow and expand beyond the old! To move beyond the past, beyond what you have already done before, beyond any treadmills in your brain that limit you to old, repetitious patterns–and say “yes” to being ALIVE. Which means, of course, allowing yourself to grow beyond them all–but know that this does not mean loss! For a very long time, many have been afraid that “growing” meant “losing what they have,” and so they haven’t allowed themselves to grow very much at all. That has been tragic and painful for our species, since growing is what ALL life is genetically programmed to do.
If you can relate to that, please trust me when I tell you with certainty that growth does not require loss. Growth does not “leave anything behind.” Growth needs, and so contains within it, all that one has already become so far, in order to continue “becoming” at all!  The reason I ask you to trust me on that is because, as those of you who follow this website know, I have made quite a career of doing exactly that–expanding from one thing into another. From being a professional actor, I expanded into becoming a licensed psychotherapist, then a shamanic practitioner, then into what’s currently called a “channel.” I am still all of those things, in a more “expanded version,” you might say. And every expansion required all that had come before, and each contains the all within it.
So now, I can wear many “hats,” in order to meet each of my client’s levels of expansion. For those who want me to be a psychotherapist, I am that. For those who are interested in working with energy, I bring the shamanic aspect of myself into the room. For those with a metaphysical bent, I can bring their celestial guides into the session with us. You see? What I am telling you is that I have learned that expansion is never about loss. Expansion is inclusive, always, for the very process involves fulfilling the potential of ALL that you are.
That said, I want to share a video with you that I feel in my bones to be important NOW. In it, I wear my hat as what is commonly called a “channel”–but please don’t let that stop those of you who don’t “believe in channeling” from watching! Look, the information is coming out of MY mouth, so just take it as coming from ME, and be done with it. That is a valid and true perspective, as well. All that really matters is whether what you hear, and how you feel as you hear it, resonates for YOU. If it doesn’t, then watch and forget about it! But…if you feel the resonance of truth within you during any part of it…trust that. Trust your own resonance above all else, in  other words, for it is telling you YOUR truth.
What I DO know is that you are far more important, far more valuable, and far more LOVED than you have ever expanded your awareness to conceive of. None of us have– before NOW. But NOW is NEW. And NOW is time.
Here is the link to the video. Please enjoy…and be willing to BELIEVE.  Be willing to believe in what your heart tells you to believe–and nothing else, ever again. What better guide is there to follow, after all, than your own heart?
The Glorious Reason WHY You Are On Earth.
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3.11.13 Use the Energies of NOW to Re-callibrate and Create!

3/11/13 A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Hi, All–

How’re you doing these days?  Starting to notice that, even though “reality” might look the same, it doesn’t “feel” quite the same as it did just a few months ago? Say, last November, early December? Disconcerting, isn’t it, to hang onto the belief that “seeing is believing,” when we’re moving out of the very “reality” that held us to it for so long? And to the extent that any of us hang onto it, it even begins to betray us altogether by making us “think we’re going crazy,” as we used to say…

That’s just perfect. Because how else are any of us who “think we know” that “reality” must be seen to be believed ever going to open up enough to question that “knowledge?” (Lot’s of quotation marks, I know. Even our words are losing the meaning that we “thought they had!”)

The “reality” is that everything is in a rapid process of change. We are energetive beings. “Reality”  is a reflection of our beliefs. In other words, beliefs come first, not the other way around. And we have NOW moved into a NEW energy–a higher octave of frequency, if you will– that will no longer support our belief that “things happen to us,” anymore. For those who wish to flow with this unprecedented shift, rather than fight against it (and perhaps come to question their own sanity), there is lots of information and many tools archived on my website to assist you in doing just that. This change has been coming for quite awhile, you know!

In the meantime, I just want to point out that we are in the midst of a monumental “re-callibration” of our own energies, in order to get in sync with the NEW octave of energy that is our NEW Home.  To the extent we welcome the process, we will find magic in it. To the extent we recognize the support that constantly offers itself to us energetically, receive it gratefully, and use it–we will discover that we are the magicians.

There are two such supports being offered in this very moment. One is our powerful Pisces new moon, transmitting energy to us that is like fertile NIW soil in which to plant our intentions. The other is the link below. It will take you to a video that will help you re-callibrate your energies as the Sovereign, Energetic, Creator Being you truly are, and ground them into your own energy grid. If you’re open to stepping into that again, and recognizing your NEW Home as one that you have been waiting for, and for a very, very, long time, they are at your disposal.

Watch the video first in order to ground the re-callibration pro0cess. Then, set your intentions with the Sovereign Authority you opened yourSelf to reclaim through the watching. And hold them!  Do not abandon these new seedlings of your dreams, no matter how things “look” around You! Instead, hold them close to your heart with the certainty of a mother with new life growng in her womb. Simply feel them…and then watch them…as they grow…

POWER  TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3 



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2.23.13 One More Time and the Time is NOW

Everything is made of energy. I know, those of you who are at all familiar with my “work” have heard me say that a whole lot of times already. Not only that, but this entire website is based on the well established, scientifically proven fact that everything is energy, including us! Being made of energy, we are beings of frequency. No news there, right? So why am I writing another post just to repeat this old news again?

Because it is time to step up to the plate and BE the beings that we are. It is also time to step in to the obvious.  If every single thing, including every single one of us, is made of energy, then every seemingly separate thing, including every seemingly separate one of us, is made of that  ONE same thing.  That’s obvious, right? Everything is really ONE thing.

Well, then it’s time to wake up, step up, and step into what we obviously already KNOW. Right? Time to step out of the illusions of the past–you know, those old days when we still thought everything was separate? Just like people have had to do over and over throughout history, whenever what “they thought they knew” was proven to be untrue. And I know, it can be challenging! Just imagine how weird it was when Galileo broke the news that the nice, flat, steady, ground we walk around on is really a round ball that is spinning really, really fast! Very upsetting, to say the least. Poor Galileo…

So, it’s our turn to make a paradigm shift, and this is an even bigger one. Which is why we’ve been pretending not to know about it for so long…but NOW it’s really getting obsolete. I mean, since we’ve “secretly known” that everything is really ONE thing for quite a long time, obviously the old 3rd dimensional ego/brain’s duality programming just isn’t working for us anymore. It’s an operating system that labels and categorizes everything as if they were actually separate things!  What good is that when we KNOW better NOW? Continuing to use it would be choosing to live in a delusional state–on purpose!

OK, so maybe that’s not so unusual, given how terrified of change we humans have always been, but we’ve actually gone into overtime putting this one off. We’ve taken our old way of pretending that everything was discreet and separate from everything else to the very limits of it’s usefulness. All the  judgments of others and the doubting of self that are the by-products of polarity-based perception simply will not sustain us as a human collective any longer. Truth is, to take polarity beyond the limits of its usefulness turns it into a very destructive force, indeed. I don’t say that as a warning, or to try to scare you awake, either! It’s just simple (albeit quantum) physics.

Besides, when we stepped over that threshold of 12.21.12 that we’ve all heard so much about, we stepped into a whole NEW kind of energy, and guess what? It is in perfect alignment with what we NOW know! It is an energy of Unity Consciousness, and it will completely support us in our process of beginning to LIVE what we know–that all is actually ONE. How’s that for support from the Universe? It even sends us the right energy to help us settle into our New Paradigm of Being!

Not only that, but as the beings of frequency that we NOW know we are, and having outgrown the old ego/brain operating system, we even have a whole NEW one, all fired up and ready to go! Our NEW operating system is frequency-based (just like we are),  and it is the multidimensional intelligence of the heart, which has never forgotten that all is ONE.

You see? We could not possibly be more supported in the paradigm shift that is ours to make NOW. The only thing that’s holding us up is our own hesitancy to step up to the plate. It’s time to get with the  program, so to speak! Our NEW one–which is to weave all that separation together again into Unity Consciousness. All we’re waiting for is our OWN support in stepping up, and becoming the Sovereign Reality Creators we truly are, and actually have been, all the time.

That’s right. We already know (in theory, at least), that “reality” is simply a reflection of our own frequencies. Right? So, Unity Consciousness isn’t any dfferent–we have to create it within us in order to see it reflected around us as our “reality.” And, since “unity” means experiencing all as interconnected aspects of ONE, it can only be created through the frequencies of Love. The foundation of this creation within us, then, must be Self-Love.

Let me repeat that–Loving all aspects of Self without conditions or judgments is the only thing that will create the reflections of that same unity among the all that is ALL of us as ONE.

Aye, there’s the rub, is it not? Just look at the cringing, the self-judgments, the things you just can’t accept, or forgive, or even go anywhere near in yourself! You may even have just remembered  something you need to stop reading in order to do right NOW. Filling out your tax return, or cleaning your toilet, may never have called to you so invitingly before. LOL. HahahahahahaHA! I laugh because I am human, too.  I have also felt the seductive voice of the toilet calling for my attention, at the very moment I was about to turn it’s gaze within me.

Sad, isn’t it?  FEEL how sad it is, and turn that loving attention inward, where it belongs! I promise that the more you do, the easier it gets. NOTHING is more important NOW. Until we lay this foundation of Self-Love within us, we will not claim our power as “Sovereign Creator Beings of Frequency.” Without it, we will doubt and judge ourselves too much. We’ll be too afraid of our own power to even face it, let alone use it. And WE are not alone in this paradigm shift. The entire universe is counting on us to step up to that plate of Self-Love, and right NOW.

Right NOW. We are in “overtime,” remember?  We are at a point where every single condition we place on Self-Love rings like an alarm through the universe. I have heard it. We are not just isolated on one little planet in a small galaxy, as we used to think through the old paradigm of separation! How and when each one of us steps up to the plate affects many, many, planets and galaxies, for we are interconnected with them ALL. “As above, so below.” There IS no separation!

I’m including a link to a a video I made with the celestial team. We made it a year ago, as part of our ongoing series of videos that offer tools to use in preparation for this moment of NOW. It is all about laying this foundation of Self-Love within. I am re-introducing some of the videos again because repetition is important in entraining ourselves into using our NEW Way of Being. I often watch them many times– entraining oneSelf into a whole NEW paradigm takes a lot of focus and commitment!

The one offered below will help set the “feel” of the frequencies of Love within you. It will also help you “feel” the difference between being heart-centered and in your head. Please use it to lean on, or for support, as often as you need to get your “NEW balance!” Nobody has do anything alone. Not ever. Not anymore. Truly, we ARE all in this together.


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Sovereign Authority and Your Power to Choose


We ALL are energetic beings. Everything we see perceive is also made of energy. But that’s “old hat” scientific knowledge, isn’t it? Most of us who are not yet over one hundred years old learned that in our high school science classes! The scientific knowledge that is not as readily delivered into the mainstream curriculums of education, as yet, is that it is consciousness that dictates the form energy takes to create what we perceive as “reality.”

Quantum physicists began finding evidence of this over a century ago–and it has been very unsettling to the scientific community ever since. Why? Because the discoveries that quantum physicists continually make only continue to confirm that reality is simply a projection of consciousness. Understand the classical scientists’ hesitancy, then, in sending this news (rather old news at this point, actually) out there to ALL of us! Understand that  it makes the theoretical underpinnings of classical physics obsolete, and so completely derails the “facts” that they have based their entire careers on.

A  little human compassion is in order, then, don’t you think? It will serve us ALL much more than condemnation—after all, letting go of beliefs that the ego has used to build a “public reputation on”  is not an easy thing for humans. Imagine if your entire sense of self-worth was at stake!  What if your very survival seemed to depend on upholding old beliefs, no matter how obsolete they had become? “Survival” is not too strong a word, either, especially for past generations. After all, “survival of the fittest” was a deeply ingrained scientific theory, to the extent of becoming a collective mantra, for a very long time. We’ve all been touched by it, in some way or another. The belief that we need to fight against one another in order to survive  is a very ancient  one, indeed…

Compassion, and a great deal of it, is thus in order for us ALL. Besides, nothing has ever really been hidden by anyone. Nothing can be, for awareness awaits only our OWN willingness to expand our perceptions to embrace it. Just as our classical scientists have illustrated quite beautifully for us, perceptions can only carry us as far as our beliefs will allow them to. So NOW, as many in our collective are ready to step into an expanded awareness of the nature of our “reality,” our quantum physicists have made them readily available. All is synchronized in perfect timing, always.

And what quantum physicists have made available is the mind-boggling discovery that as “conscious energetic beings,” we don’t just experience reality–we create it! CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY. Our beliefs  dictate what we we will perceive as “reality,” which in turn manifests them as the reflections we experience as “reality.” Over and over, a myriad of  quantum experiments have shown that we are the creators of our own reality. In other words, as the sovereign authorities of our own creations, WE don’t have to fight for anything to survive!  Please don’t just take my word for it, either–this is physics! Research it yourself, find the evidence, and claim it as your own. You are sovereign, remenber? YOU choose.

And, if you are by any chance feeling some resistance to the impact of my words right about NOW… oh boy, do I understand. We are not used to being sovereign! But we are used to being innundated over the airwaves with urgent pursuasions to “do this,” or “do that,” aren’t we? Way too many to  take in, so we have built a kind of energetic “firewall” to tune them out. There was nothing wrong with that, either, for when we hadn’t yet claimed our sovereignty, what else could we do but build walls of protection (with our powerful creator energy, I might add!). We “knew” (through our sovereign gifts of discernment, but more about that later) that the majority of those constant urgings had nothing to do with concern for our well-being. We could “feel” that they were fueled by something else entirely.

And so they were. They were fueled by the old “fear of survival” belief in scarcity, and the need to compete in order to get “enough.” Which is never “enough” when one is afraid they could “lose it all tomorrow.” Yep. That’s the old “survival of the fittest” mentality at it’s finest. One of the most common examples is the constant barrage in our daily lives of the survival tactic known as “marketing,” of course. It is tiring, but know that it is not easy on those who use it, either. The energies of competition and striving never are.

Yet, that is how people have been taught to treat one another in order to be successful enough to “assure their survival,” isn’t it? Have compassion, then, for both the teachers and those who have “bought” their teachings! Know that their efforts to “market themselves” run them on an endless treadmill that only amplifies their sense of fear and isolation. Be grateful–for their sakes–that it is a dying tactic, born of an obsolete perspective. For, as YOU step into your own sovereign authority, you will spread that same sovereign truth to others, through the very air we share together! We are energetic beings, remember, and we are all connected.

To the degree that YOU real-ize that there is no reason to compete, or fight for anything or against anyone, such loving acceptance becomes easy. Simply let others absorb your real-ization at their own pace, and expect to be surprised at how rapid that pace of expansion becomes–for all of us! The NEW energies are awakening NEW motivations, ones that come from the heart rather than the fear-driven ego. The heart has never forgotten that we are all ONE. The NEW motivations will spring from a “re-member-ing” of OurSelves. As they do, we will also remember that energy offered always returns, and in ways and forms we could not even dream of. There is no scarcity of abundance! (That again, is simply physics. You can researcb it if you like!)

It is time to take the firewalls down! Time to replace them with compassion, and use our  gifts of discernment to navigate through the old energies and into the NEW. In the past, we let self-doubt undermine these powerful gifts, but NOW, we can even discern such undermining and dismiss the doubts! We will come to recognize the old, fear-driven motivations immediately by the way they pull on us, and be able to calmly say, “No thank you.” We will feel how the NEW, heart-born motivations seem to manifest as responses to calls that have already sounded within us, and say, “Yes! Thank you!” So it will go, becoming ever more obvious that “reality,” itself, arrives exactly as it does, when it does, at our own, sovereign, request.

NEVER again forget that you are very, very far from powerless! Your own consciousness creates your reality! Digest that and rejoice, for in this moment of time, you are here to do just that. You are not here to  repeat old patterns of powerless and separation–we all did that very well for a very lomg time, thank you very much. NOW, we are here to create NEW ones based on Unity Consciousness. We’re in the home stretch at last, and our power as Creator Beings is unlimited.  All we need do is believe it, and use it responsibly. (And don’t worry, YOU already know how. Just let your heart guide you.)

NOW–below is the link to a video about how incredibly important claiming and using our Sovereign Authority is, as expressed from a “higher perspective,” shall we say? It also  offers some useful tips on how to get started–and lots of “fizzy, encouraging, energy,” as well. (It’s an easy watch, in other words.) For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, PLEASE DO, and EN-JOY!


And btw- take it to heart! — ♥ Judith


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