Update– Equinox Energy Tele-Gathering is LIVE!

Attention, all participants of the Equinox Energy Tele-Gathering! The circuit has just sparked LIVE– cosmically, globally, between us, within YOU. Like a radio station, it is NOW accessible, receiving your frequencies and responding. Probably you felt it happen.

celestial swirl

Probably as a result of that, I just got these updates to share with you–
1.) If you have a question that you would like to submit “before the gathering,” email it to thecelestialteam@gmail.com by 4:00 p.m. PSTD tomorrow (Sat. 9/20), and it will be addressed IN the gathering.

2.) Follow-up private 40 minute sessions will be offered throughout the rest of September for the energy exchange of $55.00.

3.) If you have registered, the phone number and access code for your location has been emailed to you. If you have not received it, please let me know ASAP.

4.) If you haven’t  yet registered for the gathering, it is NOT too late– which was news to ME, btw, since it was already “full” 3 days ago! Apparently, the meaning of “full” has morphed for this one.

I’m getting several reasons for that. Two of them are especially pertinent to share with you at the moment.
One is because so many of you have the same questions.
The other is because we’ve just moved into the band of the photon belt that the equinox will occur in, and you are just beginning to feel the “wallop.”

So, if the trajectory brings you flying into the tele-gathering, come on in! Your arrival is already anticipated. Register NOW, or tomorrow. Do not wait until Sunday.


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What to “DO” NOW, to BE and LIVE Who You ARE With Ease… Can You Handle That?


Do not miss these last days of summer 2014! They are like magical ripe fruit, each one to be savored slowly and digested thoroughly. Yesterday afternoon, I was doing just that as I sat a few feet above a creekbed in Topanga Canyon. A friend was with me, and we chatted intermittently, but mostly I was intent on experiencing the woods, for every detail was richly alive and remarkably expressive. It was at a moment when my attention was on listening to my friend that I suddenly looked out, and there she was.

sika-deer-femaleA doe, right there beneath me in the creekbed, calmly munching on the plants that grow beside it. I softly said hello to her, and her ears pricked up sharply, acknowledging that she knew I was talking to her. Then she peacefully continued her munching, letting me know I was accepted in her company. As she grazed her way up the creekbed, I followed beside her, talking to her, revelling in her company… loving her. Perhaps ten minutes passed, or half an hour… I have no idea. It was a time “beyond linear time” (which is exactly where we are NOW, if we pay attention).

Being no stranger to either animal communication or “animal medicine,” ours was by no means a one-sided conversation. DOE shared much with me. By way of introduction, she affirmed my own “way of being” through her reflection–
She appears delicate, but she is very strong. Her strength comes from her deep connection to all that surrounds her.
How grateful I am to her for sharing that affirmation of mySelf with me!

Next, she offered guidance for NOW. Let me briefly review the unfolding of the context of NOW, so that you may receive DOE’s guidance in alignment with your current process:
As I shared in my July Energy Tele-Gathering, we were experiencing very rapid shifts in our daily lives during that space/time window, much as a pendulum swings from one end of its reach to the opposite end. The design was precisely that– to reach both ends in such rapid succession that we would begin to experience each as part of one gestalt. This, in our Year of Integration, was the alchemy of “balancing the opposites” that I have spoken about– in action.

Then, in the August Energy Tele-Gathering, I addressed the “blurring” that we began to experience (those of us who are awake and willing, anyway). It is critical to understand that this hazy blurring of what used to appear as separate and distinct is in no way a sign that something is “wrong” with you! The “blurring” is the process of integration/ transformation, itself.

Nor should it be labeled a “symptom!” It is important to be very clear about this: To the extent that one labels experiences, be they physical, mental, or spritual/energetic, as a cause of concern “because they are not what one is used to” is, in essence, to resist one’s own transformation beyond “what one is used to.”  

Such resistance perpetuates the very lack of movement that many are “pushing against” and so crying out that they are tired because it feels so “hard.” You see the paradox, I assume? If so, it is something to rejoice in, because transformation does not accomodate resistance. Fortunately. And so, the process will shift again soon (expand, actually), whether you resist it or not–  although the measure of your resistance will create your experience.

This “change,” let’s call it, will become noticable during the latter part of the first week in September, and peak with the fall/spring equinox, depending where you are physically located on the globe. Lol… I do have to laugh when I realize that it is precisely at the beginning of the peak of equinox, on 8/21, that the September Energy Tele-Gathering “just happens” to occur. (Synchronicity rules, that’s all I can say!)

But NOW is where the focus is, because it is in our NOWs that we create what expands from them. And that brings me finally to DOE’s guidance for NOW–
DOE will teach you to stand within the moment, quiet and observant, sensing all that is, feeling each leaf of the forest as a deep part of your being.

In these last days of summer, pause and be like DOE.
Unplug from the old grid. Go into nature.  Be it the desert, the mountains, the woods, the ocean– wherever you feel called, and in whatever combination– listen and GO!
It will be your OWN NATURE that is calling you.
Go into it. Learn yourSelf anew through your interconnected resonance with all that is ALIVE around you.
Nature will sing the song of who you are back to you.
Be sure to listen, and sing BACK.
Do not let your brain run you NOW, interpreting everything according to “what you think you know!” If you do, you will miss hearing yourSelf entirely.

If you do follow DOE’s guidance NOW, you will be ready to embrace your next wave of integration/tranformation… recognition, of the NEW Paradigm you have actually already entered. Here is her promise:
As DOE, you will learn to be fearless, to trust your intuition completely and know that a deep awareness and connection with the world, combined with a belief in yourself, is the best possible protection there is.

And, if by any chance you are still so caught on a treadmill of “shoulds” that have little to do with who you ARE, and so don’t feel inclined to honor DOE’s guidance… let me remind you that you’re receiving it just before the holiday we call Labor Day. I suggest you do a little research on the origins and meaning of this particular “holiday.” It may just do the trick of snapping you awake… into honoring yourSELF.

I, for one, am delighted to follow DOE’s guidance, and so I will be divinely “off the grid” for the next week or so! This of course, means off the cyberspace aspect as well, (which I’m “getting” is particualarly important, btw).  Perhaps I will see/hear/feel/connect with you somewhere in that deep, free, natural earthly/celestial space I’ll be “vacationing” in…wouldn’t that be nice? Otherwise, I’ll be back in the grid withinin the first week of September, I suspect. Not back, actually… but ANEW.

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What NOW Is This? The Latest Scoop.

“Linear thinking”  no longer applies. Try it.
Try getting from A to B to C, according to a preset plan.See how lost you get.
In the process, you’ll also get another self-realized lesson, which is that “trying” begets “trying.” Period.
But DO try, since the only way we learn anything is through experience.

We are in a whole New Paradigm of “reality” NOW. One in which we can no longer pretend that we are not the co-creators of the reflections we see around us. How wonderful is that?  How fabulous, to know at last, that we are not victims of external forces, but that that the “forces” come from within us?

I think it is, anyway. Even thoughit is quite an adjustment, I’ll give you that! And, it takes willingness to sort through all the muck we’ve been co-creating (while pretending we haven’t,) and then getting out if it. I give you that, as well. Especially since the process is not “hard,” but easy. We are used to “hard.”

Most especially since WE get to claim our own power.  We are comfortable with the illusion of powerlessness. If you doubt that, ask yourself how many times YOU have watched “the news,” and felt helpless? How many times have YOU railed against… or cried because of… what is happening “out there?”

There IS no “out there.” YOU are a co-creator of all of it,. If you wasnt to stop experiencing it… stop generating it. Yes, it is that simple NOW.

 August Energy Tele-Gathering—Recording NOW available.
Non- participants:Offer your Reciprocal Energy Exchange of $8.00 via Paypal to thecelestialteam@gmail.com.
The recording will be sent to you within 48 hours.
Participants: Offer your Reciprocal Energy Exchange of $3.00, the same way, and the same will follow.

FYI to participants– The follow-up private sessions to the tele-gathering are filling fast. (This was a BIG one!)


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