Guidance Through The Storm; #9

If you either are or have been a client of mine, you know that the starting premise of my work is that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Some of you were surprised to hear that from a therapist- especially about YOU, lol! But lo and behold, it turned out to be TRUE. You are UNIQUE, not broken. You needed a life that fit YOU. The following post speaks to that.
And for those of you who don’t know that yet, this “pandemic lockdown” may be just the break you need– to break FREE.
AND, if you need any help with that you can always come and see ME, of course. (In cyberspace, that is… there are some sites that work pretty well with that, too, I’ve discovered.)
Okay! Enjoy the post, and God bless each uniquely special one of you.

“Ah. We see that many of You in “holding patterns of isolation” have already come to real-ize that You don’t WANT your lives put back the way they were before. You want your lives to fit YOU better. And to this we say, BRAVO. What fits YOU is exactly where You fit into your magnificent collective puzzle.”
— the celestial team

the celestial team

Warm Greetings of Love/Light to You, Beloved.

We could tell You so many fascinating things! And, as those of You who are not new to us can attest, we are a very “chatty bunch” (as our Judith says)– and most especially about fascinating things. With our “Guidance Through The Storm” transmissions, however, we feel a responsibility to rein in our effusiveness– but not to withhold or dilute our frequencies! On the contrary, in order to FOCUS them, rather like lasers, on what is most important for You to see within the time/space of each of our transmissions.

As You may ascertain by our choice of the word “laser,” such focusing also serves to INTENSIFY. We point this out because it is an important thing for You to know about the use of your own frequencies as You navigate yourSelf through this monumental, rapidly-moving, period of transformation thatYou have undertaken…

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