Guidance Through The Storm; #6

If you feel as if you’ve been living on increasingly shaky ground, both in your personal life and the world around you, the one reassuring thing I can tell you is that you are certainly not alone. The three solid pieces of advice I can give you is to BUCKLE UP, BUCKLE DOWN, and STAY THE COURSE.
BUCKLE UP in order to stay out of participating in the chaos of divisiveness.
BUCKLE DOWN to stay in your own alignment with harmony and peace, no matter what is happening around you.
STAY THE COURSE because you will be very glad you did.
But most of all, STAY THE COURSE because your alignment with harmony and peace is needed now by ALL of us!

the celestial team

A warm and loving hello to You from the celestial team!

Perhaps You have begun to become familiar with what the FREQUENCIES of our greetings feel like.

If so, You could not thrill us more.

If so, then You may also have noticed a subtle difference in them today– an intensity in our desire to awaken You into remembering who You are, perhaps, and why You are on planet earth during this particular segment of your linear time construct.

If so, BRAVO.

We never lie to You. We do always share our perspective. Depending on your OWN current frequency range, our perspectives will resonate or not. If they don’t, there is nothing to do but forget about them. We wish You to keep that in mind as You take in this transmission.

From our perspective, there is a great need vibrating outward from your human collective that is so strong…

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