Guidance Through The Storm; #5

If nothing in the outer world looks like it makes sense anymore, then YOU NEED TO LEARN TO SEE!!! Your eyes do a fine job of translating frequencies into patterns that are familiar enough for the brain to make sense of, sure– but there is a lot more to seeing than THAT, isn’t there? .Only when you expand your vision can you see the whole picture and know what YOUR part in it is. Only when you see YOUR part will YOU know what to do– for your OWN sake, of course– and the time for that is NOW!

the celestial team

It is us, the celestial team, and we reach out to You now with frequencies of great love, support, and care!

We can do this because we feel your frequencies reaching out to US quite powerfully at this time. This is how it works, You see. We wait for your vibrational invitations, and then we rush eagerly to accept them most gratefully.

Many of You are surprised at that, we see! There are also those among You who are not, of course, having already heard this from other friends and guides who dwell in the higher realms.

NONE among You, however, has taken in the full implication of what this awareness means– about your POWER! And your SOVEREIGNTY!

In truth, we are wanting very much to begin our communication with the sort of fine, extravagant, greeting that befits such powerful, sovereign, beings as You. Our Judith, however, can find no…

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