Guidance Through The Storm; #2

As you’ve likely already noted, the header of this website is “NEW PARADIGM PSYCHOLOGY: The Alchemy of Transformation.” I’m just mentioning it now because, in the sweetly delivered transmission below, you will find exactly that. Energetic alchemy. (Alchemy is always energetic, btw.)
It may be new to you, consciously. The source of it may be new to you, consciously. OPEN UP TO IT, CONSCIOUSLY!
Just a little heads up, first… it will boggle the brain, so it’s best to keep that old 3rd dimensional operating system out of it altogether. Instead, read it straight into your new multidimensional operating system– your heart center.
Actually, you’ll feel the words that way more than read them. Your heart center will then decode and process all of it for you, and deliver it into your consciousness gradually, as sudden awareness and insights. It’s very different, I know, but you’ll get the hang of it—especially as you begin to experience how it works!
Meanwhile, YOUR only job is to drink plenty of water for the next 24-48 hours. This will help release old programming that no longer serves you, so that you can take IN the new alchemical energy without running into old toxic block-up, which may cause headaches and/or lethargy.
So there you have it. Ready, set, go!
Enjoy your new ALCHEMY!

the celestial team

Yes, it is us– it is the celestial team!

The fizzing of energy we feel among You now has engaged our frequencies in a most positive and infectious way!

Ah, we know the word “infectious” arouses fear among You in this moment of your “time.” But we wanted You to see that “infectious” can also describe a most wonder-full process, which is how rapidly and effortlessly Love/Light can be spread from one to another!

We feel it important to pause here, before proceeding with our message, to clarify that the words used in your third dimensional realm cannot, and were not created to, express meanings that are multi-dimensional in nature. Thus, we choose words that, in the context of our communications, might elicit the flavor, or frequency, of our meaning (such as “infectious,” for example!)

We amuse ourselves now, for we realize that we ask that You be poets in…

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