Guidance Through The Storm; Intro

Hi. This post was actually published before the last one, but after a long absence from WordPress, it took me awhile to figure out how to reblog, lol. That aside, this is the intro to a series of posts called “Guidance Through the Storm.” However, they offer much, much, more than that. Speaking as a licensed psychotherapist, I firmly believe that if followed, they will put me right out of business. However, in the big picture of what humanity needs right now– I don’t only believe, I KNOW– that would be a very, very, VERY good thing. Godspeed!
(As for me, there’s always the “DONATE tab” to rely on.)

the celestial team

This is Judith. Well, here we are at last, in the midst of an uproar of our entire paradigm of “reality” as we have known it. At last, the old paradigm of patriarchal enslavement is thoroughly unraveling.

In the process, it is becoming impossible to know who is really doing what, or how, or who will do what next, of course. There is no “solid ground” to stand on anymore. Nothing stable to hold onto, either. The uproar is becoming a vortex, and we can feel it. We are moving, we are in transition, transformation is required. And WE are the transformers.

THIS IS PARADIGM SHIFT, people! This is what we came for!

As some of you recall, this is exactly what the celestial team came to prepare us for, way back in January of 2011. Indeed, they were so determined to prepare us that for a large…

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  1. Lorraine Kukurba

     /  September 21, 2020

    A heartfelt huge thank you for your support Judith and to the Celestial team! I love you!


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