Guidance Through The Storm; the celestial team’s “Proper Introduction”

We are living through a period of turmoil and uncertainty, the magnitude of which we have never experienced before. “Normal” as we know it is over. Further, any attempts to get back to what used to be our “normal” would be grave mistakes. The corona virus, coming exactly when it did, has been a great facilitator in helping us to avoid just that, actually. We’ve had to shelter in place, instead. Sit in the stillness and accept it. Accept the void that follows the collapse of an old, tyrannical paradigm, to be precise. And then make new choices! Create a new paradigm! For that, we need NEW guidance, NEW perspectives, from NEW sources—we need to go way “out of the box,” in other words, to find a radically NEW way of experiencing ourselves as what we truly are— a human collective of POWERFUL CO-CREATORS who know that anything other than UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is childish game-playing.
Hence, I feel that sharing this blog more than fits within the parameters of being therapeutic. It fills them and overflows them— beyond the prior limitations of what we’ve known as therapy– to create a NEW kind of guidance to follow.
Please enjoy!

the celestial team

Judith again! The celestial team has been reminding me (and quite effusively, I might add) that many of you who will be following their Guidance Through The Storm have not yet had a “proper introduction to them.” (Their choice of words.)

Indeed, they are right (of course). Many of you were only children when the celestial team began transmitting their messages. Others of you were simply not yet ready to perceive their vibration. But you are now!

 Thus, with much enthusiastically fizzy energy, the celestial team insists on presenting you with a “proper introduction.” Moreover, they want you to have the very same “proper introduction” we presented when we first launched our You Tube channel, fromthecelestialteam.

So without further ado– relax, receive, and enjoy. (Oh, and they tell me that even those of you who already know the celestial team will benefit energetically from this “proper re

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